Cartography Resources and Learning Materials For Map Makers

  • CARTOGRAPHER'S TOOLKIT The newest book has arrived! A print-book with amazing maps from a variety of leading cartographers and color and typography reference chapters.

  • GIS CARTOGRAPHY Learn the fundamentals of cartography. Platform independent.

  • COLORS FOR MAPS A color reference for maps. This is the first chapter of Cartographer's Toolkit, but in digital format.

  • TYPE FOR MAPS A typography reference for maps. This is the second chapter of Cartographer's Toolkit, but in digital format.

More About Cartographer's Toolkit


Gretchen Peterson's first book, GIS Cartography, is a guidebook for the GIS professional, distilled from 10+ years of experience as a GIS professional.

"Excellent" – Stephen Few, Perceptual Edge (p4)


Hone your skills. Colors For Maps presents color theory for map makers, complete with 30 ready-to-use color palettes. Type For Maps illustrates 50 typefaces, letting you choose which is suitable for your map project.


Read the blog, in which ideas ranging from best practices to design to the profession of cartography are explored.


"For any geo-technology professional, would-be cartographer, and mapping aficionado, Cartographer's Toolkit is a must-have."
  - Glenn Letham, Editor,

"A book full of little cartographic nuggets."
  - Clint Brown,
    Director of Software Products, Esri


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