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I write about: Digital media, PR, Customer experience as marketing, Wearables, Conscious homes, Cyborg-ism, LGBT issues.

Automating social media

Automation is great, but there are some things you should never automate. Expression of feelings like “thank you!”, “I like you” or “I’m sorry” is worth little when it…

Why you should #tackanej to #SthlmTechFest

(This post was originally posted on my blog in July 2014, and this is a re-post of since I moved my blog to Medium.)

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Post about unstraight issues written by unstraight people

Testing gadgets for conscious homes and augmented people

The five principles of successful activity trackers

The best activity trackers on the market today still fail us. This post explores how to make a really useful…

A manifesto for fixing the Internet

Somewhere along the way, “sharing is caring” has been twisted into “sharing is being” and in that process we lost source criticism. It may not be dead…

Does your brand have values or marketing gimmicks?

Values are not negotiable. Values are universal. Values allow your employees to make fast decisions that strengthen your brand image…

Facebook marketing for dummies

What should you do when someone tells you that the organic Facebook reach is going down and you now need to pay to be visible?

The Instagram Effect

The Bystander Effect in the age of Social Media

The Instagram effect is a social/technical phenomenon that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer help to a victim. The probability of help is inversely related to the number of bystanders with smartphones. In other words, the greater the number of bystanders with smartphones, the less…

Why gay jokes aren’t

Have you ever heard a joke making fun of able-bodied, straight, white, successful males?

Recently I stumbled on a thread on Reddit called “Gay jokes [NSFW]”. The OP (Original Poster) asked people to share jokes that might be cringeworthy for some, but “sometimes we just gotta laugh at ourselves”.