To solve the challenges for a sustainable future Envision is committed to creating a world of beautiful energy where everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy

Since 2007, we have been focusing on a new world of sustainable energy and become one of the Largest wind turbine technology company in the world. From next-generation smart wind turbine manufacturing to integrated management systems, our offerings span wind, storage and beyond.

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Currently Envision Energy provides products and technical services covering smart wind turbine,smart wind farm, distributed wind power, energy storage and other fields.

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First Distributed Wind Power Project in China

By the end of 2017, the first distributed wind power project successfully operated in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, leading the development of distributed wind power into a new era in China.

Distributed Wind Power,
the Future is Now

With dropping cost and increasing environment friendliness driven by technology innovation, the distributed wind power has become the lead trend worldwide. Distributed wind turbines protect the climate while also provide local added value to the benefit of nearby communities.

Combine the Spirit of Art and Science
Meet Our New Smart Wind Turbine

Envision is the first in the industry to develop "smart turbine " with its exclusive core technology of smart control, advanced measurement method, expert data analysis system, active performance control and reliability-based deterministic turbines. Through a "software-defined turbine" approach, Envision has surpassed the technological limits of traditional wind turbines, and increased the efficiency of wind power generation by 15%.

140 Meters,
the Tallest Onshore Wind Turbine in China

So far, Envision has the largest market share in low wind speed turbines in China. In April 2017, the first 140-meter steel tower low-speed wind turbine designed and developed by Envision was installed at Lankao, Henan Province, leading the development of low-wind power in China into a new era.

Onshore Smart Wind Turbine

Envision has pioneered development and innovation of "smart wind turbines". Envision' s world first smart wind turbine for low wind speed sites has accelerated the strategic realignment of China's wind power industry by effectively tapping low wind speed areas, which accounts for more than 60% of China's wind resource. So far, Envision has the largest market share in low wind speed turbines in China.

Offshore Smart Wind Turbine

As the leader of the offshore wind turbines in China, it has been more than 5 years since Envision s self-developed 4MW wind turbines are produced and operated. Envision has the world's leading integrated design, engineering construction and operation and maintenance capabilities of offshore wind farms. Meanwhile, Envision has the most experienced and excellent offshore R&D and engineering teams. It established the R&D Center in USA, Denmark and Germany.

Wind Farm with Increased Transparency,
Efficiency and Flexibility.

Envision Smart Wind Farm solution provides full life-cycle management, covering wind farm smart siting, resource assessment, engineering design, construction and maintenance. Based on Envisions profound knowledge in wind energy, EnOS™ SMART WIND SOFTWARE helps clients master the operation of power plants with increased transparency, efficiency and flexibility. Partnering with the world's top meteorological databases, the Al-driven power forecast software KONG delivers high-accuracy power forecasts.

Envision Smart Energy Storage

Enables the energy to be produced, stored,and consumed freely among devices in a brand new visible way. Controlled and managed your own energy more reliably and efficiently

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industrial storage

Distributed storage

Customized for Commercial Building Modular design Triple safety protection Real-time battery monitoring

Cloud-based monitoring,
Optimizde Operation

Sonnen-European home storage Leading brand

A clean, fair and affordable energy supply for all is finally here.

Industrial Energy Storage

The extension of building storage a decision for the highest standards in safety and quality that "Made in Germany" stands for

Envision Smart Energy Storage Solution

Based on EnOS™, combined cutting-edge technologies like Solar, Battery, BMS, PCS, etc. Enables the energy produce, storage, and release, optimizes the energy cost, alleviates the grid load, manages the energy flow, ensures the power supply safety.

Core advantage

Compacted and designed

Space-occupied friendly Brand new appearance designed

Self adjusted

Plug and play

Easy installable

Modular designed Simple assembly


High-end digital imaging Customized solution automatic generation

Maintenance free

Cloud-based operation Real time battery monitoring