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Pretzel Stick Dental Exams

1 | Posted 2/23/16

Have you ever had a patient you wanted to “flip the lip” for a dental exam, but the patient was anxious about mouth handling? Raising the upper lip, also known as “Flip the lip” can be difficult for pets' who are wary of handling…

Welcome, Dr. Foote!

3 | Posted 1/13/16

It’s a brand new year and a brand new, yet familiar face. Dr. Sally J. Foote, DVM, has joined CattleDog Publishing as Interim Executive Director.

Sedation plus Treats for Counterconditioning

1 | Posted 11/15/15

Dr. Karolina Westlund undertook a study of the an issue many vets have questions on regarding counterconditioning at the veterinary office. Can you offer treats when you may be using sedation.

Video Spotlight

Exotic Animal Handling: Rabbits

Rabbits are very popular pets but despite being ubiquitous, they still have very specific handling needs.…

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