404 Cloud Backup Systems http://cloud-backup-systems.com Eversafe Cloud Backup Fri, 08 Jan 2016 19:33:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.9 Disaster Recovery Solutions http://cloud-backup-systems.com/disaster-recovery-solutions/ Mon, 14 Jul 2014 14:19:27 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=580 disaster-recovery-solutionsDisaster recovery solutions by EverSafe put you back in business in minutes. That’s because our Cloud Backup Systems are powered by award-winning Datto technology.

Disaster recovery solutions  means just one thing to EverSafe: your business continues to do business as usual. No matter what kind of disaster brings down your mission-critical computer operations, whether natural (think floods, hurricanes, tornados, dust storms, earthquakes and tsunamis) or man-made (power outages, computer viruses, human error, hackers), the technology that powers an EverSafe Cloud Backup System ensures that your customers probably won’t even notice.

EverSafe is proud to partner with disaster recovery industry leader Datto to prevent loss of data or functionality across your entire enterprise. Our solutions give you an easy-to-use-dashboard for anything from routine backup to full disaster recovery, up to and including complete destruction of your servers. No matter what, your systems can continue to spin in the cloud, encrypted, controlled by you.

Hybrid Cloud Backup gives you redundancy and flexibility. You store data and programs both on a local device and in the cloud. You can restore the entire system if need be, but only what you need. So you save bandwidth.

Instant Virtualization ensures business as usual, even if your servers fail entirely. Virtual equivalents of your entire IT infrastructure operate securely in the cloud.

Screenshot backup verification, proprietary to Datto, tests the integrity of the backup. It runs a mock recovery and flags any issues. It gives you and your EverSafe rep the tools to ensure that your backup will boot.

Inverse chain technology is the smart way to eliminate problems in the backup chain. Each backup is not dependent on previous snapshots. Each is a fully bootable virtual machine. Datto’s unique and incisive methodology eliminates complicated rollup and restore processes.

Backup Insights identifies file and application changes between any two backup points, right from the user interface.

Image-Based Backup gives you faster full restores when there’s no time for downtime. It can restore individual files or do a full bare metal restore, boot virtual machines, and run remote offices.

You get the most installed and industry award-winning Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity and Backup solution in the world, currently protecting over 75 petabytes of customer data in the cloud and more customer sites than all other hybrid cloud backup solutions combined. It’s the right choice for reliability, speed, low impact on server performance, scalability and flexibility.

Knowing that you’re protected by Datto technology means peace of mind. In fact, during and after Hurricane Sandy, Datto data centers were handling over 100 times their monthly average volume, helping their customers keep their IT operations up and running without a hitch.

The winner of many technology and industry awards, Datto has been recognized both as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies and as a top-ranked place to work. A wealth of additional information is available on the Datto website.

Disaster recovery solutions may be no fun to think about but being prepared for the worst means not having to worry about it actually happening. Here’s the key: disaster recovery solutions only work when they’re in place before disaster strikes. Contact us today and let’s get started. 

Cloud Backup Carbonite vs Eversafe http://cloud-backup-systems.com/carbonite-cloud-backup-vs-eversafe-2/ Tue, 08 Jul 2014 20:49:33 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=553  Eversafe Carbonite Cloud BackupCarbonite Cloud Backup and the Eversafe Cloud Backup solution, let’s explore the differences. Many businesses think that all online cloud backup solutions are similar.  Whether its Carbonite, Mozy Pro or even our own EverSafe solution. Nothing could be farther from reality.  They are all good solutions but serve very distinct different markets, purposes and budgets. If you are an individual, or a very small business such as a sole proprietorship, a solution like Carbonite may very well be adequate. These ‘high volume’ low cost solutions are able to provide what they do at such a low cost for a variety of reasons.  If you can wait days or weeks to retrieve your data, such as family photos, it’s a very viable way to go.  Without upgrading to much more expensive plans, you typically upload all your data to their cloud data center. In the event of a disaster such as a crashed hard drive, fire flood etc, you would use another computer to reinstall their backup application, and then download your files from their data center. 

However, for many businesses, they are backing up hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes of data.  With an average internet connection it could take well over a month to initially ‘seed’ your data to the cloud.  During that month you are unprotected.  Then when you need to restore your data, you need to download it which can take just as long.  To keep costs down, services like Carbonite ‘throttle’ your bandwidth so that even if you have an extremely fast internet connection, they often don’t let you download your data faster than one or two megabits per second.  If you have a larger business that depends on access to your data, waiting weeks or even a month or longer to get your data back is unacceptable.  They do have options to send your data back on drives but now it’s already triple the regular price and it still takes up to a week for them to process your request.


Carbonite has many ‘hidden’ limitations that are buried in their fine print.  For example, they won’t backup your video files (including your precious home movies or business video), ‘unlimited’ doesn’t really mean unlimited, numerous software bugs, and heavily throttled bandwidth.  You can Google these issues to see the myriad of problems. If there is a problem with your backup or restore, Carbonite operates on a skeletal technical staff, most of which is outsourced to low cost labor countries that have far lower IT skills and language difficulties.   When your server is down, is this the point in time you wish to be relegated to online chat with India or Pakistan?  They could never afford to charge $60/year and provide top notch certified US based professionals to support you.


Carbonite is merely a ‘backup’ service.  It constantly backs up the files that change on an individual computer.  You need to purchase a subscription for each computer.  Carbonite’s non business plans will NOT backup open files such as databases, email servers etc. so it’s completely useless for most business applications like Exchange Server, CRM or ERP solutions. Carbonite does offer business grade plans but at prices that are in the range of $2,500/year for 2TB which is a common size needed when you take into account versions etc.  In addition, their measurement of storage is your raw space on your server. Not savings achieved via compression or de-duplication (which they don’t offer anyway).


Carbonite is a ‘continuous backup’ solution meaning it sends your files to the cloud as soon as they are created or changed.  Although that sounds great, it can spell disaster in many scenarios. The Cryptolocker virus, for example, encrypts all the files on your server and then demands a ransom to un-encrypt.  In many cases, even after paying the ransom, the un-encryption fails.  Since Carbonite is backing up the files continuously, as soon as Cryptolocker rewrites the encrypted file, its gets copied to their data center OVER your good file and now both your local and your backup are useless.  Yes Carbonite allows you to choose an older version of your file to restore, but that’s a one file at a time interface.  Most businesses have tens of thousands of files backed up and restoring them one at a time that way is all but impossible. 


How EverSafe! addresses all of the problems you would see with Carbonite.


Eversafe! is a Hybrid Cloud backup solution.  It includes a powerful on-site appliance as part of the equation.  It uses drive level ‘snapshot’ technology to take a complete ‘point in time’ image of all your servers and then nearly instantly copies them to this local appliance.  In addition, whether the original server is physical or virtual, it stores the backup in a ready to go virtual format.  It even boots up every backup made an emails you a screenshot of the login screen giving you the peace of mind that the backup is ready to boot and working. If your server’s drive or motherboard were to fail, you can fail-over to the EverSafe! appliance within minutes and your users wouldn’t even know anything happened.  Virtually ZERO downtime.  Then when you repair or replace your dead server, you can quickly re-image it from the EverSafe! appliance in about 30 minutes and do so with little or no outside IT assistance thanks to our US based professional consulting staff.


There is no need to reinstall and rebuild the server because we are restoring an identical clone state of it as it was when the backup was made.  Typically snapshots are taken hourly but can be as often as every 5 minutes.  This also means if something like Cryptolocker hits, we can restore ALL the affected files nearly instantly and at once from the point in time before Cryptolocker was contracted. If your entire server room was destroyed due to a disaster, Eversafe! is continually backing up your server images to not one, but two separate bi-coastal data centers.  These aren’t just low cost hard drives in a data center like Carbonite.  These are complete enterprise grade servers with the processing power, RAM and high speed storage arrays necessary to RUN your applications.  This means if your building, for example, was flooded, within an hour we can boot up clones of your servers in the data center and your employees can remotely connect to them and continue operating your business as your applications run on our enterprise grade servers.


Then when your facilities are repaired and new servers are in place, we’ll overnight you a new Eversafe! appliance (which was probably also destroyed in the disaster) fully populated with your latest data from the cloud so that you can fail back to your new servers quickly.  This is typically coordinated for a weekend so your users can return to the office on Monday with your entire IT infrastructure intact and all the work they done for the days or weeks while recovering from the disaster back where it belongs. Bottom line…If you can afford to be without your systems operating for days, weeks or longer, use cloud only data backup solutions.  If you need near instant access to your business systems and data, regardless of the severity of the situation, you need Eversafe!



Hurricane Season – Is Your Business Prepared ? http://cloud-backup-systems.com/hurricane-season-is-your-business-prepared/ Wed, 21 May 2014 20:39:48 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=490  cloud-backup-hurricane 2

Smart business owners often consider the risks to their business and prepare accordingly, but many of them fail to think about the risks associated with weather. With the start of hurricane season, it is important to think about the risks a potential hurricane could cause your business. While the degree of those risks will vary from location to location, it is still important to never underestimate a large storm and to have a plan in place for the months of June through November.

With the increase in natural disasters recently, a severe hurricane isn’t unheard of. Businesses are far from immune to these disasters and should therefore be prepared. While it is impossible to control the weather, you can control what the final outcome of a disaster will be for your business.

What Should You Expect? 

According to the weather experts at Colorado State University, we should expect about 9 hurricanes this 2013 season, with 4 of them being categorized as 3 or higher. If you are like most businesses, you may not have an office that can successfully withstand the power of a major hurricane. And even if your office stays standing, there will be water and wind damage to deal with. If most of your data is stored in your computer or some other electronic backup within your store, what are the chances it will get destroyed and lost forever?

Are You Prepared?

As a result of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, about half of the small businesses that were hit lost revenue. Of those businesses, 75 percent needed to close their doors for at least one day, and 44 percent of them closing for over a week. The total cost of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused was estimated at 60 billion dollars. With the hurricane season here, and the prediction that we are to expect some heavy storms, can your business weather the storm?

For businesses that operate mostly online, worrying about the structure of their storefront is a non-existent problem. However, if the hurricane results in a major power outage, online businesses will be forced to find an alternate power supply and Internet sources.

Business Continuity, are you ready?

The risks for every business will vary, depending where they are located and also if they are a brick and mortar store, a commercial office or an online business. However, there are some guidelines that can likely help all of them during the hurricane season.

  1. Have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Your DRP will document what will happen in the event of a major disaster. Take into account your business’s individual needs. Do you need a way to get online ASAP? Do you need a way to store perishable food? Consider every aspect of your business and plan for the worst.
  2. Keep your DRP safe. Put your plan in writing and keep it in a safe place. Make sure that your management and IT staff have copies and understand what is to happen. Also, talk to your employees about your DRP so that they know what to do in case of a natural disaster.
  3. Have a backup strategy. In addition to your DRP, identify what each of your key business processes are, and determine a backup for each. For example, in order to maintain all your data, you may want to keep a copy of everything off-site.
  4. List other disasters. While hurricanes are a current threat, there are still other types of disasters to worry about such as fires and floods. Prepare a list of all the possible disasters for your area and describe the possible consequences of each one.
  5. Practice your DRP. Giving your DRP a run-through will help everyone understand exactly what their role is in the plan.
  6. Store your data and server images with EverSafe! in the cloud. By having additional copies of your servers in two bi-coastal data centers, short of thermonuclear war, your servers are safe and ready to spin up in under 30 minutes from anywhere.
  7. Use EverConnect! to ensure you have Internet Failover options.  During and for weeks after Sandy, there were massive internet outages, but Verizon’s 4g network, primarily powered by independent generators at each tower withstood the brunt and remained up and running. EverConnect! leverages the power of their 20mb+ 4g LTE network to allow your entire office to operate as if your landline based Internet was still up.

Being in the start of the hurricane season, businesses need to be aware of the potential damage these natural disasters can cause. As a small business, you should know what to expect and just how to prepare. Make your recovery plan, store it well, backup everything and have your employees practice your plan to ensure that everyone is prepared this hurricane season.

Datto Backup powering Eversafe ! http://cloud-backup-systems.com/datto-backup-powering-eversafe/ Mon, 12 May 2014 20:05:24 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=407 Datto-Backup-ImageEverSafe! is a comprehensive Backup, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution.  Our partner, Datto, provides the hardware, software and data center support.  Clients First Technology Solutions’ EverSafe! solution adds our support, configuration, expertise and services.

Datto Backup is hands down the leader in the Business Continuity industry.  They regularly are voted the best solution in the industry and have the largest install base in this market segment.  Datto focus’s their efforts on building a world class solution at prices small and mid-size companies can afford.  They work with partners like us to deploy and support those solution.

However, Clients First’s is the only Datto partner who has an entire division dedicated exclusively to Datto and Business Continuity.  We know if you are a juggler of many, you rarely can be the master of one. We are not a managed service provider, we aren’t selling you servers, copies of Office 365 etc.  We sell Business Continuity solutions, powered by Datto.  We do so with extensive value added services at very fair prices.  We include significant support and do not charge extra for most of our services including round trip processing, failover testing etc.   We are happy to work with your existing IT folks, whether they are in house staff or an outside firm.

We’ve run into prospects who show our solution to their local IT firm who might feel they too could just sell the client a Datto solution.  This would be a mistake as we have scores of systems in place and have developed the experience and expertise to make sure all work perfectly.  The one area you do not want your IT firm learning on your nickel is disaster recovery.  When you need to fail over is not the time for them to start learning how to implement a system like this or discover their configuration wasn’t safely backing up your ERP system.

So for your ultimate in Datto Powered DR solutions, you’ve come to the right place.  Contact us now to see how we can protect your business.

Clients First’s EverSafe! services include:

  • Telephone Support

Call us with any questions, issues, problems.  Need help restoring files?  Spinning up a server, working with the data center to bring your servers up in the cloud?  We are ready to help.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Clients First can help you design and develop a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan.  Such a plan ensures that in the event of a disaster, your organization can calmly and smoothly handle the situation with a minimum of downtime.  Such plans often go well beyond IT Systems, but also include facilities management,  interpersonal emergency communications, etc.

  • Comprehensive Failover Testing

We can assist you with doing a comprehensive test both on premise and in the cloud to simulate a disaster and ensure that all parties involve have the documentation and details necessary so that if the time should come to spring into action, there is no guessing or experimenting with your failover requirements.  Details might include IP settings, DNS settings, server boot order, critical passwords, VPN information, drive and processor allocation etc.

  • As one of Datto’s largest partners and one of the most often quoted and regularly speaking at their conferences, we have the breadth and depth of a dedicated team focused exclusively on Disaster Recovery.  EverSafe! isn’t just one ‘product’ line among dozens that is common with typical IT firms.  This is our sole and exclusive focus so everybody you work with here knows the solution inside and out.
  • As one of the largest CRM & ERP Value Added Resellers, we are in the unique position to truly understand your complex multi-user business solutions that are the lifeblood of your company.  Whether it’s Microsoft SQL Server or an old proprietary database, we know that most backup disasters occur because IT firms are not familiar with your line of business applications and do not backup and test them properly.  As consultants for Microsoft, Sage, SAP, Epicor and Acumatica among others, we have the field proven experience in this complex arena.


Eversafe! Cloud Backup Enhancements http://cloud-backup-systems.com/cloud-backup-enhancements/ Tue, 06 May 2014 18:49:26 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=340 Cloud Backup Enhancements

Eversafe! continues to be a unique backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR) with features such as unlimited server licenses, instant file recovery,  ability to boot our mount the backup on the BDR and literally run your servers from the appliance, cloud storage in bicoastal data centers, Exchange recovery, support for physical and virtual servers and automated screenshot testing.

These new updates just make EverSafe! and even better product:

We studied user habits and interface design to create a new UI.  The primary goal was to reduce the time it takes to install, manage, and most of all, restore & virtualize machines.  Reducing time spent on this can get your company back online with minimal downtime.

Our Restore Wizard is one of the biggest rewrites. It is similar to an installation wizard that most people are used to.  With it you can do file restores, local virtualization, bare metal restorations and export backups to virtual servers all from a single attractive web page. Restores take much less time, and since the interface is extremely lightweight and based on HTML 5, it can even speed up devices.

The new Synchronization Tab allows users to track — up to the second — usage numbers and transfer speeds.

Local encryption

Security is very important and, in some cases, required to meet compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS or HIPPA.  EverSafe! has the AES 256 encryption that keeps your data secure, from the EverSafe! device to our SSAE-16 compliant datacenters. The new local encryption ensures data integrity and security throughout the backup and transfer process.  You can now assign unique encryption keys to specific backed up servers or just use one universal code for the hole server.  The data remains encrypted ‘in flight’ to the data center.

Unlimited cloud storage

We now have the ability to create custom cloud retention settings. This allows us and our clients to decide how long to retain data for their needs.  Instead of a typical year, you can save, for example, backups for 7 years that some regulation require.  Retention includes easy to configure roll-up functions to combine historical backups into few snapshots which can save space.

Backup insights

It’s been nearly impossible to determine what happened between backups for the last decade, until now. Enter EverSafe’s new tool, Backup Insights. Backup Insights lets users identify changes in individual files between any two backup snapshots.  Right from the viewer you can directly restore files

Just some more reasons to love EverSafe!

Business Continuity Solutions http://cloud-backup-systems.com/business-continuity-solutions/ Wed, 30 Apr 2014 18:53:11 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=283 Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions have been important as long as businesses have operated and disasters have occurred. Now, EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems address both traditional disasters and the uniquely Internet-Age threats that loom ever larger as more and more business goes online.

Business Continuity Solutions must not only cover the ominous list of disasters that have always confronted us – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, dust storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. Now we also face power outages – blackouts or “brownouts” – stemming from heat waves, ice storms and other causes, plus new, invisible online threats: computer viruses, malware and other unauthorized data access and manipulation by hackers. Today, an internet outage can do every bit as much damage to a business as a flood, and its “flood plain” stretches nearly everywhere.

In a virtuous cycle, our electronics have grown more convenient, powerful and indispensable while we have grown more computer-savvy, Internet-reliant and, increasingly, more mobile.

Whether you conduct 24/7/365 online operations or are just a 9-5 operation, you need an alternative way to operate if disaster strikes. Even a more traditional business may well rely on computerized marketing databases, just-in-time manufacturing supply chains and/or such technologies as ERP or CRM. Computers and Internet connectivity are irresistibly powerful tools but are also highly vulnerable to any of a wide range of minor outages and disasters.

For every $1 million in annual revenues logged by a business, simple arithmetic suggests that a day offline averages, as a base, over $2,700 in lost revenue. One week down costs $19,250. A month out of commission – which might be the length of time that conventional IT hurricane or earthquake recovery takes – would eliminate $83,333 out of every $1 million in revenues, or much of a key team member’s annual pay.  

All of these are just rough baseline figures. In a true worst-case scenario, lost revenues (because you couldn’t serve your customers) might well be followed by lost customers (who need to be replaced), lost market share and lost reputation. These are outcomes that few businesses can afford.

Most surveys show between 80 and 90% of all businesses that suffer 15 or more consecutive down days are out of business within 2 years.

Remember, EverSafe is more than just online cloud backup, it’s a total solution that allows near real time failover, both on-premise and in the cloud so your don’t have to wait hours, days or weeks to restore your data and servers.  That’s the EverSafe difference

Investing in Business Continuity Solutions with an EverSafe Cloud Backup System can cut such disaster-related losses to zero. And investing a little of your time in a consultation is free of charge. An EverSafe consultant will help with more than ensuring data and program security. Drawing on specialized industry experience, our team can help guide you in constructing and testing a Business Recovery Plan (BRP) that covers backup communications, succession of authority and system access control protocols if disaster prevents a company principal (or more than one) from reporting to work.

Whether a disaster-related crisis lasts a single day or a period of months, a robust Business Continuity Solution  in the form of EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems can help ensure that your business survives. Contact EverSafe today.


Cloud Backup Systems http://cloud-backup-systems.com/cloud-backup-systems-eversafe/ http://cloud-backup-systems.com/cloud-backup-systems-eversafe/#respond Thu, 06 Mar 2014 21:55:28 +0000 http://cloud-backup-systems.com/?p=42 Eversafe Cloud Backup Device

Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe keep your online business up and running, no matter what happens to your servers.

Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe offer backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site and off-site virtualization and screenshot verification of backups, all from one simple user interface.

If your company’s servers go down – in fact, even if your server room is completely destroyed – EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems will have you back up and running within seconds.

EverSafe’s exclusive Instant Virtualization methodology is the key. EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems spin an exact copy of your servers in the cloud. So your users can remotely access all of your systems within minutes of an outage. We call it Intelligent Business Continuity.

Our exclusive Inverse Chain Technology eliminates the unreliability and complexity of traditional backups, where incremental system pieces get re-assembled to restore to a point in time. This traditional approach of virtualizing a backup image involves long delays and considerable uncertainty. If just one piece of this kind of incremental backup is lost, all backups from that point on are useless.

Instead, EverSafe stores your files natively in a universal Virtual Machine (VMDK) format. You can bring them up and reboot instantly, whenever needed, without the long delays that are inherent in virtualizing a backup image.

EverSafe Cloud Backup – Inverse Chain Technology

Let’s face it: stuff happens. Maybe it’s severe weather. Maybe it’s a spam attack. Maybe your landline-based ISP connection develops a bad case of the hiccups. Why it happens doesn’t matter as much as what happens – your servers go down. Your online presence morphs into one big, ugly error message. You start the backup virtualization process. An hour passes. Then two. Then the restore fails. You still can’t reboot. Your customers  are calling. They keep calling. IT keeps trying, but nothing works. The clock keeps ticking. It’s every businessperson’s worst nightmare.

EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems all use our proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, eliminating problems in the backup chain.

Each backup saves data in a universal virtual file format (VMDK), independent of previous snapshots. You get freedom over changing retention and deleting snapshots. No need to reset the chain or drop a new base image. No complicated rollup or restore processes. And no broken backup chains.

This superior and elegant design advantage makes each backup a fully bootable virtual machine. So there is no need for a conversion prior to performing a restore. Your data is available for nearly instantaneous virtualization, 24/7/365, both on-site and off-site. Your customers may never even notice that a server problem occurred!

Your data stays available. Your systems keep running. And that keeps your customers happy.

Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe provide you unparalleled peace of mind. So they are the only backup solution you will ever need.

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