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    Fusion Of Faiths

    BY Maayan Jaffe
    Can Jews believe in Jesus?

    We’re in the era of pluralism. Open-mindedness. Acceptance. Tolerance. “Our tradition,” according to Rabbi Daniel Burg, 37, of downtown’s Beth Am Synagogue, “is not to interrogate people before we count them in the community. … We don’t exclude people based on their beliefs.” It’s a peace-and-love mentality. And why not? Aren’t Jews supposed...CONTINUE »

  • Ready & Waiting

    Danny Valencia says that even though he doesn’t have a starting role with the 
Orioles, he wants to 
contribute in any way he can. (Todd Olszewski)
    BY David Snyder
    Jewish Oriole Valencia embraces bench role, religious uniqueness

    Orioles reserve outfielder Steve Pearce calls it the toughest job in sports. Yet, in a game against...CONTINUE »

  • ‘Can’t The Jews Have One?’

    BY Maayan Jaffe
    One Israel Fund’s Marc Provisor talks about security and safeguarding the Jewish state

      It was a tragedy that is hard to forget. In March 2011, a terrorist infiltrated the...CONTINUE »

  • ‘Jews Are Still At Risk’

    BY Maayan Jaffe
    Rediscovery of Nazi leader Alfred Rosenberg’s diary reminds government leaders, Holocaust survivors of need to learn from the Shoah

    Late last week, federal officials, along with representatives of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington formally...CONTINUE »

  • Merci, Dr. Berci

    The work of Dr. George Berci (center) resulted in the high level of technology that is now available for the performance of a variety of 
endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures. (Provided)
    BY Simone Ellin
    New documentary tells remarkable story of survival, strength, smarts

    When he was asked to write and direct a documentary about the accomplishments of Dr. George Berci,...CONTINUE »

  • Faster Than A Speeding Bagel

    BY Edmon J. Rodman
    Super Jewish dad

    As the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” flies to an opening on Father’s Day weekend, we...CONTINUE »

  • ‘We Got Along’

    BY Linda L. Esterson

    David & dixie berenson First Date: August 1941, the Bronx, N.Y. Wedding Date: June 6, 1943 Venue:...CONTINUE »