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    11 hours ago

    If you're attending the , stop by the Community . Better yet, join a meetup or a sessions: .

  2. 4 hours ago
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    24 hours ago

    Über den Teich lauschen: besucht . Ihr habt Fragen? Brennende Neugier? Hier los werden:

  4. Aug 21

    I'm playing around with live video streaming these days. Follow along at

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    Aug 21

    Der und das Mitleid... 😱

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    Aug 20

    Somehow I've fallen even deeper in love with : I just discovered their Giphy account 😍

  7. Aug 20

    It's called networking folks! Yes, that is a mustang cabriolet and we're almost at seal beach.

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    Aug 19

    Most recent count has us at people joining us at from 19 different countries! Cannot wait to host everyone next week!

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    Aug 19

    [19.8.97] “Meilenstein für Frieden“: In Nordkorea wird Atomkraftwerk mit US-Hilfe gebaut. Nordkorea verzichtet dafür auf Atomwaffenprogramm.

  10. Aug 19

    On my way to , will you be there as well?

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    Aug 19

    Zwei Lifehacks, die dein Leben besser machen: 1.) Gehe in eine Buchhandlung 2.) Bleib dort

  12. Aug 19

    Ich kann mir immerhin eine 60%Version davon ansehen... Freu mich schon drauf

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    Aug 19

    Seit vier Jahren interviewt mit Spitzenpolitiker. Seine Erfahrungen jetzt : Stream:

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    Aug 18
    Replying to

    When starts lying, & look at each other like those twin babies when their dad starts playing guitar.

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    Aug 18

    They should teach this interview in journalism schools to show how you stop someone from lying on live TV.

  16. Aug 19
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    "Ja, Radio... Du weißt schon, wie Podcast, aber ohne Internet."

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    Aug 19

    Gene Roddenberry was born today in 1921. Shall we do a bit of to celebrate? Set phasers to fun etc...

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    Aug 17
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    Aug 18

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