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Make Oat Groats in your Crock-pot
My family and I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. After our smoothie, my kids eat a bowl or two of oatmeal to finish filling them up. Just recently I discovered oat groats, and we will never go back! Oat groats are essentially the oat kernel that has been removed from the inedible hard […]
Favorite Vegan Buys at Costco
When I first started eating a more plant based diet, I was worried about all the “work” it would take. The thought of even putting a ton of effort into finding a snack that was vegan seemed daunting. But once I started looking at labels, I was surprised to find it wasn’t as hard as […]
Vegan Blueberry Zucchini Bread
Cooking with a baby is a talent. Stir together… wait, what did I just add? Ooop. Baby is ripping off dog’s ears. And now I’ll add the flour. No, I just added flour. Time to feed baby! Yes, it takes a little longer and there are more distractions but it just makes me feel super […]
True confessions� at the doctor�s
I have people ask me all the time how things are with 3 little ones. To be honest, it’s great. The kids really do pretty well over all. Occasionally I have moments of feeling like I’m drowning, but really it’s been totally manageable and fun. That being said… want to hear about my Monday adventures […]
Creamy Sweet Potato and Broccoli Soup
On Saturday we had a lot of yard work to do. While the younger kids napped I set Sydney up with a movie to watch while I went outside to help. When I came back in to� get the little guys up from naps and make lunch I asked Sydney to sit in a chair […]
I�m pretty chunky..
Sydney has a friend over this morning to play and so that means I get/got (since they’re in bed now) some extra time with my two boys! Athens reminds me so much of Rome when he was little. He is so happy and easy going. Maybe he came that way because he knew that he […]
Home Remodel � Kitchen and Living Room Redo
If I was to say that I have had fun remodeling my house, that would be a MASSIVE understatement! It took a fair amount of time to get it to where it is now, but I LOVE it! There were so many late nights, set backs and budget surprises, but it was well worth it […]
To TV or Not to TV, that is the Question..
TV. It’s one of those nagging topics that just sits at the back of your mind and is discussed by all moms everywhere. I too have struggled with this question.When I first started having kids I had decided that I would never (NEVER EVER SAY NEVER…) let my kids watch TV or movies before she […]