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PIXELS: Retro Gamers

A lot time without posting! Este video vale la pena…

Tags: 3D, animation, pixels

I’m very impressed of the new single of Depeche Mode in both sides: the engaging music and the shocking video-clip. Highly recommendable…

Muy recomendable.

Para ver el video hay que visitar el enlace de ahi arriba ya que Youtube parece que nodeja insertarlo en blogs.

Depeche Mode – Wrong from Depeche Mode on Vimeo.

I was born with the wrong sign
In the wrong house
With the wrong ascendancy
I took the wrong road
That led to the wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
On the wrong day of the wrong week
I used the wrong method with the wrong technique


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Tags: Depeche Mode, music, video

“We sat and watched // As the moon rose again // For the very first time.”

“Nos sentamos y miramos // como la luna subió de nuevo // por primera vez.”

Video-Musical Moment in dedalos-01.net… All of you are invited to leave a comment on this blog!, sometimes I think that all subscriber are bots and google spiders…

Momento video-musical en dedalos-01.net Estan todos invitados a dejar un comentario en el blog!, a veces tengo la sensación de que todos los suscriptores son motores de rastreo de internet…

Tags: creativity, Dead Can Dance, video-art

Here again, I’d like to show you some incredible videos created from a technique called “processing”.

More info about this incredible technique in http://www.processing.org/

Insteresting tutorial (spanish): http://go.yuri.at/p5/tutorial/

Author: flight404


Tags: processing, video-art

Very cool work from Barnstormers!


Who are the Barnstormers?

The Barnstormers are a collective of New York/Tokyo-based artists who create large-scale collaborative paintings, films and performances. The group formed in 1999 after a pilgrimage to the rural town of Cameron, North Carolina. During the trip, twenty-five artists painted dozens of barns, tractor-trailers, shacks and farm equipment. Consequently, the tiny tobacco farming community became the unlikely Mecca for the urban collective. To this day, the Barnstormers continue to interpret and communicate the visual, cultural, and spiritual awakenings inspired by their trips to the south. [...&fs=1;showsearch=0]

Letter to the President

Tags: art, Barnstormers, motion painting

Pleix is a group of digital artists based in Paris, France. The group consists of both graphic artists and musicians, who create surreal, post-modern imagery. They are best known for the music videos they’ve created for Vitalic, Basement Jaxx and Plaid.


Tags: surreal, video-art

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