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This film is a rallying cry for Americans of all walks of life to rise up and achieve their potential. Our VO is delivered by a coach urging and inspiring us to strive for more. Throughout the film we see the different moments when people from communities all across the country sized their opportunity and reached their potential. 

Music plays throughout. Airy and inspiring. It feels like the music you would hear in a football documentary. As the film progresses it swells with anticipation. 

We open on Miami Dolphins players getting pumped up on the sidelines before a game.

VO: When I look around

We cut to a grandfather playing chess in the park with his grandson. The camera zooms in on the grandson as he ponders his next more.

VO: I see what we’re capable of. 

We cut to an anchor woman in a news studio in the moments before she goes live. She steadies herself and prepares to address the public. 

VO: I see the potential in each and every one of you, just waiting to be unleashed. 

We cut to a high school football team getting pumped up before a game. We cut back to the anchor woman. She exhales and faces the camera with a smile.

ANCHOR WOMAN: Good Evening. 

We cut back to the grandson playing chess in the park. He smiles and moves his queen, taking his grandfather’s pawn. His grandfather looks up stunned by the move as the grandson hits the clock. 

VO: And that’s why we’re here today. 

We cut to the high school football team breaking through a homemade banner and running onto the field with their mascot leading the charge. 

VO: Not for who we are, but who we could be. 

She launches the ball in an incredible spiral. In that inciting moment, lights illuminate around the spiral of the ball and its course.

VO: Truist and the NFL, we believe in your potential.

SUPER: The screen turns purple Truist and NFL logos appear with ‘An official retail bank of the NFL’

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in payment relief for clients during COVID-19


to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion2


to elevate low-and-moderate-income communities


for affordable housing and job creation