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Our Colocation Solution

  Digital Fortress is a premier enterprise level colocation provider that ensures our customers that they will always have the ability to scale and meet their business needs. Our prime downtown Seattle, and South Seattle locations, allow us to feature the most diverse network connectivity in the Pacific Northwest. We offer single cabinet solutions to large custom private suites.  Our clients are always our top priority. We pride ourselves on creating long lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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Core Colocation Services

Reduced IT Infastructure

Reduced IT Infrastructure
& Management Expense

Choosing Digital Fortress helps IT professionals to scale and better fit their business needs.

24/7 local support

24/7 On-Site
Support Staff

Our 24/7 support staff allows you to eliminate travel time and on-site visits. By utilizing our expert support staff through our online portal, this will assist with routine tasks and troubleshooting.

Robust Power Capacity

Robust Power Capacity
& Redundancy

Network uptime means nothing if you don’t have the power. High density cabinets, up to 30kw per cabinet deployments, allow customers to use powerful compute machines; GPU, CPU and AI applications.

Reliability and Uptime

Reliability & Uptime

Downtime can cost you thousands of dollars. Ensure your uptime with Digital Fortress redundant systems with 100% uptime guarantee.

Affordable Bandwith

Affordable Bandwidth

With multiple upstream providers, our BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) enabled network takes the most efficient route to its ultimate destination, thereby ensuring your bandwidth is both fast and reliable 24/7.

Enhanced Security

Security & Protection

Our facilities are hardened against natural disaster, forced entry, and unauthorized access. We offer numerous solutions to enhance the data security for a customer’s environment.

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