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Father. Podcaster ( & ). Student. Climber. Writer. Speaker. Sceptic. Feminist. Works for Google. Opinions my own.

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    Developers come in many forms. Send us your stories with and join the community! Learn more:

    Tell us your story with #HowiCode for GDD Europe!
    We want to promote diversity among developers and empower them to join the conversation at #GDDEurope! If you are attending live or digitally, send us your story with #HowiCode
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    23 hours ago

    Meanwhile in New York.

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    22 hours ago

    The wait is over! We have a new version of the Organizer’s Guide (). Have a great season everyone! 💪👏

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    Jul 23

    Best. Crossover. Ever.

  5. Jul 23
  6. Jul 23

    Oh boy... I'd love the option to restrict tweetdeck searches to tweets posted by certain twitter clients.

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    Jul 22

    I strongly recommend checking out the . Really have to check your thoughts at the door. Gets u thinking. Subscribe & share!

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    Jul 22

    NEU Nora Hespers () und Claudia Krell () diskutieren mit uns in der SEG028 über re:pod :-)

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    Jul 22

    Unsere Welt ist bunt, laut und vielfältig 🏳️‍🌈

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    Jul 22
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    Jul 22

    Einführung in Kotlin nächsten Mittwoch in der DNB:

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    Jul 21

    Today on , brings us up to speed on GDD Europe, Google Play's Indie Games Festival and more!

    The Developer Show (TL;DR 076)
    Watch the full episode on the Google Developers Youtube channel!
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    Jul 21

    Ich lachte laut auf.

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    Jul 19

    Original design notes from Lemmings.

  15. Jul 21

    Obsessing over my soon to be built podcast studio. Oh Internet... Today: Sound Panels :-)

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    Jul 21

    Join us at as we bring the latest developer updates, while enjoying the culture of Krakow! Learn more:

  17. Jul 21

    This is what current "fakenews-mania" gets us: Social Media companies who are overdoing it :-(

  18. Jul 21

    Wow. Ich werde jetzt zwar nicht gleich die Schriftart wechseln, aber das ist ein Beispiel, das ich mir merken werde.

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    Jul 21

    Who are your favorite German-speaking podcasters in the developer ecosystem? Names & links are super welcome!

  20. Jul 21

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