Gene De Libero - Digital Marketing Evangelist, Sitecore

Gene De Libero - Digital Marketing Evangelist, Sitecore

Riding the Crest of Change as Adjunct @NYUSPS | Board Member CX@Rutgers | CCXP | Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur | Coach

Greater New York City Area
Marketing and Advertising
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  2. The De Libero Family,
  3. Digital Mindshare LLC - Digital Marketing, Technology, and Business Consulting
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  2. AREA203 Digital - Full Service Digital Advertising Agency,
  3. Mullen (Part of the IPG Family) - Full Service Advertising Agency
  1. New York University
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    Ive always had a jones for testing and learning. At age nine I worked weekends in a local candy store collating the sections of various newspapers, which arrived at the store in bunches between...

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    I like a challenge. Mainly because I enjoy growth. For...



30-year digital innovation guy with a passion for leadership, change management, digital transformation, digital strategy, digital marketing, marketing technology (martech), customer experience (CX) and business development/sales.

My skills and experience serve me well leading the most complicated business, marketing, technology, and organizational initiatives. "What's Next?" and "Oh Crap" are my two favorite challenges. I work with kick-a## brands and agencies to define, design, develop, and activate immersive, highly personalized customer experiences to drive deeper, more profitable customer relationships. I'm riding the crest of change @Sitecore these days as Digital Marketing Evangelist.

• Developed and launched one of the first commercial social media platforms in the mid-1980's
• Helped design and launch the first interactive, intelligent digital-out-of-home advertising displays in movie theaters in the late 90's
• Developed and launched an early SMS mobile marketing platform, a precursor to many of the mobile marketing platforms in use today
• Worked with Tony Robbins to develop an online portal for personal and professional development
• Developed and launched content marketing initiatives across multiple digital and technology disciplines

In my spare time, I serve as an Adjunct at New York University's School of Professional Studies. I regularly share my thinking (and opinions!) with the brightest students in the world in areas including digital marketing, customer experience (CX), content strategy, marketing technology (martech), digital strategy, digital transformation, and business development. Proud recipient of the New York University School of Professional Studies "Excellence in Teaching" award.

Views expressed here are my own.


  • Digital Marketing Evangelist

    – Present (10 months)Greater New York City Area

    • Fierce advocate of the Sitecore brand and value proposition
    • Represents Sitecore as a digital marketing evangelist at industry events, conferences, panels, etc.
    • Stays ahead of digital marketing trends and engages in two-way dialog with prospects, customers, sales, partnership, and marketing teams to understand their needs and concerns
    • Helps drive effective product and technology strategy development, marketing and sales enablement programs, customer success and go-to-market strategies
    • Industry Advisor and Community builder
    • Promotes design thinking, customer experience, digital marketing, and marketing technology thought leadership through various content platforms and initiatives
    • Tries to listen more than he talks (not always successful)

  • Digital Customer Experience Evangelist // B2B Enterprise Account Executive

    – Present (2 years 2 months)Greater New York City Area

    In my role as a consultative, self-directed B2B sales/business development executive with Sitecore, I lead enterprise B2B marketing technology sales engagements across the New York Metro area. Working with internal Sitecore teams and a global partner network, I help clients define and activate unique, immersive, and personalized customer experiences that foster deeper and more profitable relationships.

    • Manage selling activities for enterprise accounts in the New York Metro DMA, delivering perpetual and subscription revenue against monthly, quarterly and annual targets
    • Leverage 30+ years of digital business insights and teaching techniques to educate CMOs and other C-levels execs about marketing technology, specifically around content management, marketing automation, personalization, and e-commerce
    • Coach customer stakeholders and build consensus for Sitecore solutions within their organization
    • Negotiate B2B software agreements with large enterprise accounts with revenues of more than $1B
    • Understand customer's marketing strategies to develop the highest impact plan for adopting Sitecore's technology


    Sitecore is a global software development company committed to helping marketers own every customer experience. We provide a truly automated, flexible, and predictive customer experience management platform that seamlessly combines web content management with customer intelligence to drive real one-on-one engagement with every customer at every touchpoint.

    Get a copy of "Context Marketing for Dummies" right here:

    #B2B #CMS #ContentManagementSystem #CustomerExperience #ContextMarketing #ContentMarketing #Personalization #Ecommerce #SocialMedia #DemandGeneration #DigitalTransformation #MobileMarketing #MarketingTechnology #Martech #MarketingAgility #DigitalMaturity #DigitalMarketing #DigitalStrategy

  • Husband, Dad, and Poppy

    The De Libero Family
    – Present (29 years)Greater New York City Area

    Being a husband to a great wife, a dad to 4 incredible kids, and Poppy to James Austin is my main gig in life. The rest of the stuff here [and a bunch I have left out] is just a hobby. Really.

  • Founder and Principal

    Digital Mindshare LLC - Digital Marketing, Technology, and Business Consulting
    – Present (10 years 5 months)

    "Carefully combine years of business, strategy, marketing, technology & digital transformation experience. Add innovation. Serves best when allowed to chill."

    Digital Mindshare is like a large, well-equipped kitchen where I feed my entrepreneurial passion for cooking up business development, product development, consulting, publishing, teaching, training, and speaking on topics related to digital marketing. It is a company of one - just me. I build custom, hyper-focused teams as I need them.

    I am having a blast exploring the “who, what, why, where, and how" of digital/interactive media and marketing technology while leading and managing change for people and organizations, across the enterprise, or around the world.

    I work with progressive advertising agencies and brands to help define and activate new digital practices or make existing digital practices more effective, efficient, and profitable. My engagements on the brand side ensure that chief marketing officers and other executives within the organization get the results they expect [and need] from their agencies.

    Social marketing and demand generation initiatives include developing and managing custom content platforms that help brands acquire, activate, and retain customers while also providing a way for those customers to amplify positive brand behavior.

    Education and corporate training in the areas of digital marketing and marketing technology include "lunch and learn" executive sessions, team and skill-building seminars, custom training programs and more. Topics include:

    - digital marketing strategy
    - agile marketing
    - social media and social business
    - mobile marketing and applications
    - marketing technology
    - web, social, and performance analytics
    - data analytics and analysis
    - email marketing
    - content strategy
    - content marketing
    - search engine optimization [SEO]
    - search engine marketing [SEM]
    - future trends in digital marketing
    - digital demand generation
    - business intelligence

  • Investor//Portfolio Manager

    Paul De Libero's Education
    – Present (9 months)Greater Boston Area

    Investor and Portfolio Manager for Paul De Libero's undergraduate education as part of The Boston Conservatory at Berklee Musical Theater program.

    Boston Conservatory at Berklee's musical theater program is recognized internationally for training leading artists on and off Broadway, on television, and in film. Working closely with a faculty comprising Broadway veterans and theater professionals, students receive rigorous training—in acting, dance, and voice—designed to develop them into well-rounded artists prepared to take on any role.

    I take COMPLETE responsibility for Paul's creative and artistic talents. And no, you can't get free tickets to any Broadway shows in which he has a role (they'll all be lead roles, too).

  • Investor//Portfolio Manager

    Matthew De Libero's Education
    – Present (2 years 9 months)Columbus, Ohio Area

    Investment Manager for Matthew De Libero's undergraduate education as part of The Ohio State University Data Analytics program.

    Data analytics is a uniquely interdisciplinary major with academic partnerships rarely found in other majors. Data analytics majors receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the College of Arts and Sciences through curricular partnerships with the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine and the Fisher College of Business. The major is jointly administered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Statistics.

    It is obvious to anyone who knows our family that he gets his smarts and analytical acumen from his mom. I'm a bystander, for sure.

  • Adjunct Instructor - Department of Strategic Communication, Marketing and Media Management Programs

    New York University
    – Present (19 years)

    Adjunct at New York University's School of Professional Studies, Division of Programs in Business. I teach several courses in the digital marketing program.

    My work at NYU SCPS brings me in regular contact with wicked smart people from top agencies and brands from around the world, all with one thing in common - to get smarter about digital marketing. It continues to be an incredible experience for me. I can only hope to provide the students with as much value from our time together as I get from them.

  • Head of Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation Consultant, Customer Experience Evangelist

    Wipro Digital
    (1 year 10 months)Greater New York City Area

    Digital Marketing and Business Transformation Consultant - partner with CIOs, COOs, CMOs, CxOs, and other business, marketing, and technology leaders to help them relentlessly focus their organization’s vision, models, and investments on serving the needs of the customer

    Cross-Vertical SME - Function as consultative advisor in areas including customer-centered digital transformation, strategy, user-centered design, and technology; Engineer extraordinary experiences for global businesses and their customers at speed and at scale

    Strategy Practice Development - Lead digital strategy and practice development (cross domain/vertical); Assist in the development of vertical and/or horizontal PoV's and (go-to-market) products

    Account Development - Lead the strategic development of focus accounts, working with various internal teams and external partners to develop digital transformation opportunities, along with related go-to-market strategy (collateral, contact strategy, etc.)

    Lead Nurture, Pre-Sales, and New & Organic Business Development Support - Support qualification and lead the strategic approach and deliverables for qualified digital transformation engagements

    Strategic Engagement - Lead the strategic engagement of large-scale digital transformation programs, working with lead clients to drive their digital vision, leading and collaborating with sales, design, account teams, and external partners to ensure the delivery of agreed client business outcomes

    Investments, Partnerships & Growth - Identify investments, partnerships and domains in which the business should seek growth opportunities; Mobilize business leaders, key departments, teams to build out new targeted business/growth platforms

  • Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Digital Strategy, Customer Experience Evangelist

    AREA203 Digital - Full Service Digital Advertising Agency
    (11 months)

    In my role as Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Digital Strategy, and Customer Experience Evangelist, I was responsible for the strategic direction of the agency, managing business development, and managing the client services, digital strategy, analytics, and operations teams.

  • Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Strategy

    Mullen (Part of the IPG Family) - Full Service Advertising Agency
    (2 years 1 month)

    As the Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Strategy, reporting to the Chief Strategy Officer as a member of the Strategic Planning, Connectivity & Analytics organization, I worked directly with the executive team, internal business unit owners, account service leaders and their teams and Mullen's clients across a wide range of verticals to develop, deliver, manage and support innovative digital strategy and programs including, but not limited to:

    - display campaigns
    - performance analytics
    - social business
    - mobile marketing
    - CRM/eCRM
    - email
    - websites
    - ecommerce

    All-in-all, it's an integrated marketing geek's dream come true. AND, I had the pleasure of working with [and learning from] some of the smartest people in the biz.

  • Senior Vice President, Director of Strategic Marketing Technology

    Mullen (Part of the IPG Family) - Full Service Advertising Agency
    (2 years 1 month)

    My charter as the Senior Vice President, Director of Strategic Marketing Technology, included:

    - Leverage marketing technology to support customer intelligence, connectivity planning and customer activation initiatives;
    - Provide ongoing updates on digital landscape/trends, competitive digital activities and new technology platforms;
    - Identify technology-related revenue generating opportunities for Mullen; and
    - Leverage relationships in the technology community to generate agency growth opportunities

    In this role, I reported to the Chief Strategy Officer and served as a member of the Strategic Planning, Connectivity & Analytics organization within Mullen.

  • Founder, Chief Digital Officer

    TXTEdge - Mobile Marketing Platform
    (3 years 2 months)

    TxtEdge was a mobile marketing technology venture I concepted and launched that provided a way for consumers looking for value and merchants looking for new (and repeat) customers with a way to communicate on a one-to-one basis, at the point of decision. Think mobile coupons meets Groupon meets Google Maps meets Foursquare - before smart phones were more popular than oxygen.

    Within a few months of launching a proof-of-concept, TxtEdge was working with companies like Steinway Musical Instruments and The Brooklyn Cyclones, as well as small to medium businesses in many different verticals, to test the efficacy of mobile marketing strategies and campaigns - with great results.

  • Director Digital Technology - US Digital Marketing Group

    BBC Worldwide Americas
    (2 years)

    In this role, I worked closely with my executive management peers and business and technology groups to help develop business, marketing and technology strategies and to identify opportunities and risks for delivering digital products and services.

    This included the identification of competitive products and services, opportunities for innovation and assessment of marketplace obstacles/hurdles to business success. I was also an agent of change [and finally forced to take my dose of hemlock], sharing knowledge, mentoring and educating the organization's management, staff, partners, customers and stakeholders regarding technological vision, opportunities and challenges in the digital space.

  • Founder, Chief Digital Officer

    Ambient Media, Inc.
    (5 years 1 month)

    In late 2001, I created the business model, technology blueprint and led the development and launch of an extensible, scalable, rich media-based narrowcasting network. My work included the development and deployment of a proprietary digital media scheduling/distribution platform and companion media player to allow for the efficient scheduling and delivery, playback and management of content over a private network.

    The privately funded Ambient Media Network's digital out-of-home displays could be found in New York's Penn Station, small and mid-sized venues like bagel stores, golf courses, deli's, and more throughout the New York metro area.

    Ambient Media subsequently raised a first round of funding and partnered with a small network of OB/GYN's, agencies and advertisers to launch a private digital out-of-home network that was a competitor to Accent Health. The Ambient Health Network provided patients in physician waiting rooms with health and fitness related content.

  • Chief Digital Officer

    Thinking Pictures
    (3 years)

    Thinking Pictures provided an opportunity for me to dive deep into the digital-out-of-home and digital marketing product development space. I had the privilege of working with some of the most interesting [I'll leave the definition of 'interesting' to your imagination, for sure] and smartest people I've ever met.

    Our efforts at Thinking Pictures helped to define today's incarnation of digital-out-of-home using networked displays in public and private venues. I led various development teams to create the technology platform that ran our "smart" displays and the Thinking Pictures network.

    These displays were incredibly functional, able to take action and play content based on what they "knew" about the people standing in front of them. The displays were equipped with card readers, motion sensors and more - a real "Minority Report" experience for movie theater patrons. We partnered with Shari Redstone and her National Amusements theater chain to deploy Thinking Picture's displays throughout the US.

    Daniel Langlois, founder of Softimage Inc, a recognized leader in the fields of cinema and media creation for its digital technologies, and especially its 3-D computer animation techniques, was an early investor in Thinking Pictures and ardent supporter of our efforts.

  • Chief Technology Officer/Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy, SVP of Product Development

    (2 years)

    The brainchild of Tony Robbins, the self-help guru, Dreamlife’s mandate was to become the Web’s premiere destination for personal development. Dreamlife acquired Discovery Toys in 2001 and drastically altered its business model.

  • Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Systems and Network Engineering, Inc.
    (6 years)

    E-business consulting firm provided development services to public and private sector organizations in various industries including finance, new media, advertising and publishing.

  • Assistant Vice President, Information Technology

    DKB Financial Products Inc.
    (1 year)Greater New York City Area

    Provided first line technology support for front, middle and back office trading operations for this derivatives trading subsidiary of Japan's Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank.
    - Deployed commercial and internally developed proprietary systems designed to help trading, analyzing and managing a wide-range of vanilla and exotic OTC derivatives
    - Worked with development team members to deploy and manage database technologies, including replication and backup
    - Designed and deployed offsite disaster recovery facility that allowed the company to continue operations after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing
    - Led the design, deployment and launch of DKBFP's London trading operation's technology infrastructure


  • New York University

    NYU SCPS Marketing and Public Relations - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, Digital Strategies for Marketing, Continuing EducationNYU SCPS Marketing and Public Relations - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, Digital Strategies for Marketing, Continuing Education
    – Present

    Discover the most effective ways to adapt your business’s current marketing strategy to the latest developments in online, Wi-Fi, wireless, video-on-demand, and streaming media. Through a combination of online and offline research and discussion, explore the realm of digital marketing, beginning with an overview of its scope and purpose. Survey today’s digital marketing tools and their impact on business, analyze methods for consumer segmentation, and examine the development and use of digital marketing plans. Guest speakers are featured, as scheduling permits. As a final project, use at least three of the tools covered in class to create a digital deployment plan to market a product or service.

    Activities and Societies: I teach this course.

  • New York University

    NYU SCPS Marketing and Public Relations - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, Agile Marketing for Digital Marketers, Continuing EducationNYU SCPS Marketing and Public Relations - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, Agile Marketing for Digital Marketers, Continuing Education
    – Present

    Big Data, Real-time and high-metabolism marketing are the trends of the day, but how are agencies and brands expected to keep up while delivering the value and return on marketing investment expected by their shareholders and clients? Agile Marketing for Digital Marketers leverages the foundational concepts of Agile Programming – small, highly collaborative, multi-functional teams working in short cycles to deliver incremental value – which helps manage change, reduce risk, and improve transparency while increasing the likelihood of success. Through instructor and student-led discussions, guest speakers [when available], and workshop time, this course explores how to plan and implement an Agile Marketing framework within an agency or brand setting.

    Activities and Societies: I teach this course.

  • New York University

    NYU SCPS Marketing and Public Relations - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, Understanding Marketing Technology and the Role of the Marketing Technologist, Continuing EducationNYU SCPS Marketing and Public Relations - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, Understanding Marketing Technology and the Role of the Marketing Technologist, Continuing Education
    – Present

    In today's rich media, always-on world, the emphasis on using technology to reach an increasingly untethered consumer through multiple touch-points, including web sites, mobile apps, social media, and other interactive channels, creates unprecedented growth opportunities for organizations large and small. As organizations consider the often complex intersection of technology and marketing, more and more of them are embracing a new role: the Marketing Technologist. The days of IT owning marketing and brand initiatives are over. Today, it's the tech-savvy marketing department - and the Marketing Technologist - driving marketing initiatives and the myriad technologies that bring them to life. This course explores current [and future] marketing technologies from both the agency and brand point-of-view while examining the new role and responsibilities of the Marketing Technologist.

    Activities and Societies: I teach this course.

  • Copiague High School

    Copiague was a cool place to grow up. I always wondered why my dad, an immigrant from Campobasso, Italy, settled the family in Copiague, Long Island. A little research about the town gave me the answer:

    At the turn of the 20th century, Copiague became home to a large population of Italian immigrants. John Campagnoli, an Italian engineer, purchased the land north of the railroad tracks and renamed it Marconiville in honor of his close friend, Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless telegraph. Mr. Marconi, beginning in 1912 and for several years thereafter, visited Copiague each summer. Many streets in this area bear the name of famous Italians.

    In the 1920's, an area which was named the American Venice was constructed in Copiague. It was designed to resemble Venice, Italy with canals and arched bridges. Local residents could be seen riding gondolas in the canals.

    How could you not want to settle in a place like that?

  • Suffolk County Community College


    I did some time here at SCCC in the hopes of prepping to become a dentist. Clearly, I didn't spend enough time.

  • The Evergreen State College


    What a culturally kick-ass place TESC was. I was working professionally as a musician and decided I needed some culture, so I enrolled in a program around Arts & Music of the 19th Century. Once the professor advised the class we'd be heading up into the mountains for a music retreat for a couple days, I split TESC about as quickly as I'd signed up; that retreat meant I'd miss a couple nights of my regular gig - along with the revenue I'd need to pay rent and buy food!

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Board Member - Rutgers Customer Experience Advisory Board

    Rutgers University
    – Present (11 months)Education

    Thehe Customer Experience Certificate Program at Rutgers Center for Innovation Education - New Brunswick, New Jersey is offered in connection with the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education and the Rutgers Professional Science Master's Degree.

    More info:

    #customerexperience #CX #CMO #certification #management


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  • New York University

    • Content Development Strategies for Digital Marketing (DMMK1-CE8119)Content Development Strategies for Digital Marketing (DMMK1-CE8119)
    • Digital Marketing Intensive (DMMK1-CE8108)Digital Marketing Intensive (DMMK1-CE8108)
    • Digital Media Technologies (DMMK1-CE9801)Digital Media Technologies (DMMK1-CE9801)
    • Digital Strategies for Marketing (DMMK1-CE9505)Digital Strategies for Marketing (DMMK1-CE9505)
    • Emerging Topics in Marketing (DMMK1-CE9690)Emerging Topics in Marketing (DMMK1-CE9690)

Honors & Awards

  • Teaching Excellence Award

    New York University School of Professional Studies

    The award for Teaching Excellence is presented to faculty members whose deep concern for student growth and development is made manifest by:

    -A record of outstanding effectiveness in teaching;
    -A capacity for challenging, inspiring, and supporting students to set high goals and succeed in achieving them;
    -An approach to the art and science of pedagogy that is innovative, rigorous, creative, and engaging;
    -A consistent practice of integrating new scholarly/professional work into the classroom in a way that embodies and encourages the values of lifelong learning, independent inquiry, and critical thinking.


  • Generation X

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Generation Y

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Generation Z

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Baby Boomer

    Native or bilingual proficiency


  • Community Manager/Content Marketing - Big Data Forum


    The Big Data Forum is an online global community fueled by and for today’s IT and business leaders that are charged with maximizing the value of enterprise data. The forum is sponsored by SAS. Big Data Forum examines the realities facing IT and business leaders and delves into the intricacies of managing, governing, and otherwise preparing huge volumes of data for analysis in a way that drives real business insight.

    Team members:
  • Training and Mentoring Innovative Digital Marketers


    New York University School of Professional Studies - Certificate in Digital Media Marketing: I believe this is one of the best programs available for digital marketing. Website blurb - The marketing industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting their attention from traditional media marketing to the Internet, wireless devices, and other digital media. Today, companies must connect with customers and other businesses through digital channels and adjust their marketing mix in order to succeed. Research indicates that digital marketing budgets are increasing dramatically, and digital media campaigns are becoming a pivotal part of effective marketing plans. This program focuses on helping marketers build and sustain successful, integrated digital media marketing programs. Marketing professionals with expertise in this area are invaluable assets to any organization as emerging technology continues to affect the way marketing is practiced today.

    Digital Strategies for Marketing Course: I've taught this course for some years now, and because it's a required course for the certificate, I see every student moving through the program who's working toward a Certificate in Digital Media Marketing. Course blurb - Discover the most effective ways to adapt your business’s current marketing strategy to the latest developments in online, Wi-Fi, wireless, video-on-demand, and streaming media. Through a combination of online and offline research and discussion, explore the realm of digital marketing, beginning with an overview of its scope and purpose. Survey today’s digital marketing tools and their impact on business, analyze methods for consumer segmentation, and examine the development and use of digital marketing plans. Guest speakers are featured, as scheduling permits. As a final project, use at least three of the tools covered in class to create a digital deployment plan to market a product or service.

    Team members:
  • Inventing the Future - How Can I Help You?

    What's Next? - I'm constantly developing new product and service innovations to feed my entrepreneurial passion, as well as building innovative solutions for agencies and brands. From complex demand generation ecosystems that serve brands and their customers around the world, to business intelligence solutions providing the actionable insights today's business leaders need so their brands can compete and stay relevant, I'm in the trenches inventing the future daily. How can I help you take your business to the next level? Contact me today.

    Team members:
  • Mobile Phone/SMS Marketing - TxtEdge

    TxtEdge - A precursor to apps like Foursquare, but based on the intelligent SMS [short message service] technology built into just about every mobile phone on the planet. Did you ever want the flexibility to "pull" relevant and timely offers for products and/or services, no matter where you were or what time of day? Not the kind of junk that collects in your inbox, but timely, relevant, and personal offers you want - wherever, whenever. TxtEdge empowered consumers to take charge of their shopping experiences while providing merchants with an intelligent, flexible way to make their offers [digital coupons] available in a way that made sense for their business - and the consumers they were trying to reach.

    Team members:
  • Private and Managed Digital-Out-Of-Home Networks - Ambient Media Inc.

    Ambient Media Inc. - Think private TV, but on LCD displays strategically located in the waiting rooms of physicians nationwide. Not as smart as the Thinking Pictures displays, but smart enough to engage viewers and generate revenue! Ambient Media Network displays found their way into many different public and private venues, including Citibank, 1-800-Flowers, and the busiest transportation hub in the United States - Pennsylvania Station, New York.

    Team members:
  • Smart, Interactive Digital-Out-Of-Home Displays - Thinking Pictures

    Thinking Pictures - If you've ever seen the movie Minority Report, you've seen the concept of this technology in action. Think about the scene where Tom Cruise goes into a Gap store and the digital-out-of-home displays recognize him, telling him about previous purchases and new items he might want to consider. That's Thinking Pictures technology. Partnering with Shari Redstone's National Amusements Theaters, we deployed Thinking Pictures displays in movie theater lobbies around the country, providing a way for theater patrons to interact with smart, interactive movie trailers and advertisements that came to life when patrons were within a few feet of the displays. The displays were connected to a robust network and based on what they knew about people standing in front of them, could play content tailored for that persons preferences.

    Team members:
  • Social Media/Social Business - East Coast MIDI

    East Coast MIDI - ECM was an incredible opportunity to extend my passion for making music into the digital space. ECM was an online portal developed for musicians, musical instrument, and software manufacturers. The primary focus of this highly successful, early social media platform was to connect these audiences and provide a place for them to create, curate, and share music, information, ideas, products, and anything else related to making music using the musical instrument digital interface [MIDI]. Competitors included GEnie, the General Electric Network for Information Exchange, and CompuServe. ECM was my intro to building businesses in the digital space.

    Team members:


  • Strategic Networking: eBook Edition

    Self Published

    Strategic Networking eBook Edition describes the nature of internetworking technology (Internet, LAN, WAN, etc.), as well as its concepts, associated skills, services, and organizations that support and define it. It explores the relationship between networks as an infrastructure, the change brought about by them as an innovation, and the organizational and social issues that arise.

    The Strategic Networking eBook maps the complex and changing domain of networking using a progressive, bottom-up approach, from the basic building blocks of networks up to the associated social and organizational issues:

    -Internetworking Technology Infrastructure
    -Software Standards
    -Protocols and Systems
    -Internetworking Services and Applications
    -Internetworking Planning and Design
    -Internetworking Management and Administration
    -Disaster Recovery and Contingency
    -Social and Organizational Issues

    This book addresses networking topics for a broad range of readers who share a common goal: to become more aware of the omnipresent networking technology infrastructure that supports their individual, organization, and social activities.

    -Business executives and managers for strategic enterprise planning.
    -CIO, CTO, and MIS management for strategic information technology planning.
    -System Administrators, Network Managers, Cybersecurity Specialists, and Disaster Recovery Specialists for reference, planning, and implementation.
    -Teachers and students in computer science, information science, information technology information systems management, and business technology courses.
    -Corporate trainers for class, platform, and individual training.
    -Software developers, OEM, VAR, and network vendors for reference, planning, and implementation strategies.
    -Digital marketing and advertising professionals for reference, planning, and design of platforms and campaigns.
    -Anyone with a nagging curiosity about how networks really work.


Test Scores

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Test

    Score: PWLB

    PWLB - Prefers Work Life Balance (Family First)

    After all, a balanced Gene is a happy, top-performing Gene!


  • Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)


    Founded in 2011, the Customer Experience Professionals Association is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession.

  • International Institute for Analytics (IIA)


    Co-Founded by CEO Jack Phillips and Research Director Thomas H. Davenport, IIA is the hub of a network of analytics experts committed to knowing and sharing the keys to success in an economy increasingly driven by data.

  • American Marketing Association (AMA)


    The American Marketing Association (AMA) was established in 1937 by visionaries in marketing and academia. Today, the AMA has grown to be one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with over 30,000 members who work, teach and study in the field of marketing across the globe.

  • Digital Analytics Association


    The DAA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered association whose mission is to make analytics professionals more effective and valuable through professional development and community. Its vision is advancing the profession of using data to improve business. The DAA was founded as the Web Analytics Association in 2004. The organization has 4,000 members around the world, representing a broad spectrum of expertise.

  • Scrum Alliance

    Certified ScrumMaster

    Scrum is an agile framework for completing complex projects used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The Certified ScrumMaster [CSM] certificate is granted to those who have taken a CSM course from a Certified Scrum Trainer and who have assessed their progress through the ScrumAlliance's online evaluation tool.

  • User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)


    User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) is the organization of choice for user experience professionals worldwide. UXPA was established in 1991 as the UPA (Usability Professionals' Association) when Usability was considered to be an umbrella term for what UXPA members do. In 2012 the name was changed to UXPA to reflect the change in members' job titles to User Experience (UX) and to continue to represent their breadth of work.

    UXPA defines a UX professional broadly as people who research, design, and evaluate the user experience of products and services. UX is an approach to product development that incorporates direct user feedback throughout the development cycle (human-centered design) in order to reduce costs and create products and tools that meet user needs and have a high level of usability (are easy to use).


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Gene:

  • Articulate, sharp minded, chock-full of insight, and total team player. These are some of the descriptors that pop to mind when I think of working with Gene. Gene is always ready to go to work in variety of ways here at Sitecore. He regularly goes beyond his job description of digital marketing evangelist. He's a college professor, former salesperson, and has sharp mind when it comes to strategic thinking on account opportunities. He's also been instrumental in opening up creative dialogues with digital marketers in my territory. We worked on a Twitter Chat together entitled: “Customer Experience and the Personalization Imperative." I wish I had the pleasure to have worked with more Gene De Libero's throughout the course of my 20-year sales career. I highly recommend Gene and would hire him in a "New York minute" to be part of any software organization.
  • Gene has been a great person to get to know. He's truly a unique individual - intelligent, curious, passionate, personable, and very knowledgeable. He has a way of motivating people by challenging their pre-conceived ideas and actions, all for the greater good. the very fact that this recommendation will utterly disappear in the sea of Linkedin recommendations he has is a testament to the value he brings to the people he encounters.


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