A Humble Thanks

An EdReach Thank You

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Continue Taking Education Forward

The past 5 years of creating education content has been an amazing journey. Our goal with EdReach has always been to promote the positive, promote the innovative, and let the world see how awesome education can be. 

We've seen EdReach grow to the top ten in K-12 podcasts on iTunes, as well as the top 10 education podcasts on Stitcher.com over the past couple years. That's helped us connect our audience with some of the greatest minds in education, education technology, gaming, learning spaces, mobile education and served up to 20,000 educators per month. 

With the growing popularity of podcasting, it's also turned up some great new podcast providers, namely Soundcloud.com, among others, that help make your own shows on an extremely low budget. Tools like that make hosting a huge Wordpress Multisite somewhat obsolete. 

Over the past year, the databases for EdReach's media have grown to enormous proportions. Hosting numerous podcasts in one network has become unsustainable for a small team. We're so proud of all the work that went into EdReach, at one point hosting 80 contributors. Everyone who created content for EdReach has helped reach thousands of educators all across the world. We thank you all. 

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Thanks again for listening, and for a new social education experience, visit our new education social discovery site: The Department. 

Thanks again,

The EdReach Team