Nowadays, people are discovering the importance of technology design in enhancing their sense of style. Various gadget accessories are being designed and created not only for their sole technological purpose, but also to help people make a unique fashion statement. These wearable technologies have taken the world by storm, and they have influenced some designers who are in search of something out of the ordinary that they can introduce to fashion-forward

Impact of Technology on Fashion

With the merging of technology and fashion, it is not surprising that people are beginning to discover and use gadget accessories in extraordinary ways. These technology accessories are becoming more like an obsession among people, as well as a necessity. You can find a number of these gadgets that can also be worn to enhance your overall look such as smart watches that function as mobile phones, high-tech spectacles, and miniature devices that monitor your heartbeat and calories. These fashionable devices come with impressive designs that make the wearer appear trendy instead of geeky.

Fashionable Cuffs

Cufflinc is one of the latest and most popular gadget accessories among people of all ages, particularly the younger generation. These accessories include a range of stylish bracelets, key chains and necklaces that are equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled device. Aside from having that chic vibe, you can use these trendy pieces in linking them to your iPhone and using the app called the “Cuff Community”. Once you have enabled its functions, it will instantly send out a location and status update to all followers in your particular “community”.

To make these technology accessories even better, they come with a waterproof design for enhanced durability. The batteries can also last for one year, and you can update your style by simply changing the digital sensor as you wish.

Chic and Techie Eyewear

Just imagine having a wearable device with Bluetooth and WiFi that lets you stay connected with your friends wherever you go. The Google Glass offers you these impressive features, among a few others. In fact, these glasses can also be used for taking videos and photographs, so you can leave your cameras at home and use the Google Glass instead. With the popularity of this device on the run, fashionistas are starting to sport this trendy and techie device to make a bold fashion statement.

smartwatchesSmartwatch – Your Wearable Smartphone

Can you actually wear your smartphone? With the smartwatch, you sure can! This ingenious piece of tech accessory is the product of Google and Android’s collaboration. At first glance, it looks just like your regular wristwatch, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. For instance, the Android Wear technology keeps you updated across all your social media channels. You can also use this device to access Android apps on your smartphone. Quite interestingly, the smartwatch enables you to interact with notifications that appear on watches from the LG G Watch and Moto 360, which may be done via swipe gestures or voice.

Trendy Phone Covers

For people who value their mobile phones more than any other gadgets that they own, having different covers for their precious device is a must. Changing their phone’s cover is one way for them to express their unique personality and make a statement. Thus, it is not surprising that several designers are focused on creating chic and unique looks for phone covers. Brands such as Uunique London offer a range of floral to sparkly designs, you can basically find your choice of print for any cell phone case. These cases are the perfect example of unique fashion style.

Breathe Easily with Air-Filtering Bangle

During your daily commute, two things can make this experience even more difficult – traffic jams and pollution. Since you may not be able to do much to solve the metro’s terrible traffic situation, at least you can do something about the air you breathe. The Hand Tree is a wearable device that can help ease your battles with polluted air each day. It releases clean air bubbles, which filters and gets rid of harmful contaminants in the air you breathe. Other than enhancing your sense of style, this device works on improving your health as it absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen.

Wearable Charger

You have probably found yourself stuck in a situation where you cannot even use your phone during an emergency because the battery’s already empty. Don’t find yourself in this situation ever again by using a wearable solar charger, another one of those must-have gadget accessories that have caught the attention of several people. These garments are wired and lightweight, and they can be used to charge smartphones by up to 50 percent. Just be sure to wear this garment in the sun for at least an hour, so you can charge your phone or other electronic device.

Not Your Average Sock – The Sensoria

Heapsylon, the brand behind the product called Sensoria, features a cleverly-designed sock that works perfectly with an anklet, which can quickly detect any type of activity of your foot. The readings are based on the pressure signals coming from this part of the body. Then, information about your foot’s activity is sent to the anklet, so you can further check the details by using a compatible app for this device. This is a useful device that informs you ahead of time if every stride or step you make can eventually lead to an injury.

Technology Design and Its Link with the Fashion Industry

It is quite common for you to find different types of technology accessories that are meant for the sake of fashion aside from serving their original purpose. From bangles to eyewear and garments, these wearable technology devices have moved toward becoming highly-coveted accessories.

However, it is still important that wearers consider the actual value of these devices instead of simply serving its aesthetic function. After all, these accessories are intended to make people’s lives more convenient and easier, so it is only right that the wearer pay closer attention to what these devices can do. This way, people can maximize their benefits from these wearable accessories that are making waves in today’s fashion industry.