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products we sell


Email and File Archiving

GFI Archiver

Email archiving for productivity, management, compliance

USB Device Control

GFI EndPointSecurity

Protect your network from the threats posed by portable devices

Event Log Management

GFI EventsManager

Listen to your network - Complete log data analysis and IT management

Network Fax Server Software

GFI FaxMaker

Network fax server software for Exchange/SMTP/Lotus

Hosted Network Fax Server Software

GFI FaxMaker Online

The award winning network fax server software, now cloud-based

Patch Management & Vulnerability Scanner

GFI LanGuard

Comprehensive network security for businesses

Exchange Server Antispam & Antivirus

GFI MailEssentials

Eliminate spam and protect your network from viruses and other email threats

Cloud Email Management For Exchange

GFI OneConnect

Powerful network security and resource management tools that deliver centralized control

Network Security & IT Management

GFI OneGuard

Powerful network security and resource management tools that deliver centralized control

Internet Monitoring Software

GFI WebMonitor

The Internet is full of temptations. Can your users resist them?

Enterprise-Class Email

Kerio Connect

Enterprise-class email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chat and more without complexity or expensive overhead.

All-In-One Firewall

Kerio Control

The next generation of firewall, router and leading-edge IPS.

VoIP Communication

Kerio Operator

Kerio Operator is a VoIP based phone system that provides powerful yet affordable enterprise-class voice and video communication capabilities for small and mid-sized businesses globally.

Antivirus Cloud-Based Enpoint Security

VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud Edition

Delivering the highest-rated malware protection with the convenience of the cloud, from anywhere.

Antivirus Enpoint Security

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server Edition

Delivering the highest-rated malware protection at the best value in the industry.

Product Knowledge

We offer product knowledge along with the products we sell and support, assisting you in deploying them in your organization


Comprehensive IT Solutions

We provide industry-leading solutions from GFI Software assisting in key areas for your organization such as: IT management, security vulnerability assessment, web monitoring, event log management, end point security, archiving, faxing and more.

GFI Gold Certified

For over 10 years now, FB Security Group has maintained a solid relationship with GFI Software as part of their Gold Partner program, working together to bring innovative products to many different organizations.


GFI PRIME is a loyalty program. If you’ve been a customer for one year and you renew your GFI product, you qualify for GFI PRIME. Also purchase a multi-year contract and you’re eligible for GFI PRIME right away. Once you qualify for GFI PRIME, you are eligible to choose one of the qualifying GFI products of the same license tier for free without support.

Products include: GFI Archiver, GFI EndPointSecurity, GFI EventsManager, and GFI WebMonitor.