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Google Developer Relations. Father. Podcaster ( & ). Student. Climber. Writer. Speaker. Sceptic. Opinions my own.

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    May 24

    Protip: Game development is 100% more intense if you add particles and screenshake to your code editor.

  2. May 25

    hmpf. Assassin's Creed Black Flag keeps crashing on me when I attack out of haystacks. Anyone here seen that before?

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    May 23

    Welcome to a world where Password Managers need "Travel Mode" to hide passwords from being searched at the border.

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    May 23

    Good news: Today we re-open the Call for Papers of for another two weeks.

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    May 23

    Die Sendung mit dem Chaos - Iris-Scanner im Samsung Galaxy S8

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    May 23

    Congrats to for being the first Devoxxian to reach 200K views on our YouTube channel @

  7. May 23

    Crap. My new gaming monster arrived and I'm in for 6 other conference calls before I can set up.

  8. May 22

    Calling something "gender diversity" but considering only 2 genders means you're doing it wrong... Yes, the world is a complex place.

  9. May 22
  10. May 22

    First, Turkish security guards beat up US protesters, then Turkey complains about how the US treats the guards. WTF?

  11. May 22

    Something I notice: This time it is almost impossible to fend off videos. Self-starting content everywhere. Why is that necessary?

  12. May 22

    Scrolling through the latest news :-(

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    May 22

    So many IoT problems source from us wanting the tech from the Starship Enterprise while forgetting our planet is run by Ferengi.

  14. May 22

    Kunst! Der ganze Thread. beschert mir das erste Kichern des Tages.

  15. May 22

    not only illegal - punishable by death.

  16. May 22

    Just looked for the playback speed setting, then realized I'm in a video conference...

  17. Retweeted
    May 22

    The Future of Go Summit begins tomorrow. Catch all matches live from 23-27 May at

  18. May 22

    Kann man. Dann ist man Journalist, Politiker oder Datenschutzbeauftragter.

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    May 22
    Replying to
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    May 22

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