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Generating Profit for Social Change

Social entrepreneurship is a process by which people build institutions to advance solutions to social issues, such as poverty, sickness, illiteracy, human rights violations, environmental degradation, and corruption, to improve themore

Dial In: Agenda For A Productive Conference Call Meeting

Meetings are an essential forum for exchanging information and making plans. The ability to run a productive meeting is a signifier of good leadership skills. From time to time, a meeting will be held where one or more participants mustmore

Let's Talk Marketing Strategy

You're a new non-profit and wondering how you'll come up with money to support your cause, right? You've heard the hype about grants and loads of free federal money that are available to anyone willing to lend a helping hand in society,more

Demystifying the 501(C)3 Salary

There seems to be some misconception regarding the term "non-profit" and the federal tax exempt status. Some of the questions that I commonly hear people ask are "Why does the director of a non-profit organization receive a salary?" ormore

Bathroom Remodeling Secrets You Won't See On HGTV

Television networks such as HGTV have become very popular over the course of the last few years and with good reason. Not only do they do a very good job providing programming for those interested in doing work to their home, they alsomore

Developing Community and Public Health Capacity for Change

March Health Awareness Campaigns National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Brain Injury Awareness Month National Kidney Cancer Awareness Month Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month National Myeloma Awareness Month more

The Importance of Monitoring & Evaluation for Your Nonprofit

Monitoring and evaluation (often abbreviated M&E) are separate, but related, tools for assessing and understanding program implementation and impact. While evaluation professionals often have graduate degrees or other advancedmore

Creating Useful Logic Models

Most human services non-profits have at least heard of a logic model, and most likely have created one for a grant application. A logic model is a visual way to explain your theory of change. United Way of America popularized the logicmore

Appreciating Non-Profit Employees

One of the most important things a non-profit organization can do to retain employees and boost productivity is to actively show their appreciation for them. While appreciating employees should happen year-round, now is a good time formore

Free Apps & Software for Non-Profits

According to the National Day Calendar, February is Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) Month. Open source (OS) software can be a fantastic resource for non-profit organizations that need technology, just as a for-profit business does,more

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Jennifer Bland

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290 Articles

I started investing in real estate in 2004. I currently own 32 multi-family rental units and 1 single family home. My real estate investing... more

Jane Parker

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13 Articles

My clients want to feel change, find energy, and refocus. Whether you are rebuilding after a life transition, easing the struggle of past trauma or... more

Marcy Stahl

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Marcy Stahl's passion is helping women direct sellers and solopreneurs achieve the successful lifestyle they want. She knows that the top... more

Jeannette Koczela

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Jeannette Koczela is a certified Empowered Spirit Life Coach from the Coaching From Spirit Institute. She has been coaching colleagues for several... more

Keith Mosher

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11 Articles

For 35 years Keith was an Atheist proudly proclaiming his beliefs in Darwinian Evolution. All of that changed one fateful day at the age of 35 when... more

D. McSwine

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16 Articles

Damien Douglas McSwine is a author, health researcher and professional athlete. After receiving his BA in Criminal Justice from Loyola University,... more

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