News Alert No 13

  • A Simple Proposal to Abolish Gerrymandering
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News Alert No 12

  • Where Have All the Candidates Gone? Why Mr. Smith is Not Going to Albany
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News Alert No 11

  • Who Runs Buffalo? The Big Business Party
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News Alert No 10

  • Comptrollers Reports Prove IDAs Must be Abolished
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News Alert No 9

  • The New York State Budget is a Disgrace
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News Alert No 8

  • Should We Revive the Old Board of Supervisors? Free Buffalo asks for comment on ideas to revise the county charter.
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News Alert No 7

  • What's the Big Secret? How State Trial Judges Are Selected In Western New York.
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News Alert No 6

  • Public Authorities Have Failed the Public.
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Upcoming Reports

  • Niagara Co., Amherst, Lancaster Budgets
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What's Wrong With Buffalo

  • Jim Ostrowski's explosive 25,000 word essay, "What's Wrong With Buffalo," is now for sale as an eBook for $5.00 (in New York, $5.44).

    Just pay the indicated amount using the Pay Pal button and receive your eBook within 24 hours in Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Reader formats.

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Free New York From Big Government

govpolitical machines and special interests, because forty-five straight years of economic and cultural decline are enough.

Join Our NEW Thomas Jefferson Club

Help us continue this fight in '06. Join our new Thomas Jefferson Club--We need 1000 New Yorkers to step forward and pledge $100 in four quarterly payments. This will give us the resources we need to fulfill our mission of turning WNY and New York State around. To join the Club, use the Pay Pal button located in the far left column or send $25 to Free New York, Inc., 1535 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY, 14216.

"Members will receive: $10 gift certificate for one of Buffalo's best restaurants--La Dolce Vita; a free ticket to our First Annual Liberty Ball on February 11th and our Second Annual Taste of Freedom on June 3rd. Also, they will receive a copy of Jim Ostrowski's upcoming booklet, "Free Buffalo and other Controversial Essays," a compilation of essays on Buffalo history and politics and the tax revolt. Publication date: June, 2006.

Greater Buffalo Needs an Independent Think Tank

The Greater Buffalo area has been in a free-fall since about 1960. Its political, intellectual and business leadership has proven for decades to be incapable of diagnosing the causes of our problems or doing anything constructive about them. Rather, for the most part, they have been part of the problem, putting their own interests ahead of reform and change, and presenting us with misguided reform measures that do not address the root causes of our problems.

Unless we wish to see Buffalo continue to drift towards economic oblivion, drastic changes need to be made, now. Those changes need to be formulated and presented by a new research organization or think tank that is completely independent of the present power structure. Only then will true solutions become apparent to the public. There will be surely be support for a small, efficient organization that analyzes our current problems and presents common sense solutions in clear and plain language.