F5 Pista Custom : Tony

For those that don’t know, Tony was our first workshop assistant hire back in 2011. He built himself this wicked F5 Pista custom with chrome lugs, deep metallic purple tubes and glossy black decals. Paired with some serious kit, he’s been riding this bike everyday for 3 years.

F5PistaPurple01 F5PistaPurple02 F5PistaPurple03 F5PistaPurple04 F5PistaPurple05

Are you a student? Save big at F5

From now until the end of the month (July 31st) we’re offering 20% off on all complete bike purchases with a valid student ID card. It’s that simple. Valid for all complete bikes including F550, F5 Pista and F550s. Looking for something new? Then swing on over!


New F5 Pista Frames In Stock

We’ve done a limited edition run of F5 Pista frames, all painted in PANTONE 288c with a metallic silver sparkle finish and white minimal decal set. All sizes in stock, from 52cm to 60cm – this blue paint job looks good with everything, trust us. Interested? Get in touch through e-mail (shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com), only 3,000CNY including fork.

F5PistaBlue288c01 F5PistaBlue288c02 F5PistaBlue288c03 F5PistaBlue288c04

For Sale : Second Hand YNOT Cobra

One of the best courrier cycling double-strap bags available, this YNOT Cobra has been lightly used for close to a year. It comes with the additional waist belt strap, covert pocket and laptop pocket. All in it’s 1,000CNY (retails for 2,400CNY) – get in touch if you want it!

TylerBags01 TylerBags02 TylerBags03

Shenzhen King Of Fixed : Recap

A few of the Factory Five crew booked flights and headed down to Shenzhen for the 5th Anniversary or BJFixed a local shop first opened in 2009. To commemorate the anniversary they put on an alleycat and criterium on an outdoor go cart track.

The checkpoints for the race were released just 30 minutes before the start and about 130 people participated. Overall distance covered was about 40km. Six checkpoints with a seventh hidden checkpoint. To find the hidden checkpoint, all other checkpoints had to be reached and then a final package had to be collected and delivered to the hidden checkpoint and then back to the start. Factory Five took 1st, 2nd and 4th in the non-local categories.
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To find out more about these events, check our blog, we post about them as they come up! There are upcoming events in Zhenzhou, Taizhou, Chengdu and Ningbo. Shoot us a message if you’re interested in attending!