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Latest Natural Hair News

A Dreadlocks bun that got 3k likes and 3 marriage proposals

Men n Napps

Meet Phillip Gavin, posting his casual loc bun in the private Natural Hair facebook group got him nearly 3k likes, a host of comments including three marriage proposals. The ATT technician from queens shares his loc-story.

Natural Hairstyle of the week

How to make coily curls in Natural Hair

Natural Hairstyle of the week

This is a perfect style for naturals, transitioners and even non-naturals. All you really need is a little patience and the right products so these tricks can help you to create these beatiful coils in your your hair.

The Class Action Lawsuit that may change the Black Hair Care Industry

Nappy News

On September 15 last year, three women filled a court case against L’Orèal SoftSheenm alleging that the Optimum Amla no-mix no-lye Relaxer caused hair loss, burns, irritation and other problems. The complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California is see ...

Stop hair breakage by properly combing your Natural Hair

Natural Hairstyle of the week

After chemical straighteners, combing our hair causes the most damage to our hair. So if you're going natural and maybe even more important, once you are natural, mastering how to untangle your hair is key.

Bad hair Uprooted; a family affair for natural hair growth

Crinkles & Curls

On Sunday February 19, I had the opportunity to present my book Bad Hair Uprooted at Nicholas Brooklyn, a cozy Black owned store on Fulton street that sells natural health, wellness and artsy products, supporting many small businesses in the community.

Zoë the 8 year old gymnast wins titles while rocking natural hairstyles

Natural Hairstyle of the week

We all remember the controversy of Gabby Douglas, the first Black gymnast to ever win Olympic gold. While the whole country fell in love with her outstanding performance a few Black people who are probably ashamed of nappy hair, made a fuzz about miss Gabby's edges.

Going Natural Hair Care Videos

Options to go natural
Options to go natural

One year of protective hairstyles to show options for a natural journey.

How to make a stretched Afro
How to make a stretched Afro

Before starting locs, I wanted to do a stretched Afro just one more time. Since I had a few questions over the year about how to make an afro, I decided to make a video. I hope you enjoy. Visit the site for more info: http://going-natural.com.

How to make Twists in 4C Hair and all other natural hair types
How to make Twists in 4C Hair and all other natural hair types

Adenike, Natural Hairstylist of the Woven Wool Hair & body experience demonstrates how to make beautiful twists in 4C hair. Model is Lurie Daniel Favors, author of Afro State of Mind, Memories of a Nappy Headed Black Girl. The salon also sells the Going Natural hair products and is located at 1260 B...

Going Natural Braid Loc videos

Microlocs vs Braidlocs vs Sisterlocks and Traditional Dreadlocks
Microlocs vs Braidlocs vs Sisterlocks and Traditional Dreadlocks

What is the difference between all of these locks: Microlocs, Braidlocs vs Sisterlocks and Traditional Dreadlocks Often my locs are mistaken for Sisterlocks but sisterlocks are usually a bit smaller and a bit different but the maintenance is the same. Read more at http://going-natural.com

3 year Braidlocs  Locaversary
3 year Braidlocs Locaversary

Celebrating my locaversary, 3 years of Braidlocs with a back to front mohawk cornrow. See http://going-natural.com for more.

My starter locs
My starter locs

To start locs I braided my 16 inch fro into tiny braids. To learn about the differences in locs, like Sisterlocks, Braid locs, Micro Locs and Traditional locs, see this article with a video included: http://going-natural.com/Going-Locs/the-difference-between-braidlocs-sisterlocks-and-traditional-dr...