Why Skinny? Because we're different from other mobile companies.

We've stripped everything back, so you're only paying for stuff you actually want. We're in beta, running some fairly new technology - but all the important stuff should work just fine. If you find anything you don't like or that isn't working tell us and we'll sort it out. And just maybe give you some love.

Talk, text and data for $4 a week

Our sweet new Weekly Combos are $4 - you pay weekly and get a good amount of anytime, any-net minutes, texts and data for the same price as a monster sized can of V. There's a combo if you talk more, and one if you text more. Easy as.

Top-up with a fiver

Not all of us have a money tree, or a cat whose videos make tons on YouTube. But most of us can rustle up 5 bucks in loose change from behind the sofa. So with Skinny you can Top-up with just $5. And because of our awesome Weekly Combos, $5 actually buys you something decent. We figured that if you had $20 burning a hole in your pocket, there are other things you'd rather spend it on.

Get free Skinny to Skinny calling all summer!*

Get yourself on Skinny and keep one of our $4 Weekly Combos active, and you can call all your mates who are on Skinny in NZ for free until the end of April 2012.

4 reasons to start living Skinny

  • The skinniest standard national prepaid calling rates around (as at Jan 1 2012)
  • Sweet combos that you pay weekly
  • Lower minimum Top-ups - just $5
  • A great value prepaid data Add-on

What are you waiting for?

Keen to join the family? Check out the store locator and head down to your nearest Dick Smith or Warehouse Stationery store now...or hang tight and we’ll be up and running with online sales in a bit. Honest.

Offer terms

Free Skinny to Skinny calling all summer offer details

*You need to have an active Skinny Weekly Combo to get this deal. If you cancel your Combo or your Combo fails to renew (for example due to insufficient Skinny Prepaid Account balance), you are not entitled to free Skinny to Skinny calling. Fair use policy applies, which means you can't use this freebie to listen to your girlfriend / boyfriend (delete as appropriate) snoring all night while you are away. See our terms for the detail on our fair use policy. Free Skinny to Skinny calling applies to national person to person calls to your mates on Skinny in NZ only, excludes calls while roaming. Offer ends 30th April 2012.

The fine print

All of which fun and games brings us to the full terms & conditions relating to the Skinny services, which doubtless you have been waiting for and which you are free to read to your heart's content here.