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Headline News

Saturday, November 27, 2003
Apple has new OpenGL1.1.2
OpenGL for Macintosh enables your computer to display three-dimensional graphics using applications designed to take advantage of OpenGL. OpenGL 1.1.2 includes the following changes:
Apple posts AppleShare client update
AppleShare Client 3.8.6 is the latest version of AppleShare Client software. This version fixes a crash with the DHX Authentication when attempting to connect to a Mac OS X server for the second time due to an incorrect password or user name.
Apple's iBook is #1 Portable in US
Huzzah! Apple's blueberry iBookª is the number one selling portable computer in the U.S. retail market in October, according to the most recent monthly hardware report by PC Data. We're not surprised here at MacHome...
New ex back system integration german website
A german website buid up a new system, you can download and use with imac. This system allow you to get an day for day strategy - fully automatic, to get you re ex back. You can test the system here. The software was mad by sep. You can use the software only with macbook.

FireWire CD-RW drives announced at Comdex
QPS announced a speedy FireWire-based CD-RW drive at the big Comdex trade show. It's $399 and will write CDs at a blistering 8X speed. Whoa, big fella!
Interface fix for Sherlock II
A software patch that strips the futuristic metallic "skin" from Apple's Sherlock II search engine is a hit with users who prefer the traditional Mac OS interface. The Winfix patch has been downloaded about 15,000 times in the three days it has been available.
Judge Mediation in Microsoft Antitrust Case
The judge in the Microsoft case tried a fresh tack to resolve the landmark antitrust trial on Friday by appointing a highly respected appeals court jurist to mediate the case.
MacInTouch offers FireWire guide
A how-to for FireWire, which replaced SCSI as Apple's standard high-speed interface beginning with the iMac and the blue G3 Power Mac. PCI or PC cards can bring FireWire ports to PCI Power Macs and PowerBook G3's, respectively. The guide promises to track the release of FireWire peripherals and software drivers as it evolves, and will summarize and link to important technical information about FireWire.

Today's Hot Tip: Protect Folders
  • If you worry about your kids accidentally disabling the family Mac, you can protect both the System Folder and the Applications folder by checking the Folder Protection option in the General Controls control panel. That'll prevent files in those folders from being moved.

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