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When we used a homegrown system, projects frequently ran over budget because there was no way to hold people accountable for the amount of time they charged to a job. Now we can track on a daily basis how much time and materials are spent on every project."

University of Texas

Rice University Implementation Success Story

Conducting a thorough business process review marked the first step in Rice University’s journey to FAMIS Cloud. By understanding the core policies and procedures of their Facilities team business unit, they were able to identify best practices and map out a structure that streamlined processes using issue-specific working-group committees.

A Video Interview with Sarah McGing of Columbia College

Sarah McGing of Columbia College gives us her take on the benefits of switching to FAMIS in this video interview from Insights 2016!

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Spreadsheets Lack Functionality Facilities Managers Need

Facilities managers have tools available to them for managing everything from construction and energy to recycling and security. So, it’s surprising that in an age of automated buildings and smart cities that facilities managers are still using spreadsheets.

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CTIL Selects Accruent for Site Management and Lease Administration

UK-Based Tower Company to Improve Efficiency for Its 25,000 Sites

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The 5 Limits of Spreadsheets for Facilities Capital Planning

In this Accruent whitepaper, we describe five significant limits of spreadsheets when it comes to effective corporate facilities management and what can be done to avoid these issues. Download Today!

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