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What Does Toxic Behavior Say About Us in the Workplace?(Ways of Curving the Appetite)

Dealing with conflicting behaviors in the workplace is a task that should never be taken lightly. It should be dealt with immediately whenmore

A Healthier Life SYSTEM

Have you ever felt, frustrated, by the continuous cycle, of feeling healthy, followed by poorer health, then taking medications, feeling like you are simply, covering - up, the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause? Unlike many othermore

How Leaders Make Groups FLOURISH?

Although, nearly everyone, who, either, is elected, selected, and/ or, ascends to a position of leadership, proclaims, his aim, is to make a significant difference, for the better, after, over four years of personal involvement in mostmore

What Happened, To The Land, Of The FREE?

How often, have you heard, someone say, something, about the land of the FREE, and the home of the brave? The basic concepts, this nation was founded on, and established as, by our Founding Fathers, appears to many, as being, under -more

Service: Are Some People Too Undeveloped To Be Of Service To Others?

It has been said that someone's younger years are a time when their caregivers are there to serve them and their adult years are a timemore

One Man's Joke Is Another Man's Discount

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were dining out at a very nice restaurant. We had been on the road for two days and were weary of travel. At least, I was. Nothing I hate more on a vacation than travel. But this time it was notmore

Mental Health: Is It Important For Someone To Be Curious If They Have Mental And Emotional Problems?

If someone had a problem with their car, they would probably take it to a garage to be fixed. There is then no need for them to take amore

Help Students Grow With These 3 Supportive Teaching Strategies

As an instructor, are you aware of how your students are performing at all times? Do you maintain a proactive or reactive approach tomore

Learn How to Cultivate Self-Discipline As a Success Mindset

Do you understand the connection between what you think and the success you experience, or do not experience, in your job or career? If you could learn to discipline your thoughts towards an attitude of success, do you believe it ismore

5 Methods of Energizing and Motivating Your Students

Are your students performing their very best in your class and completing all learning activities on time? Do they always want to be involved in class discussions, eager to be part of the conversations, while demonstrating what they havemore

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Nick Wolff was born and raised in the City of Chicago. He worked in the engineering profession for 13 years. However, Nick has always cultivated a... more

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LaRae Quy was an FBI undercover and counterintelligence agent for 24 years. She exposed foreign spies and recruited them to work for the U.S.... more

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Virginia Clark (aka Virginia Feingold Clark) has coached hundreds of woman by helping them to uncover their blocks to love and marriage. With over 12... more

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Hi, I'm Jonathan B. Williams, also known as The Ghost Writer. I'm an experienced writer who loves helping others fulfill their dream of writing a... more

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