Some believe country style and Western style is one in the same but we beg to differ. There is a big difference between the two, and if you identify with either one you know exactly what we mean.

Country style is soft, warm and welcoming. The country bride enjoys a few rustic elements throughout her wedding but the overall feel should be natural and beautiful. The wedding flowers play a big role in the country-style wedding. Whether the couple...

Danielle Tate, CEO and founder of MissNowMrs.com, explains unique name change combinations

Once the wedding is over, many brides are faced with a huge decision: Should you change your name? And if so, what's the best way to start the process?

This week we're talking to Danielle Tate, the founder and CEO of MissNowMrs.com, MarriageLicenseNow.com, and MarriedNameGame.com, all of which help brides save time, no matter what type of name change they choose. Keep reading to learn more about Danielle, the inspiration behind her businesses, and her advice for brides and grooms!

Can you...