August 4, 2016
The New Paltz Wedding Suite

Today we're showcasing the newest addition to our Classic Collection of wedding invites!

The New Paltz suite was inspired by the gorgeous wild flowers of Upstate New York. The invitation suite has gold foil and a flat printed floral motif shown with our custom oversized envelope.

The envelope shows off so much of the matte gold liner - its perfectly paired with the matte gold foil.

The watercolor concept is continued with matching table cards, program fans, and escort cards. You can even customize the watercolor to coordinate with your event.

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The NEW PALTZ Wedding Suite


Size – 8.5″ x 6.25″
Stock – Colorplan Ice White (1 ply – 270 gsm)
Printing – Foil (Matte Gold) + Flat Printing (Watercolor)
Liner – Gold Stardream
DesignDolce Press


New Paltz Invite and Reply Card

Alternative Color Scheme – Ivory


While the purple color scheme of the New Paltz wedding suite may not work for every wedding, we can change the watercolor border to coordinate with your colors.


This second version of the wedding suite is more versatile – the ivory flowers are more subdued and compliments lots of color schemes.

New Paltz Wedding Suite in Ivory



Continue the theme on your wedding day! The New Paltz suite includes a two-sided program fan, menu card, table numbers, and a tented escort card.


Additional Day Of pieces include place cards, coasters, napkins, and stickers.


All pieces coordinate with the invitation set – flat printed on Ice White colorplan in gold. Even though flat printing doesn’t have the same shimmer as foil stamping, the colors are a great match.

Guest addressing on the outer envelope were also flat printed in gold for a seamless look.


New Paltz Ivory Day of Wedding Pieces
New Paltz Wedding Suite - Program Fan and Escort Card

What do you think of the New Paltz suite?

Share with us by commenting below or tag us on social media (#ClassicCollection).


Watercolors are perfectly paired with invitations but we’re not big on trends and fads. With the right event and invitation, a watercolor design is a timeless accent.


What are other creative uses of watercolors you’ve seen? Share your inspiration below in the comments!


More INVITATIONS from the Classic Collection:

The Irvington Wedding Suite – Our popular wood grain patterned invitation design with copper foil printing.

The Larchmont Wedding Suite – The first landscape design in the collection – the wide orientation fits more text in the same space.

The Greenburgh Suite – A subtle use of foil to accent a simple design.

July 12, 2016
Luxe Private Dining Menus

It's Summer time and wedding season is in full swing - the perfect time to show off a set of luxe menus we just printed for a Yacht excursion.

Designed by Julie from Lady J Creative, each piece highlights the different themed dinners with a combination of letterpress, flat printing, foil stamping, and edge coloring for a unique look.

A lot of work goes into each meal and its important for the menu to reflect that - you eat with your eyes first afterall!

Grab something to eat because you be salivating by the time you get through all four menus! Read the full post for more details on the process along with plenty of photos.

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Do you ever find yourself out to dinner and staring at the menu?


I don’t mean because you can’t decide which dessert to get (we have that problem too), I mean because the paper, binding or design is cool.


We do! Paper, finish, and design are so important even when it comes to paper goods like menus, napkins, etc. It may be subtle but it definitely is a part of the whole experience.


Julie from Lady J Creative came to us to produce some unique menus for a weekend excursion at a private island and we were instantly on board. Check out each of the designs and production process below:

Coco Maya Menu

Size – 4.5″ x 9.5″
Stock – Pearl White Lettra
Letterpress – Brown and Aqua
Finishing – Triplex to 3ply (330# cover), Edge coloring (Aqua)
DesignLady J Creative

Coco Maya - Private Dining Menu - Tight register letterpress + aqua edge coloring

This Tapas menu looks absolutely scrumptious, but we’re all about the cake by the ocean! The design has two overlapping colors for the title and the headings – that was some very tight register.


The blue was carried over to the edge coloring for an extra pop of color – the edge looks gorgeous on the extra thcik 3ply cover.

Coco Maya Menu stacked spread

 Bond … james bond – 007 Inspired Design

Size – 5″ x 7″ (A7)
Stock – Vermillion Colorplan
Foil – Black and Gold Shine
Finishing – Triplex to 3ply stock (810 gsm – 300# Cover)
Design – Lady J Creative

007 Bond - Private Dining Menu - Gold + Black Foil

After a long day chasing damsels and villains, a black tie meal is most certainly in order. We love the gunmetal and bullet Bond color scheme with a fitting shiny finish.


The contrast of foil with the Vermillion red stock finishes the look – Vermillion is the perfect shade of red. In case you missed it, each course is sectioned off with a bow tie!

Bond Menu Design Flat Angled

Embossed Texture - Private Dining Menu - Blind + Gray

Embossed pattern Menu


Size – 4″ x 9″
Stock – Fluorescent White Lettra
Letterpress – Charcoal Grey
Embossing – Blind

Finishing – Triplex to 3ply stock + Diecut (so that the embossed pattern doesn’t lose any height)
Design – Lady J Creative

Pebble Pattern Menu

Embossing is the boss! If you don’t know the different between embossing and debossing, check out our tutorial: Emboss vs. Deboss


The blind embossed pebble pattern was printed using two plates (male and female dies – we’re not being sexist, thats what they’re called!) that fit together like a lock and key. We leave just enough space between the male and female dies to impregnate the paper with the raised design.


Julie knocked out the pattern around the text for legibility. The end result is an elegant menu that speaks volumes in a very subtle way. To retain the height of the embossed pattern we die-cut the menu to the final size.

Virgin Gorda - Private Dining Menu - Oversized Folded Menu

Virgin gorda Oversize menu

Size – 8″ x 10″ folded, 16″ x 10″ opened
Stock – Bright White Smooth Cover (14pt)
Printing – Digital (front and back)
Finishing – Score and fold
Design – Lady J Creative

Virgin Gorda Menu opened

The largest of the 4 menus is last. This oversized folded menu features a beautiful blue watercolor on the outside and inside.


These were printed digitally on both sides of smooth cover stock. The watercolor is paired perfectly with the nautical elements on front and back.

Virgin Gorda Menu back

is your stomach growling yet?


We would have gladly traded the printing to be a stowaway on this vacation, the meals sound amazing!


We hope you enjoyed reading about these luxe menu designs and the next time you’re at an event or fancy dinner remember to look at the menu and other paper products – you’ll be surprised by what you see!


We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think – comment below and tell us about your favorite meals or creative menu designs. For more information on menus and other day of / event items reach out to us!

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July 6, 2016
SkySync Cards #BackToBusiness

After a long holiday weekend it can be hard to get back to business but if you run your own business you know that the work never stops.

Today's #BackToBusiness post features several ways to transform your business card into something that people will remember and even better, hold on to.

We designed these custom cards for SkySync to showcase their new branding. The blind pattern on the back is hypnotic, the angled lines catch the light differently and the outlined effect draws your eye to the logo.

The two-tone logo was complimented with a dark gray ink for the text and a neon orange edge color.

The diecut on the front of the card reveals the colored paper in the middle - the end result is a more 3D effect for the SkySync logo.

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SkySync Business Cards


Size – 3.5″ x 2″
StockFluorescent White Lettra (110# Cover)
Letterpress – 2 colors on the front + 4 colors on the back
Finishing – Triplex (3ply), Die Cut, Edge Coloring (Neon Orange)
DesignDolce Press


The best thing a client can say to you is “just go for it” and that’s exactly what Mark at SkySync said. He wanted something to fit with their new branding and stand out from the crowd.

SkySync - Back Texture

eye catching blind pattern

Anybody that starts out with letterpress almost immediately becomes obsessed with blind prints. There are so many ways to use an inkless print to add texture and depth to a design.


I love the way we accentuated the SkySync logo with a custom blind press. You can spend hours just twisting and turning the card to catch the light at different angles.

SkySync - Front Die Cut

the 3d effect

Letterpress just wasn’t enough, we wanted to do something different with these cards that would get people to turn their heads and say ‘huh?’.


The secret sauce was a diecut on the front of the card that revealed a middle layer of paper. It makes the logo seem even more three dimensional.


The middle layer was flat printed in a lighter blue so that when the top layer is diecut you can see through to the middle sheet.

SkySync - Business Cards Angle

SkySync Back Info


Sync in information – printing shells to keep costs down

The last magic trick for these cards was the shell program that we put in place to keep printing cost down.


What’s a shell you ask? Its pre-printed blanks that we imprint with different employee info. This process cuts down on the cost of printing 1-offs for new employees and also speeds up turnaround time since 80% of the work is already done.


Once we finish the imprinting, we triplex the shells and edge color them and we’re done. Shells are just one way we can cut costs even on a premium card like this.


Loving this card? Share the love and your comments below or on social media by tagging us (@DolcePress) and #BackToBusiness.
Reference: Thanksgiving Banners at

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July 1, 2016
Pony Friday #BackToBusiness

Let's get #BackToBusiness (just before the holiday weekend) with a new post showcasing business cards we printed for Pony Friday - a creative marketing and branding company based out of Calgary.

We love the use of bold, bright colors to express their one-of-a-kind aesthetic and philosophy behind their company marketing concepts. 

These cards pop from across the room - sure to be memorable with their clientele. 

Why are they called Pony Friday? You'll have to read the full post to find out.

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Size – 3.5″ x 2″
StockFluorescent White Lettra (600 gsm)
Letterpress – Red (front) + Black (back)
Press – Heidelberg Windmill (10 x 15)
Finishing – Duplexing (2ply) + Rounded Corners (1/2″) + Turquoise Edge Coloring
Design – Pony Friday


Read about the inspiration and concept behind the company and their philosophies in the interview below.

We sat down with Elise, creative director at Pony Friday, to find out more about what they do and what they’re about. We learned that they’re just as passionate as we are about their work and they’re a little kooky too!

What do you do?

We fuel dreams, yours and ours. Pony Friday is a hybrid—creative marketing boutique and bold lifestyle brand. We create marketing materials that elevate brands and apparel that inspires people to behave boldly and lead fulfilling lives.


We’re built this way so we can help companies and individuals, while also satisfying our creative itch to do things that aren’t related to someone’s bottom line.

Why is it important?

Our goal is to set an example of a better way to do business, a different way to live your life, and prove that work doesn’t have to be grueling.


Instead of a work-life balance, people should push for a life-life balance. In the Pony Friday world every day feels like a Friday because we love what we do.

What’s your work philosophy?

Our mantra is to behave boldly, which means pushing to lead by example. We’re always trying new things and evolving our approach to creativity with fresh thinking.

Where did you get your name?

We wanted something that really encompassed our brand attributes to have the most fun possible. With that in mind we merged two things that people unanimously love, ponies and Fridays!

Best/worst client story?

When we hear the term “worst client” we think about growing pains. Easy clients don’t push us to reassess our approach the way tough clients do and we like learning. Although, falling on our face is never pleasant.

Pony Friday Business Cards Logo Closeup

What’s the key to your success?

Keep playing. We’re always given tight parameters with small budgets and unrealistic timelines.


These things suck the life force out of us and seem to scold creativity, but creativity needs freedom. Somehow we need to keep playing within the stress and finding ways to allow great ideas to blossom.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Yes, that’s the same expected answer from all creative types. We get a great deal of inspiration and encouragement from each other through honest feedback to individual contributions.


We’re all open to improvements, despite being tough on our egos.

What advice would you give your creatives?

Keep pushing the boundaries and believe in your gut. You’re fighting against society’s desire to stay comfortable and every day is a battle for creatives.


Get up each morning like a gladiator, willing to battle for better.

Pony Friday Business Cards stacked

What makes you crazy?

Clients who can’t see the value in big changes drive us crazy. The world will change with or without you and it’s our job to keep you ahead of the curve. That’s tough for most clients to wrap their heads around.

Anything else?

Yes, check out our shop and get yourself in a Pony Friday shirt. Keep living bold lives!

Pony Friday - T-Shirts, Stickers, Caps

June 28, 2016
Envelopes – #PaperNerd

It's time for the next #PaperNerd post in our series! Today its all about Envelopes. Envelopes can come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and flap styles.

The small details make all the difference and we love being able to provide a wide variety of options when it comes to invitations, announcements and stationery. 

Think about this: The first thing people see when you get an invitation is the envelope. Don't overlook this detail? Technically, it's your first impression!  

Read the full post to learn about the different styles that are available.

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Envelopes - Flap Style says a lot about your invitation + stationery

EnvelopeS – flap styles


Flap style among the other options (size, color, weight, etc.), is one of the biggest differentiators in the look of an invitation. There are several options for flap styles such as:


  • Square
  • European
  • Pointed / Baronial
  • Commercial
  • Old Style
  • Custom flap shapes are also available


The most common (shown below) is a Square Flap – commonly used for announcements, invitations, promotional pieces, and stationery.


Since the Square Flap is the most common, it is generally available in the widest variety of colors, finishes, and weights. All of our standard paper options (link: are available in a Square Flap envelope for most sizes.


Envelopes - Square Flap Options

The next flap style shown below is a Commerical flap (shown in white). Its photographed here with a square flap envelope for comparison.


The most popular uses for a commercial flap envelopes are business stationery, invoices, statements, and direct marketing. The size in the photo below is a #10 which is the most common size although there are other sizes available.


You’ve probably also seen these envelopes with a “window” on the front for mailing bills or paychecks.

Envelopes - Commercial Flap Options

The Pointed or Baronial flap is the go to elegant option. These pointy flaps are most commonly used for formal wedding and party invitations, announcements, and greeting cards.


The larger flap area allows for more creative return address designs and also more room to show off liner designs. Typically pointed flap envelopes are available as inner / outer combos for use with invitations.


Its also important to match the flap styles, Outer envelopes with a pointed flap should be paired with response envelopes with a pointed flap!

Envelopes - Baronial + Pointed Flap Options

The Old Style Flap (below) is our most favorite option!


The flap styles is the perfect mix of a square and baronial flap. The extra room on the flap is perfect for a fancy return address seal and has tons of room to show off a pretty liner.


The Old Style flap is only availabel at Dolce Press! The custom made envelopes are available for our wedding invitations and stationery. We diecut and assemble each of these envelopes by hand – the custom touch is something your guests will appreciate.

Envelopes - Old Stle Flap Options

We recently started offering the Old Style envelopes for all of our “Oversized” invitations (6.25″ x 8.5″). Slightly larger than A9, the wider format presents your invitation in a more elegant light.


Last – but not least – we have the European flap envelope. These flaps have a distinctive rounded tip – a softer finish than the standard pointed flap. The european flap is also longer than a pointed flap and can extend down nearly to the bottom of the envelope.


We love this option for a square envelope especially for stationery!

Envelopes - European Flap Options

Envelope nerds


We hope you found this post helpful in sorting through the thousands of different types of envelopes available. We love being able to provide so many different options so you can make the right first impression.


Share your thoughts and finds by adding #PaperNerd to any social media post you have, let’s talk about it! Have an idea for the next #PaperNerd feature, comment below or message us with your opinion.


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May 5, 2016
#B2B: Larssen and Amaral Colorplan Business Cards

The week is almost over but stop dreaming of the weekend and get #BackToBusiness with today's colorplan business cards we recently printed for international design consultancy Larssen & Amaral.

The cards were printed on several different Colorplan shades for a great way to brand each member of the team.

Read the full post for more details on the paper and process, photos, and a short video clip for a glimpse into the luxe shine of gold foil. 

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Larssen & Amaral - Colorplan Business Cards

Larssen and Amaral  – Colorplan Business Cards:

Size – 50mm x 90mm
StockPale Gray Colorplan + Smoke Colorplan + Ebony Black Colorplan
Foil – Matte Gold Foil (front + back)
Finishing – Duplex (2ply – 210# Cover – 540gsm)
Design – Larssen & Amaral


We printed three different layouts for the backs of Larssen & Amaral business cards. Eric’s card was printed on Ebony Black Colorplan, Cecilie’s was printed on Pale Gray Colorplan, and the Smoke Colorplan is a general info card that can be used by anyone.


We love the palette of colors they picked – it’s also fun to see that Eric and Cecilie’s cards contrast each other and the basic info cards are an “in-between” color. This why Colorplan business cards are the best.


The gold foil ties everything together along with the Black>Dark Gray>Light Gray gradation. For the full range of colorplan paper we offer, check out our swatch library: Colorplan Paper.


Read more about Colorplan paper in our Paper Nerd series: #PaperNerd Colorplan Paper by G.F. Smith.

Larssen & Amaral Business Cards - StackedLarssen & Amaral Business Cards - Front and BacksLarssen & Amaral Business Cards - Back

Gold Foil Stamping

When you have a modern, simplistic business card design there are ways to elevate the overall feel of the brand without adding clutter or “filler”.


Foil is one of the best ways to achieve a sense of luxury and chic personality. Pair this with intelligent paper choices and you’ve got a recipe for success.


For Larssen & Amaral it’s important that they convey their superior design sensibility when presenting a business card – the card is a passive (or active if it’s a kickass design) way to communicate their talent and craft.


Check out the video below for a better glimpse at how the gold foil glistens and shines on the Colorplan stock!

Larssen & Amaral Business Cards - Colorplan Pale Gray + Matte Gold FoilLarssen & Amaral Business Cards - Ebony Black Colorplan

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May 1, 2016
Circle Diecut Wedding Invitation

It's Sunday and time for a fun new wedding design! Today we're featuring a circle diecut wedding invitation that's far from ordinary.

The invite features a monogram on the front and the wording on the back on 6.25" diecut paper sandwiches.

What did we make the sandwiches from? Only the most Scrumptious shimmery stardream filled with 3 layers of fabulous fuchsia cover stock.

The color scheme the bride and groom picked was Hot Pink paired with tones of Gray and Silver.

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Circle Diecut Wedding Invitations Closeup



Style – Circle Diecut Wedding Invitation
Size – 6.25″ Circle
Stocks – Stardream Anthracite (105lb cover) + Neenah AstroBrights Plasma Pink (65lb cover)
Foil – Fuchsia Shine + Silver Shine
Finishing – Mounted to 5ply (Stardream/3 ply Plasma Pink/Stardream) + Diecut
DesignDolce Press

Diecut Circle Wedding Invites - Triplex



The great thing about this invitation design is the way everything is tied together.


The circle diecut is repeated in the shape of the foil confetti pattern on the back of the invite and the foil colors are also tonal to the gray and pink stock.


Even the paper shimmers alongside its foil counterpart! Everything works beautifully together resulting in a stunning custom invitation.


We achieved a hot pink edge for the invites by sandwiching 3 layers of Plasma Pink paper between 2 layers of the Anthracite cover for a 5-ply invitation – wow! The contrast of the hot pink and gray gives the edge of the invitation a one of a kind finish.


The Stardream stock has just enough shine to add to the glitzy feel without overpowering the fuchsia and silver foil.

Circle Diecut Wedding Invites

Circle Diecut Wedding Invite - Foil Closeup



Nothing says wedding like a beautiful monogram in a classic script. The Hot Pink monogram on the back of the invitation definitely stands out on the Anthracite paper.


We love using monograms on wedding invites – it’s a great way to add a personal touch to any design and they can be carried over to the day of wedding pieces and thank you cards for a cohesive look.


Ask us about other creative ways to use your monogram!

Circle Diecut Wedding Invite - MonogramCircle Diecut Wedding Invite - Text

Circle Diecut Wedding Invitation … What do you think?


How do you feel about a circle invitation instead of a traditional one? Tell us what you think about die cut shapes and other fun ways to customize your invitations.


Comment below or share on social media (follow @dolcepress on instagram for our latest work).


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April 26, 2016
#BackToBusiness: Ben van Hook Stationery

Today's #BackToBusiness features a black gloss foil, blind letterpress, and black letterpress stationery set for Ben van Hook Pictures.

The card design has a great impression that carries over to their stationery for excellent branding.

Read the full post to see all the photos and more information on the paper and process. 

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Ben van Hook Stationery Suite - Black foil on black colorplan

The Business Card Specs:

Size – 3.5″ x 2″
Stock – Fluorescent White Lettra + Ebony Black Colorplan
Letterpress – Neutral Black & Blind Deboss
Foil – Black Gloss Foil
Finishing – Duplex (2ply – 210# Cover)
Design – Lost Luggage


The black and white color combination is highlighted by the blind deboss and black foil printing for a beautiful mix of modern and classic elements.

Ben van Hook Stationery Suite - Ben van Hook Business Card Ben van Hook Stationery Suite - Ebony Black Business CardBen van Hook Stationery Suite - Cheryl van Hook Business Card

THE Note Card SpECS:

Size – 3.875″ x 9.25″ (No. 10)
Stock –Fluorescent White Lettra + Ebony Black Colorplan
Letterpress – Neutral Black & Blind Deboss
Foil – Black Gloss Foil
Finishing – Duplex (2ply – 210# Cover)
Design –Lost Luggage


We love the crisp impression achieved with the Van Hook logo. The business card design and printing was carried over to their stationery as well.


Both the business cards and note cards are printed on 2ply stock made from Fluorescent White Lettra and Ebony Black Colorplan.

Ben van Hook Stationery Suite - Business Cards + Note Cards

Branding that stays with you


The great thing about these cards is the classic / clean design paired with a nice gloss foil and a blind deboss that compliments the san serif font. It works perfectly for Ben + Cheryl’s stationery.


We’re happy to help bring to life another great design by Lost Luggage. What do you think of the stationery? Let us know in the comments below or on social media by tagging #BackToBusiness


A few macro photos of the logo showcasing the fine detail in the design + print. Notice the superfine shading on the Ben van Hook logotype that we were able to reproduce in foil and letterpress.

Ben van Hook Stationery Suite - Macro photo of black foil Ben van Hook Stationery Suite - Letterpress Macro Photo

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April 11, 2016
Travel Map Mitzvah Invitations

Hello Monday! Today we're excited to share a Travel/Map themed Bar Mitzvah invitation we recently designed and printed. Follow along the journey and learn about the inspiration behind the latest custom invitation.

The concept became a reality with some inspiration taken from a beautiful old map that included lots of textures and detail.

The Pearl White Lettra stock keeps the color scheme in line with a customized map printed in Gold and Turquoise letterpress on Opal Stardream.

This invitation set included a custom pocket folder, a mounted invite, two inserts (directions and reply card), and coordinating envelopes (outer + reply) with a custom compass liner.

Read more ...

Bar Mitzvah Invite - Outside Folder



Size – #10 (3.875″ x 9.25″)
StocksPearl White Lettra + Opal Stardream
Letterpress – Turquoise and Gold (PMS 871)
Finishing – Custom Pocket Folder (#10), Lined Envelopes with Return & Guest Addressing, Mounting
DesignDolce Press

Old Map

 The Inspiration …


The inspiration for this Bar Mitzvah Invite revolved around a very textured map to pair with the overall idea of a travel ticket. It was important to us to keep the fingerprint-like pattern along the coastline a part of this design along with the different roadways and smaller text.


We also incorporated similar fonts from the map along with the pattern of the border seen around the entire map. The amount of detail captured in these old maps is astounding!


The suite evolved to include a custom pocket folder to include the additional pieces and give the suite the feel of an itinerary packet.

Travel Map Bar Mitzvah Invite - Opened
Travel Map Bar Mitzvah Invite Pieces
Travel Map Bar Mitzvah Invite Liner

Custom Folder with Pocket


Size – Folded #10 (9.25″ x 7.75″ Open)
Stock – Stardream Opal (105lb – 284gsm cover)
Finishing – Scored + Converted with pocket 


The pocket was scored and folded to fit the directions card, reply card, and reply envelope. Look at the closeup photo (below) to see the letterpress print on the shimmery Stardream paper. That fingerprint-textured line work is gorgeous!

Travel Map Bar Mitzvah Invites Custom Folder



Josh loves the color Turquoise, so we wanted to make sure we had the right shade to pair with the gold. It needed to have a good contrast and match well with the other flat printed pieces in the invitation set. We also included a customized compass in the turquoise ink to give the map an authentic feel.

Travel Map Bar Mitzvah Invite Outside Folder

Invitation Inserts


Size – Tiered from 5.625″ x 3.625″ (directions card) to 3.5″ x 5″ (reply card)
Stock – Pearl White Lettra (110b – 300gsm)
Printing – Flat Printing

Travel Map Bar Mitzvah Invite Inserts



Did you enjoy the “journey” behind the design of this custom Travel-themed Bar Mitzvah Invite?


Don’t want your trip to end? Comment below – tell us about your Mitzvah party theme, show us your favorite maps / inspiration, or share on social media (follow @dolcepress on instagram for our latest work).


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April 4, 2016
#BackToBusiness: Erica Andersen

It's another case of the Mondays with a little bit of rainy day "blues". Specifically - Navy blue with some gold glimmer! Today we're showcasing the business cards we printed  for Erica Andersen. 

Erica Andersen is a former Art Director who blossomed into a Brand Manager and Web Developer.

Her business cards are a direct reflection of her personality and design flair - we love the whimsical nature of the front design coupled with the sleek & chic layout portrayed on the back of these cards. It's the perfect balance of sophisticated and fun!  

Read more ...

Erica Andersen Business Cards


Size – 3.5″ x 2″
StockPearl White Lettra (110lb – 300gsm)
Letterpress – Navy
Foil Stamping – Metallic Gold Foil
Finishing – Duplex to 2ply




To find out more about Erica Andersen and her work check out her website here.



We love being able to add the final touches to your ideas and concepts. Whether its business cards or invitations, it’s always exciting to see the different things our customers come up with. In the “design world” it’s important to work hand-in-hand with your fellow artists. Our ability to offer print options in almost every ink / foil color combination is what sets us apart from other boutique shops. For more ideas and inspiration you can pickup our business card sample pack in our online shop.

April 3, 2016
The Rye Brook Wedding Suite

Check out the newest addition to our Classic Collection of wedding invites!

The Rye Brook wedding suite has black letterpress on an Ice White stock for a classic, simple yet elegant look. 

The invite is paired with our custom oversized envelopes and lined with a purple paper.

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Rye Brook Wedding Suite - Invite + Liner


The RYE BROOK Wedding Suite


Size – 8.5″ x 6.25″
Stock – Colorplan Ice White (1 ply – 270 gsm)
Letterpress – Black
Liner – Purple
DesignDolce Press


Rye Brook Wedding Suite - Invite



Sometimes all you need is a pairing of two beautiful fonts to tie everything together. The Rye Brook wedding suite uses a script font with gorgeous flowing scrollwork to accentuate the names of the bride and groom. Contrast this with an all-caps serifed font and you’ve got perfection. The black letterpress against the Ice White stock gives this the final classic touch.


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More INVITATIONs from the Classic Collection:


The Bedford Wedding Suite – Embellish your invite with a solid or decorative border.

The Larchmont Wedding Suite – The first landscape design in the collection – the wide orientation fits more text in the same space.

The Greenburgh Suite – A subtle use of foil to accent a simple design.

January 25, 2016
The Irvington Wedding Suite

Another great addition to our Classic Collection of wedding invites!

The Irvington wedding suite is foil stamped in copper and complimented with a wood grain pattern.

The wood grain is printed with letterpress - blind (without ink) - to add texture to the design without distracting from the copper foil.

The invite is paired with our custom oversized envelopes and lined with a green shimmer paper.

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Irvington Wedding Suite - Invite + Liner

The IRVINGTON Wedding Suite


Size – 6.25″ x 8.5″
Stock – Colorplan Ice White (1 ply – 270 gsm)
Letterpress – Blind (wood grain pattern)
Foil Stamping – Copper Foil
Liner – Green shimmer
DesignDolce Press

Irvington Wedding Suite - Wood Grain Blind Letterpress

Adding texture with a letterpress pattern


Letterpress is a great way to add texture to the design of your wedding invitations. The wood grain pattern printed on the Irvington wedding suite is printed as a blind letterpress and pairs perfectly with the copper foil.


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More INVITATIONs from the Classic Collection:


The Bedford Wedding Suite – Embellish your invite with a solid or decorative border.

The Larchmont Wedding Suite – The first landscape design in the collection – the wide orientation fits more text in the same space.

The Greenburgh Suite – A subtle use of foil to accent a simple design.

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