The HR Nicholls Society believes that in a modern society there is no intrinsic imbalance in bargaining power between employers and employees and the regulation of workplace relations should be minimal. That is in the interests of both sides and in maximising economic growth for the economic and social benefit of the nation.


ABS Data Confirms Union Movement’s Irrelevancy

This weeks’ data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) serves as further confirmation of Australian trade unionism’s relentless slide into irrelevancy Figures released on Tuesday showed that the number of Australians who are members of trade unions within their main occupation fell again, to a record low of 15% in August 2015. In the private […]

Media Release: Unfreeze IR debate and action

The president of the HR Nicholls Society, Adam Bisits, has welcomed Mr Turnbull’s focus on the economy and a commitment to a proper debate on economic issues.  A focus on the economy by new prime minister Turnbull requires amongst other things greater freedom of employment. “The freeze on the practical problems with the IR system […]

HR Nicholls Society XXXVI Conference: Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The XXXVI Annual Conference of the HR Nicholls Society entitled “The Fair Work Act -an Australian idiosyncrasy” will be held in Melbourne on Wednesday 23rd of September in Melbourne. Speakers include : Mr Tony Shepherd, chairman, WestConnex Delivery Authority, past president of Business Council of Australia S Barklamb, Executive Director, Australian Mines and Metals Association […]

Gillard’s Unanswered Questions

In September, 2014, His Honour Justice Dyson Heydon delivered his Interim Report into the AWU Workplace Reform Association. Julia Gillard’s incurious cheer squad breathed a sigh of relief, trotted out the old ‘no smoking gun’ meme and retired smugly to their chardonnay and tofu. I may be tilting at windmills but I am not satisfied. […]

bill anxious

Mr Shorten, Please Explain…..

The Sydney Morning Herald has four questions for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten: QUESTION: Were Winslow workers in 2005 (when the company paid for their dues) aware that they were AWU members? QUESTION: What did Winslow get in return for paying the AWU? QUESTION: Was it common practice for the AWU to have companies pay for the membership […]

MUA hit with record court order for bullying employer

The Australian reports: The Maritime Union of Australia has been stung with a $560,000 court order after its officials bullied an employer to maintain a “closed shop” that barred non-unionised workers from employment.   Federal Court judge John Gilmour also ordered the employer, Skilled Offshore (Australia), to pay $241,000 to a Perth couple, Bruce and […]