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Tips to Celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day

In America, we have a lot of celebration days to recharge our batteries from time to time. These occasions provide us with a way to get together so we can get rid of our worries and spend quality time with our loved ones. For instance, wemore

Exercises and Workouts - Running Is Not Always Ideal For Fat Loss

It is true; exercise is good for you. Physical activity will lower your blood sugar and is beneficial to your heart. But what do you thinkmore

Healthy Living and Weight Loss - Plan Your Meals Around Your Workouts

The best way to plan your meals is likely what you are not currently doing. Unfortunately, this can be said for 99% of the population.more

Type 2 Diabetes - Obesity, Arsenic, and Diabetes

Being overweight or obese raises the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by contributing to inflammation in the body and free radicals. Arsenic has many of the same effects and can lead to high blood sugar levels, as well as causing damagemore

Type 2 Diabetes - Predicting Gestational Diabetes Early

Gestational diabetes is similar to Type 2 diabetes except it occurs during pregnancy. While it is a temporary form of the disease which usually disappears after childbirth, it is a sign of insulin resistance and means full-blown Type 2more

Exercises and Workouts - Can You Exercise Seven Days A Week?

One question you may ask yourself from time to time is can you exercise on seven days a week? Do you need to have a rest day in your program or is that something you find is not a necessity? Some people often wonder about this - usuallymore

6 Great Ways to Celebrate the Family Day

If you want to make your family day a great day this year, make sure you plan some activities that can help you achieve this goal. Given below are 6 ideas that can help you get the most out of this day.more

Why Dads Should Spend Time With Their Daughters

Usually, daughters are closer to their mothers than to their fathers. However, that doesn't mean fathers don't care about their daughters. They do a lot. As a matter of fact, fathers play a great role as far as guiding and counseling ismore

8 Tips To Make Your Career Change A Successful One

Many have successfully changed their careers and greatly improved the quality of their lives and you can too. There's some good news in that we all have the ability to learn and it's never been easier to successfully change careers due tomore

5 Ways To Add More Personality To Your Brand

We're adapting all the more every day about the intensity of human link. Individuals are undeniably liable to confide in a business that has an identity behind it. While organisations may have possessed the capacity to escape by justmore

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Elaine Day is a 32 year old Florida native living in Vermont. Attracted to the written word at a very early age (maybe an Aspie thing), she has... more

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Prakash Rao is the creator of Bank Your Time, a goal-oriented metrics-driven time management system. Inspired by a game Prakash put together to teach... more

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I have built, remodeled and repaired thousands of homes across the U.S. My company created Armchair Builder to help people save money on their... more

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Doron Gil, Ph.D., is an Expert on Self-Awareness and Relationships, with 30 years of experience as a university teacher, workshop leader, counselor... more

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Liv Montgomery has a unique background that combines technology and media. Liv's storied career spans the continent from the wilds of Alaska to the... more

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I am a mum of three who enjoys working online, being with my family, keeping fit and cooking. I like to help people learn about working from home... more

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