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Tips When Shopping For Bunk Beds

Besides from being a lot of fun for children, bunk beds are a super way to great more floor space in a bedroom. When you embark on your buying expedition for that 'just-right' bunk bed for your kids' room, you soon realise how many optionsmore

The ABCDE Of Effective Leadership

Wouldn't it be nice, and easy, if there were some sort of basic cookbook, which would transform individuals, into meaningful, relevant, effective leaders? Although there are thousands of consultants, many of which claim to have the secret,more

What Is The HEART Of A Real Leader?

Why do you believe, it so often seems, there is such a dearth of significant, true leadership, in so many groups and organizations? What is the necessary, true, essential, HEART, of a real leader? What differentiates these raremore

Demystifying Homeopathy: 5 Points

Unlike, most of the rest of the world, the United States focuses on allopathic medicine, rather than wellness, and using a combination of alternative/ natural medicine. One of the oldest, most widely used, alternative medicines, is known,more

When Public Officials Are MEAN, Who Wins?

Regardless of one's personal, political beliefs, preferences, and agenda, most should agree, we are currently experiencing, a political period, of vitriol, and polarizing rhetoric, which we have rarely, if ever, witnessed previously, inmore

Selling Your House? Which Renovations Provide The Best ROI

Homeowners do many different types of renovations to their houses, for a variety of different reasons. While, one's reasons and motivations, vary, and are often, personal, one's decisions, should be based, on their intentions, regardingmore

Cancer Risks From Tanning

Tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer. Tanning beds are made from plutonium, some types of radium and UV rays that mimic the sun. Excessive tanning also breaks down DNA in the skin cells, dries it out, reduces elasticity and makesmore

Using The Fallen Angels To Correct Injustice

Have you been wronged and want justice? This is an interesting situation to be in because we don't always know how to react to people who wrong us. How on earth do you know that saying or doing something is enough to get back at them?more

Develop A Clear Understanding Of Your Spiritual Path Using Magick

If you have ever wanted to know what your personal path is, it is far easier than you think to discover. This is about understanding whomore

Developing Emotional Control With The Fallen Angels

Emotional control is that thing that everyone wants, but no one knows how to get. How do you develop something that most people don't even understand? Some say hours of meditation can do this. You just meditate for a set amount of timemore

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Walter Green

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159 Articles

Walter Green is a Maitre d'Armes (Fencing Master) certified by the Academic d'Armes Internationale, a holder of the Diploma of the International... more

Annette C O'Leary-Coggins

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Annette O'Leary-Coggins was born in 1959 in Ireland. She is one of 11 children. Her hobbies and interests are kids & horses. As an out, Annette... more

Petra Christoph

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17 Articles

Petra believes that happiness is a skill that can be taught and learned like any other. Drawing from her own experiences, the combined wisdom of... more

Timothy W. Nelson

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39 Articles

Tim Nelson prides himself on being a CPA with a sense of humor. Under all the excel spreadsheets and payroll forms, Nelson finds a way to make sense... more

Sherry R Bray

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277 Articles

Health and animal lover blogger more

Brand Doubell

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Dr. Brand Doubell, is a sexologist, life coach, and relationship therapist in South Africa. He is co-owner and founder of the Cobrastone marriage... more

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