Looking to 2030: Paving the Way for Automated Vehicles
The Break Room: What was your favorite or most memorable class in college?
Terminal Modernization: Why Bother? The Passenger Experience (Part III)


Looking to 2030: Paving the Way for Automated Vehicles
August 16, 2018
While advances in automated vehicle technology are rapidly reshaping the world we live in, it is more than likely that fully autonomous vehicles—or cars that are 100 percent self-driving—won’t be commonly available until around 2030. While this long-view timeline is somewhat uncertain, there are steps that DOTs and communities can take in terms of land...
The Break Room: What was your favorite or most memorable class in college?
August 9, 2018
It’s hard to believe it’s already time for students to head back to school! We asked GS&P employees to tell us about their favorite or most memorable college class. See what they had to say.   During my graduate studies at Florida State University, the department initiated a new class called “Visual Communications”. We utilized…
Terminal Modernization: Why Bother? The Passenger Experience (Part III)
August 8, 2018
Why bother with messy, complicated terminal upgrades if your airport is not facing capacity issues? Previously, we examined the financial and operational benefits. In this third part of our series, we explore how terminal modernization projects can help improve the passenger experience. Click here for Part II of the series. Airports look to provide a…
Faces of GS&P: Patrick Henry
August 3, 2018
Name: Patrick Henry, PLA, ASLACurrent Title: Landscape ArchitectOffice Location: Louisville Years at GS&P: Almost 1 Meet Patrick Henry, our latest Faces of GS&P feature. From motocross racer to chef to landscape architect, this Louisville native has almost done it all! Keep reading to learn what led him to a mid-life career change and what his favorite project has been…
The Advantages of Alleys: Reclaiming Roswell’s Historic District
August 2, 2018
Alleys get a bad rap. The small strips of land have traditionally been seen as dark, dirty, crime-ridden corridors where nothing good ever happens. They’re often put in the same category as train yards and abandoned parking lots, but I think alleys deserve more attention. Believe it or not, alleys started off as public spaces….
Data Driven Design: The Benefits of Building Energy Modeling
July 31, 2018
As technology advances, Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is becoming an even more powerful tool for making informed design decisions. This is the first post in our series examining the benefits of BEM in balancing occupant comfort and design features with energy efficiency. They say hindsight is 20/20. “If only we knew then what we know…
The Sky’s the Limit: New Remote Bag Check and Self-Tagging Kiosk Amenities Put the Customer in Control at TPA
July 19, 2018
As both domestic and international passenger volumes increase at our nation’s airports, so does the possibility for overcrowding and increased congestion. This is especially true of Tampa International Airport (TPA), which has been experiencing rapid growth over recent years—growth that has ultimately increased congestion on the terminal curbsides and pushed the airport’s existing rental car…
What I Wish Owners Knew About Us: Working with an A/E Firm to Deliver a Capital Project
July 18, 2018
There are two kinds of surprises in life: Good surprises that bring a smile to one’s face and those of the opposite variety—life’s unwanted surprises that have the power to throw a proverbial monkey wrench into the works, disrupting one’s best-laid plans. And when it comes to doing business, nobody wants to experience the latter….
Resuscitating Buildings for Healthcare: Adaptive Reuse
July 11, 2018
Healthcare organizations have been shifting hospital-based services to less costly locations for quite some time, and this is expected to continue as long as health systems deal with decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs. Most organizations are ever more aggressive in their approach to moving or adding services off campus rather than at the “mothership” for…
Get Some Standards: A Discussion on Protecting Your Wayfinding Investment
June 25, 2018
Fact: no one likes being lost. It causes confusion, anxiety and stress. This is no way to treat your customers, patients and passengers, and that is why wayfinding is vital. Good wayfinding starts from a place of research-backed logic, which guides the successful implementation of a signage program and helps maintain the integrity of the…