Hassenn "The Good Guy", Coquitlam real estate: Blog http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php This page contains the blog. Fri, 20 Apr 2018 11:37:05 -0700 http://ubertor.com/?v=1.0 en New Mortgage Rules http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/new-mortgage-rules Wed, 14 Mar 2018 11:24:08 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/new-mortgage-rules According to the BCREA, the number of units sold across the province in February dropped 5.7% compared to February 2017.  We probably start seeing the effects of the new mortgage rules.

For more details please visit: http://www.bcrea.bc.ca/docs/news-2018/2018-02.pdf ]]>
February 2018 Housing Market Update in Greater Vancouver http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/housing-market-update Mon, 05 Mar 2018 10:51:26 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/housing-market-update Overall, the market in Februray was more active compared to January, especially for apartments and townhouses. As you might be aware, BC Government has changed some of the rules regarding real estate in order to make it fairer.  See the link below for the PDF format of the changes:

We will see if these changes will force some non-resident investors who own multiple properties, to start selling some of them. This might increase the number of listings in the near future. These changes might create fear among some of the speculators and eliminate them as buyers. It usually takes 6 months or more before we see a change of trend. 

Here are February statistics, please click on the links below for Metro Vancouver and Greater Vancouver areas:



Here is an informative video about the market:


f you have specific questions about your own investment and when it is the best time to sell or buy, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Thank You! http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/thank-you Wed, 07 Feb 2018 10:57:27 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/thank-you thumb thumb

I am very grateful for the RE/MAX Platinum Club Award and the MLS Medallion Club Award received in 2017.  My clients are my top priority and we work as a team, I wouldn't have done it without them.  Thank you All for your support in 2017!
Are you over-leveraging in real estate in Metro Vancouver? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/are-you-over-leveraging-in-real-estate-in-metro-vancouver Mon, 05 Feb 2018 12:05:13 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/are-you-over-leveraging-in-real-estate-in-metro-vancouver Billions of dollars have been invested in real estate in Metro Vancouver, especially in the last few years and we have had the up trend in price.

According to Trading Economics.com, Canadian household debt to disposable income ratio in 2017 was 173.34%, reaching an all time high in the third quarter of 2017.

I always advise my clients to have a Plan B in case the market goes sideways or takes the down trend. At the moment the majority of people is very optimistic about real estate and as a result, a lot of them become flippers without thinking that the market may change direction unexpectedly.

Please check the video in the link below which shows the cycle of economic machine by Ray Dalio. Ray Dalio is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager and is the founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associeates, one of the world's largest hedge funds. As of January 2018, he is one of the world's 100 wealthiest people, according to Bloomberg.


To discuss a Plan B for your situation, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Housing Market Update (January 2018) http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/british-columbia-real-estate-statistics-2017 Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:40:14 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/british-columbia-real-estate-statistics-2017 Happy New Year!

Here is a link to BCREA's youtube channel by Chief Economist Cameron Muir.

"Robust housing demand in 2017 was underpinned by a strong economy, employment growth and rising wages," said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist. "Above trend migration, both international and interprovincial, also bolstered housing demand, while broader demographic fundamentals added fuel to condominium sales in urban centres and to all home types in retirement-oriented communities."

The BC housing market ended the year with a strong December. Home sales increased 4 per cent from November, on a seasonally adjusted basis. However, the year-end results were likely pushed higher by some homebuyers advancing their purchases to avoid tougher mortgage qualification rules in the new year.

In December, a total of 5,738 residential unit sales were recorded by the MLS® across the province, an increase of 21.5 per cent from the same period last year. Total sales dollar volume was $4.2 billion, up 36.3 per cent from December 2016. The average MLS® residential price in the province was $734,108, up 12.1 per cent from the same month last year.

Click on link below to watch BCREA Chief Economist Cameron Muir discuss the December 2017 statistics:

GOOD NEWS FOR FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS! http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/good-news-for-first-time-home-buyers Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:11:29 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/good-news-for-first-time-home-buyers
2016 Vancouver Real Estate Market Update http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/market-speedo-december-2016 Tue, 10 Jan 2017 10:36:35 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/market-speedo-december-2016
Happy New Year Everyone!
2016 has been quite a roller-coaster in the real estate market and the overall industry. For us as Realtors, it felt like there was a tsunami! Buyers were frustrated after writing offers on 7 different properties, and came to realize that another buyer offered $100,000 or more on top of their offer. Sellers sometimes were disappointed as they expected to get more over asking price (i.e. instead of $100k over asking price, they wanted $200k!).  Some sellers were frustrated after selling their homes and couldn't find a home to buy. They were chasing home after home to see that the prices kept going up.  Some investors took advantage of assignments and made some pretty hefty $$$$ (If you haven't heard any stories about the assignment issues you can check out the link below:)

It was very stressful for honest realtors who were trying to give prudent advice to their clients (I'm glad that 2016 is over). Now that we have all survived 2016, we are excited to begin 2017.  I hope all sellers, buyers, investors, and Realtors are wiser and learned something from the 2016 real estate market.
Now everyone is wondering; where is the market trend heading in 2017? Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball, but if you plan your goals based on honest and professional advice, you will achieve better results than if you plan your goals based on news or hearsay.  Overall, it seems that the market is more active in the lower price ranges for apartments and townhouses.  We also see more activity for detached homes less than $1 Million.  So far, there is less demand for new detached homes.  We will have a better idea in the next few months where the market is going to stand.  As the weather gets better, more sellers will list their properties and hopefully more buyers will enter to match the supply.  If the buyers do not step in, we might see more price reductions in higher price ranges.
We are committed to provide you with the most recent statistics and honest advice.
If you are thinking of moving from your current place and confused as to what to do and where to start, we can help you to learn more about the insight of the market and also evaluate your home. 
At the end of our meeting, you will have a good idea with an analysis of the risk and reward ratio of your move. 
This will help you to make a better, well informed decision!
Are you curious how the real estate market trends are changing in your area whether you live in Greater Vancouver or the Fraser Valley ( ie. Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Delta, North Shore) ?  We can email you a detailed monthly market report for FREE, with no obligations; But we do appreciate it if you refer your friends and family members if they are thinking of buying, selling or looking for prudent advice!
I hope 2017  brings you more happiness, good health, and lots of success for you and your family!
2016 Rental Market Report for Greater Vancouver http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/rental-market-report-2016 Thu, 08 Dec 2016 09:27:01 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/rental-market-report-2016
Vacancy rates continue to be very low for Greater Vancouver in 2016. 

To view the full CMHC Rental Market Report click the link below.


October 2016 Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market Analysis http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/oct2016statisticsanalysis Tue, 29 Nov 2016 11:44:04 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/oct2016statisticsanalysis

f you want to know how much your home is worth in today's market: Please contact us for a FREE online or in person Market Evaluation.]]>
CMHC Increasing risk rating from "Moderate" to "Strong" http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/cmhc Wed, 26 Oct 2016 13:05:26 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/cmhc
Canada Mortgage and Housing Cor.(CMHC) recently warned about "High levels ofindebtedness coupled with elevated house prices."
CMHC is responsible to insure rusky mortgages such as mortgages with less than 20% down.

Please click the link below for more details.

CMHC Increasing risk rating from "Moderate" to "Strong" http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/cmhc-increasing-risk-rating-from-moderate-to-strong Wed, 26 Oct 2016 13:02:52 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/cmhc-increasing-risk-rating-from-moderate-to-strong Where's the Most Interesting Place you've Stayed? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/where-s-the-most-interesting-place-you-ve-stayed Tue, 25 Oct 2016 12:29:06 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/where-s-the-most-interesting-place-you-ve-stayed

Have you ever dreamt of living in a cob house or storage container home?
There are so many creative and architecturally amazing homes all over the world.

This Article gives you a glimpse of unique homes you can rent or buy right now.

Click Here
Alert!! Changes to Mortgage Rules http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/alert-changes-to-mortgage-rules Thu, 13 Oct 2016 13:35:44 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/alert-changes-to-mortgage-rules

We urge you to take a moment and read about the changes affecting the Federal Government Mortgage Insurance Rules, especially if you're thinking of buying soon. From October 17, 2016 onward every home buyer has to qualify at the posted five year qualifying rate. You can find up to date fates at http://www.bankofcanada.ca/. Also as of November 30, 2016 there is a new criteria in order to be elgible for government insurance.

Please click the Link for more information.

Are we in the midst of Real Estate Market Bubble in Greater Vancouver? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/are-we-in-the-midst-of-real-estate-market-bubble-in-greater-vancouver Tue, 11 Oct 2016 10:47:41 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/are-we-in-the-midst-of-real-estate-market-bubble-in-greater-vancouver
If you want to know how much your home is worth in today's market; Please contact us for a Free online or in person Market Evaluation.]]>
Have you recently stopped and smelled the roses? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/have-you-recently-stopped-and-smelled-the-roses Mon, 26 Sep 2016 10:27:36 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/have-you-recently-stopped-and-smelled-the-roses
       I recently started to witness the sunrise from my balcony; a gorgeous panoramic view of Mount Baker to Burke Mountain and the City of Port Coquitlam! It is a great way to start my day! I have been extremely busy in the Real Estate Market for the last 2 years. Now that it is a little slower, it is time to enjoy the moment. What would be a good way for you to enjoy the moment in the crazy "rat race" of life?

I would like to share with you a couple more photos of the sunrise, I just coundn't resist! This morning all of Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge were covered in a thick blanket of clouds. The only thing visible was the top of the highest high rise in Port Coquitlam. What do you think?


Is The Real Estate Market Changing? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/is-the-real-estate-market-changing Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:41:47 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/is-the-real-estate-market-changing Wondering whats happening in the Real Estate Market? Unsure about selling or buying your home?
Watch this informative video about the Real Estate Market. Compare the Detached homes in Greater Vancouver versus Coquitlam Area. The inventory, Sales ratio, and median price are being discussed.

Tiny Houses: The Next Big Thing? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/tiny-houses-the-next-big-thing Wed, 03 Aug 2016 13:29:30 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/tiny-houses-the-next-big-thing With growing market prices a tiny home is starting to seem like a more feasible option for buyers, especially first time buyers. For many people the location is more important then the home so would you be willing to change your lifestyle and move into a Tiny House?Living life with only the essentials and no clutter or mess.

We came across a very interesting articale in the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation(CMHC) Observer and thought you should check it out.
Please click on the link below to read the Pros, Cons, and Future of Tiny Homes.


Is The Market Trend Changing? http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/is-the-market-trend-changing Wed, 01 Jun 2016 12:01:43 -0700 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/is-the-market-trend-changing I'm sure you've already heard the news from the TV, Newspaper, Internet or friends that the Real Estate market has been HOT! Some of your friends have taken advantage of the market and made good profit from buying property last year. Now you want to jump on the band wagon and buy a property to flip and make 30%-40% return by next year. If this is your intentions you might want to think twice. It is hard to predict the trends in the Greater Vancouver Real Estate market because it depends on the global market and variable such as; Canadian Dollar value fluctuation and foreign investors, however we can sense where the market is going short term. We are noticing that there is lots of new listings for single family homes coming to the market and the number of buyers is shrinking. This could be an indication that the market might go sideways during the summer. However, the market is still very active for apartment and townhomes since lots of buyers are forced to think of strata properties given that the price of single family homes are out of their range.

Please see the table above for the price changes of Houses and Apartments in the last few years.
House Prices Continue to Surge http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/house-prices-continue-to-surge Tue, 02 Feb 2016 11:30:33 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/house-prices-continue-to-surge Line Chart.png

As you can see by the graph above, the prices of houses are record breaking with some properties even increasing over 30-40% since the beginning of January 2015. For the past year, there have been a lot of multiple offers on houses and townhouses and now we are seeing it happening in the condo market as well. Hopefully there will be more listings hitting the market in the next few months to help the market slightly cool off. Right now is a great time to downsize from a house to an apartment or townhouse and live MORTGAGE FREE!


Extraordinary year for detached homes in Greater Vancouver! http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/exceptional-year-for-detached-homes-in-greater-vancouver Thu, 05 Feb 2015 11:36:58 -0800 Hassenn "The Good Guy" General http://www.thegoodguy.ca/Blog.php/exceptional-year-for-detached-homes-in-greater-vancouver Sign Post - Just Sold.jpg2014 has been an extraordinary year for detached properties in Greater Vancouver.  Home prices have gone up since the beginning of 2014, and the market has yet to slow down. Usually the Real Estate market takes a breath in the summer and winter months, but this past year has been exceptional. As a result, the price of detached homes surpassed prices in the spring 2008. So far in 2015, we have been seeing lots of multiple offers happening due to low inventory and an abundance of buyers. 

With plenty of buyers, and a low inventory of homes on the market, we have been seeing more and more multiple offers.  If you have been thinking of selling your home, now would be a great time.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  

Please take a look at the following article published by the Real Estate Board this week,

Home buyers remain active despite reduced selection

The first month of 2015 saw home sale activity above historical norms, while the number of homes listed for sale trended below typical levels.
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Greater Vancouver reached 1,913 on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in January 2015. This represents an 8.7 per cent increase compared to the 1,760 sales recorded in January 2014, and a 9.6 per cent decline compared to the 2,116 sales in December 2014.

Last month’s sales were 14.9 per cent above the 10-year sales average for the month.

“While demand remains steady, we’re seeing fewer homes for sale at the moment,” Ray Harris, REBGV president, said. "This is creating greater competition amongst buyers, particularly in the detached home market. The number of detached homes listed for sale today is the second lowest we’ve seen in four years.”
New listings for detached, attached and apartment properties in Metro Vancouver(1) totalled 4,737 in January. This represents an 11.4 per cent decline compared to the 5,345 new listings reported in January 2014.
Last month’s new listing count was 1.2 per cent higher than the region’s 10-year new listing average for the month.
The total number of properties currently listed for sale on the REBGV MLS® is 10,811, a 14.2 per cent decline compared to January 2014 and a 4.8 per cent increase compared to December 2014.

The MLS® Home Price Index(2) composite benchmark price for all residential properties in Metro Vancouver is currently $641,600. This represents a 5.5 per cent increase compared to January 2014.

With the sales-to-active-listings ratio at 17.7 per cent, the region remains in balanced market territory.

“The Bank of Canada’s recent announcement to lower its benchmark interest rate is an important one for home buyers, sellers and owners to note,” Harris said. “A reduced rate could allow you to pay down your mortgage a little faster, save some money on your monthly payments, or change the amount you qualify for. It’s important that you do your homework and understand how these announcements impact your situation.”

Sales of detached properties in January 2015 reached 781, an increase of 7.3 per cent from the 728 detached sales recorded in January 2014, and a 44.1 per cent increase from the 542 units sold in January 2013. The benchmark price for a detached property in Metro Vancouver increased 8.4 per cent from January 2014 to $1,010,000.

Sales of apartment properties reached 809 in January 2015, an increase of 7.4 per cent compared to the 753 sales in January 2014, and an increase of 40.5 per cent compared to the 576 sales in January 2013. The benchmark price of an apartment property increased 2.5 per cent from January 2014 to $382,800.

Attached property sales in January 2015 totalled 323, an increase of 15.8 per cent compared to the 279 sales in January 2014, and a 38.6 per cent increase from the 233 attached properties sold in January 2013. The benchmark price of an attached unit increased 4.3 per cent between January 2014 and 2015 to $479,600.