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The recent holiday time has been very special for me: getting to see children and grandchildren whom I haven't seen in two years! I recall reading a touching newspaper article several years ago, regarding American troops overseas. As they were being confronted with life-and-death issues daily, their priorities came into sharper focus: highest on the list were faith, family and friends.

Seems as though this comes down basically to relationships: relationships with one another and with the All-That-Is (however this is meaningful to us).

I came from a quite dysfunctional childhood family. As I look back, there were times that were very difficult for me, and it was here that I learned unconsciously to suppress my feelings. This wasn't anybody's "fault": it just is where we all were in our growth at that time. As I'm learning to honor all my feelings, even the "difficult" ones of anger and sadness, I become more comfortable with being present in this moment ("...how the moment at hand is the only thing we really own..." John Denver). I am more able to accept me - and my family! as we are now. There's a little less tendency for me to push my views onto those around me (which I used to dislike in my parents!)

I appreciate the story of the three blind men who were experiencing an elephant for the first time. One says "Aha! he is like a rope!" as he held onto the elephant's tail. The second says "Oh no! he is like a wall," as he feels the side of the enormous creature. "You're both wrong," says the third man, as he explores the elephant's trunk. "He is like a pole."

I think it's wonderful that we each have our own versions of reality. When caught up in thinking our view is the ONLY version, in a tunnel-vision fashion, we are apt to experience conflict.

There is a lovely phrase in a Sufi prayer: "...raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide {people}...."Yes, it takes a higher perspective, stereoscopic vision, to realize that each of us has a valid point of view.

And I appreciate this teaching from Deepak Chopra:
"Know that those you react to strongly, whether you love them or hate them, are reflections of yourself. Use the mirror of relationship to guide your own spiritual evolution."

How I used to struggle with my mixed feelings toward my parents! Now as I've become older and more accepting of different parts of myself, I feel more empathy toward my parents (and am even able to experience compassion for myself!)

L'haim! To Life! Thanks to the All-That-Is!

Written by Elizabeth Zook Coleman, MD

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Warm Wishes for the New Year http://healingbase.com/warm-wishes-for-the-new-year/ http://healingbase.com/warm-wishes-for-the-new-year/#respond Sat, 14 Jan 2012 07:09:33 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1788 I wish anyone that reads this will lose their ancient wounds in the new year.

May their hearts fully open and their gladness increase and their sorrowful habits drop from them like dead leaves.

If they have physical needs may they be met.

If they need to be healed, let them be healed.

If they need to heal others, let them be allowed.

If they need to grow, may they grow.

If they need to meet someone, may that someone be there.

May they grow into the silence that hears the thoughts they think.

May their thoughts be clear and free of malice.

May smiles crinkle their eyes and comforting words be on their lips.

May old enemies become friends and may old friends remain.

May their feet step onto the path that was ordained for them before the world began.

And may that path be one of gladness, although sometimes tinged with sadness, for the light must know the shadow, that beauty might unfold.

May we grow together as human beings, knowing we are alone on this lifeboat earth, but for each other, and that it is easier to pull the oars together than it is to pull them alone.

May this, the very best of years, be the end of all our fears.

And though we slip and fall, love maybe, after all, will win out at the last, and free us from the past.

May we grow together as vines upon the wall,
And let this new year be the very best of all.

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Let Go and Let God http://healingbase.com/let-go-and-let-god/ http://healingbase.com/let-go-and-let-god/#comments Sat, 14 Jan 2012 06:56:21 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1786 Let go and let God. We've probably all heard it and, although we believed it's the only way to true peace and attainment, we've wondered if we really knew what it meant and how to do it.

Let go and let God. What does it mean to let go of a situation or an individual or a group, and allow whatever happens to happen? What does it mean to decide to not control every facet of our lives or those in our lives, and permit God to take the reins? Does the thought of letting go and letting God make us feel impotent, or does it make us feel empowered? Are we therefore thrown into turmoil, or are we relieved of stress? Do we then see only limitations, or do we recognize an entire universe of possibilities suddenly open up for us?

Let go and let God. Is there ever a time when we are truly in charge of all things pertaining to us? Perhaps this is an affirmation of our commitment to co-creation and co-operation, rather than, as some may think, resignation and failure.

Let go and let God. Does this not mean that we have the most powerful ally and partner that can possibly be? Does this not mean that we are never alone and bereft, faulty and insecure? Can we therefore allow ourselves to feel in touch and in tune with the Universe, rather than adrift on a sea of unlovingness, in whatever forms that unlovingness takes?

Let go and let God. What does it mean to open up our hearts and minds and souls, and allow anyone else --- even God --- to lead the way? Is there a best way to start, should we decide to do so? How difficult is it to open up our clenched fists and allow whatever is being offered to us into our receptive hands? Isn't this actually the same act as opening up our beings and accepting our highest good from our highest source?

Let go and let God. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to forget. We keep looking in the pot to see if it's soup yet, or digging up the seed to see if its sprouted. Were we to accept that we've done the best we can do in the circumstances and with the information we've had, and then just let it be and forget about it after we've blessed it and sent it on its way ... but letting go and letting God can be so difficult sometimes. It's not that we really believe that we know best, it's more like we want to make sure nothing is burning. That's it, or that it hasn't changed direction or stopped moving altogether. Sure we trust God, but what if God forgets --- shouldn't we remember so that we can remind Him/Her? And since we really can't trust that without our constant input and checking in things won't go the way we want, can we really let go and let God?

Let go and let God. What if, just for today, we put things in God's hands and --- here's the hard part --- take our hands off of them? What if we drop those things we've asked for help and guidance with into God's lap and run away as fast as we can, saying our most sincere thank-yous over our shoulders without looking or turning back, and leave God holding our requests? What if we did it just once successfully? This might just be the start of a good habit ...

Written by Kathryn Guinn

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The Miracles of Life http://healingbase.com/the-miracles-of-life/ http://healingbase.com/the-miracles-of-life/#respond Sat, 14 Jan 2012 06:39:29 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1783 I'm impressed with how slowly, steadily, and silently some of the miraculous events occur around (and in) us. Several weeks ago I was privileged to watch my first snowfall of the season: I thoroughly enjoyed sitting and watching these silent flakes fall gently to the earth. Each of them is unique!! there have never been two snowflakes exactly the same! Seems impossible, I think, and then I remember there are no human beings exactly alike, even identical twins.

Yesterday I took the time to watch a sunrise: again a magnificent silent display. Initially there is just a general bright glow in the east. Gradually one set of clouds brightens up, becoming a wondrous ochre mass. Above, and on the other side, white fluffs turn into rose-tinted marvels, by imperceptible steps. Eventually I go to the other side of my house to see this same miraculous rose tint grace the western sky, briefly.

All this occurs in a sun"rise," when in reality we know that it is we, on our amazing constantly turning home (Earth), who are moving to see the sun and this spectacular brief ever-changing display.

Inside of each of us, miracles are occuring constantly. For example, our hearts continue their steady beat, varying as needed in rate for different physiological functions. We eat a meal: this starts nearly infinte chemical and physical actions inside of us, as this food is changed into forms of energy we can use. And just the act of intending to move a given part of the body, proceeding on to the actual movement, is in itself a miracle.

"Life is a privilege, and the right to live is a gift. It is wrapped in ribbon woven with dreams. And whether you are very young or very old, life is full of wonder and surprises."

~ Flavia

"Thank you for my life,
Thank you for my life,
Each precious day is a gift to me,
And I can hardly believe the beauty I see."

~ From Beth T. Corwin, in Living Love Songs

Written by Elizabeth Zook Coleman, MD

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The Physical Body: Is Immortality Possible? http://healingbase.com/the-physical-body-is-immortality-possible/ http://healingbase.com/the-physical-body-is-immortality-possible/#comments Sat, 14 Jan 2012 05:31:47 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1779 Last week, one of my colleagues asked me whether I really believed that it was possible for the physical body to obtain immortality. Even though I teach a class called Reclaiming the Body which addresses this possibility, I am, on a personal level, not completely convinced of the validity of such an endeavor. Yet I am open to the idea that it is most likely part of our evolutionary future. Perhaps not the physical body that we are so familiar with, but some type of body grounded in this time-space continuum. Part of my personal problem is that I have yet to meet anyone that has obtained this state of being, and I am personally still far from achieving it, since I really have not totally accepted the form of my own body as the most appropriate vehicle. Needless to say, that question was a little disconcerting and forced me to re-examine my opinions.

The primary example of this phenomenon, that I am aware of, is the work of the 18 Siddha Yoga Tradition of Baba Ji and his predecessors. The 18 Siddha Yogis all seemed to have obtained some form of immortality or more certainly, a quantum leap in longevity. In my classes I have conjectured on some of what I believe might be the necessary, but not sufficient, conditions for maintaining the body over time. It seems reasonable that the conditions necessary for the body to perfectly replicate its cellular structure are: freedom from emotional, physical, and spiritual "ama", the Ayurvedic word for toxins; absolute freedom from fear and absolute knowledge of Union with the Creator; an effective way to combat or neutralize the continued impact of physical and energetic pollutants generated by our society and a way to supplement the basic elements of life that have been leached from the land by our short sighted farming methods and increasing population pressures on the food supply.

Where I get a little confused in why animals and plants, for instance, do not achieve immortality, and why death is an inevitable part of the plan, although large trees like Redwoods do reach ages of over 2000 years that certainly suggest that there is something to this physical immortality business. Also there is the memory of Pan, before we fell into life and death. On a spiritual level, we are immortal, that is certain. We have been conscious for billions of years. The obvious answer for the animals, is of course, that they were designed by their oversouls to maintain physical immortality through their genetic structures and were designed to evolve. The not-so-obvious answer we die because we make a judgment that dying is necessary. We and all the animals have programmed this judgment into their long term memory, their genetic material. When and where we made this decision is part of the history of cosmos and Pan and we will talk about it here sometime.

At some stage in our evolution, we will necessarily become the architects of our own reality, even our physical reality. Since it is still uncertain that we will even survive as a species long enough to achieve immortality, although I personally believe we will, perhaps this question about physical immortality is premature. Or perhaps, we are seeing intimations of our future.

One of the interesting things that appears to be happening are the responses of the physical body to the alledged change in Universal vibrations. Many reports of physical illness and emotional stress are being made. For instance, there is a marked increase in the sensitivity of the skin being reported. Since the skin is the body's largest organ and the first line of defence for the exclusion of foreign matter, the skin may be responding to this vibrational change as an alien invasion. Problems with weight gain and with increased ringing in the ears are also being reported. Are these related to the evolutionary changes? Perhaps, it is so, there is no compelling evidence, one way or another.

An interesting puzzle, physical immortality, one which I am remaining open to and expecting to be taught about by my inner wisdom as we move along here toward the expected changes.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA

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My Dear Old Dad and His Back Pain http://healingbase.com/my-dear-old-dad-and-his-back-pain/ http://healingbase.com/my-dear-old-dad-and-his-back-pain/#respond Mon, 09 Jan 2012 08:51:21 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1772 When I am working with someone with a back problem, part of what I try to do is help them understand the importance of putting in a certain amount of effort and energy into preventing a re-occurrence of this problem or keeping it from being a major problem in their lives. I often ask people if I have told them the story of 'My Dear Old Dad'.

As a young man, my father tried to enlist as a solider in World War II. He had passed the physical examination and he and the rest of the row of disrobed men turned to walk out the door. The doctor took one look at his back and bellowed "you'r no man for this army...get out of here". As a young man growing up on a farm one of the contests that the boys used to have was to see who could pull the most pounds on the grain truck scales. They would squat, reach down to the scale platform handles and pull up as hard as they could. The discs between the vertebral bones in our spine are designed to take compression and loading. This particular maneuver is a significant compression and cushing force on the spine. So as a young man my Father had a significant back problem.

When I was a girl, I remember my Dad doing his back exercises. This was almost 30 years later. He had ongoing problems with his back and was told that the vertebrae had fused themselves due to his earlier injuries. He was given a set of exercises to maintain the strength of his back and trunk muscles, to maintain the mobility of his back and to keep his legs stretched out. For the past 20 or 25 years my Dad has spent 20 minutes a day doing his back exercises. He will miss a day of exercise here or there when he is traveling or extra busy. But for the most part the exercises are his routine just like brushing and flossing his teeth. He also walks for general fitness. He told me that when he realized that this is what he had to do to keep his back doing well there was no question but that he would make this a routine.

My Father is now 79 years old. Since he has been doing his back exercises his back has not been a major problem in his life. He has not sought additional treatment for his back except for when he can con me into treating him when I go home to visit. (He does have one of the crummiest backs I'd seen.) His back problem has not kept him from the activities that he wants to do. He retired from his work as a English/Literature Professor. He writes poetry, short stories, and a newspaper column. He works in his large and wonderful garden (Marden's Garden of Eating). He and my Mother have traveled extensively, lived and taught in China for a year, traveled through New Zealand, Australia, South America. In essence, he has not let his back problem take over his life.

He has had on occasional flare up of back pain during that time. One time about 15 years ago after a long airplane ride from Israel to England his back started to bother him due to prolonged sitting and stayed irritated for several weeks. It is quite remarkable that he has not had more problems with his back over the years. Realistically, he does have to be aware of his back. He can't tolerate much static standing in one position and slow walking, the kind of thing you would do in a museum. He is much more comfortable with sitting or fast walking. This is one kind of back problem, other types of problems don't do well with sitting and prefer to stand.

The point of this story that is important to the people that I work with, who are in an acute phase of a back injury or have a chronic problem, is to realize that there is hope that they can get better. They don't have to let their back problem take over their lives. With a little routine exercise, attention, and good fitness activity, a back problem can get better and stay better. I ask people how they feel if they don't brush their teeth every day? How do they feel if they don't brush for three days? If they didn't brush for a year, would they expect anyone to be able to fix the problems that occur? By this time I get this far, they are making a face at me and start to get the picture. Just like brushing and flossing, a little routine exercise can help your back problem not have a major negative influence on your life. The issue with prevention is that you never know exactly what you have prevented. I am sure that my Dear Old Dad would have had a lot more problems with his back over the years had he not made the commitment to do his exercises and put energy and effort into keeping his back in as good shape as possible. Because he did that, his problem did not shut down his life.

Written by Krista J. Clark

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Pain: Our Most Precious Guide http://healingbase.com/pain-our-most-precious-guide/ http://healingbase.com/pain-our-most-precious-guide/#respond Mon, 09 Jan 2012 08:29:35 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1769 Precious pain is a term that often brings reactions of outrage and doubt from people. Our society generally views pain as something terrible that must be escaped at all costs. Those who view pain as something useful are thought of as masochists or psychotics. Pain and suffering are thought to be inseparable. Pain is a simple sensory input that gives guidance and alerts us to areas of our lives that need our recognition. It is also the most reliable guide to moving through the life challenge that it heralds.

Carl remembers reading in his second grade Weekly Reader about an 8 year old boy who lay dying in a New England hospital in 1957. Cancer had produced a tumor the size of an orange in his small skull. His medical team had given up hope. The tumor was inoperable and all other medical interventions had failed. They had nothing left to offer. His family kept vigil at his bedside every day waiting for him to die. During the night when he was left alone, this child intuitively played a game with his tumor. He imagined white space ships flying around inside his head blasting away at the tumor. As the tumor shrank in his mind's eye, it also shrank in his skull. Modern medical theory and practice dictated this boy die, yet he got better. His baffled physicians, unable to explain his remission, asked him why he thought he was better. His explanation was rejected at first, but each night he continued to blast away at the tumor. He cured his own cancer using the pain as a guide and the intuitive knowledge that he could follow it to health.

This guidance is so primary that animals, lacking the intellectual models to negate it, follow it to healing. Spunky was a very dignified rag doll of a cat. Several times he came close to death because of crystal deposits in his urinary tract that prevented urination. He hated the pills the vet prescribed and fought with uncommon ferocity to avoid taking them. One evening, he jumped up on the counter and demanded a stalk of the asparagus being prepared. This was surprising to his owners because Spunky was a finicky eater, was well behaved, and his noble hauteur would never allow him to beg. This departure from his normal gentry suggested that asparagus was of utmost importance to him. After several weeks of consuming three stalks of asparagus per day, his urinary problems disappeared. Following the guidance of his pain, Spunky found a natural cure.

Spunky's process for healing is common in the animal world. Wild chimpanzees use a type of bush to treat themselves for intestinal parasites, and perhaps from watching them, humans in Tanzania use the same cure. The chimpanzees also use aspila that contains a red oil that laboratory tests indicate kills not only parasites but fungi, viruses and solid tumor cancer cells. Dr. Lineus Pauling's famous recommendation for treating a myriad of disorders with massive doses of Vitamin C was based on observing the diets of Guerrillas in the wild. There is a well-known cancer treatment that is administered in a clinic in Tijuana that comes from observation of a horse with a cancerous growth. The horse grazed daily on particular grasses and flowering wild plants until its tumor disappeared. The horse's owner added ingredients from traditional home remedies to a mixture containing the plants the horse intuitively selected. Many people have benefited from this mixture. A 1990 report on unconventional cancer treatments issued by the US. Office of Technical Assistance stated, "Many of the herbs used in this tonic have anti-tumor activity or cytotoxic effects in animal test systems."

Lacking the intellectual ability to suffer with pain, perhaps animals use pain similarly to the way they use hunger. As humans when we're hungry, we know what we're hungry for or what our body is guiding us to eat. When we're hungry for broccoli, we seldom mistake it as a hunger for chocolate cake. An animal in pain recognizes what the pain is guiding them to do or consume. A dog will instinctively lick its wounds with an unconscious knowing that its own saliva contains healing compounds. Wounded animals are known to seek out specific types of mud that contain microorganisms that promote healing. It would seem that to animals, pain is simply a guiding sensation like hunger, fear, or fatigue.

Children interpret pain as the most basic guidance. They touch something hot and instantly pull away; no one need teach this reaction. When children are hurt they cry, staying in the pain until they move through it. Well-meaning adults begin early to train children in the denial of pain. When the child cries, they offer something to distract them, rather than allowing them to complete the process of following the pain to its resolution. When the pain comes from hunger, thirst, or fever, adults do a great service by intervening and providing the proper action to relieve the discomfort. When the pain comes from wanting the return of a moment of pleasure that has past, they distract the child with the resolution that now is the moment we live in. As clinging to the past becomes a source of suffering, the lesson is that suffering is inseparable from pain.

Suffering is commonly defined as the experience of pain. This is a misconception. Suffering is the psychological denial of pain and its necessity. Suffering is the word we use to define pain as something that is punishment or as something that is inflicted on us making us victims of injustice. Pain is sensory, suffering is psychological. Choosing to suffer with pain handicaps growth and healing.

In body oriented psychotherapies, physical pain is used as the guide to healing. Emotional pain always has a physical component. While the intellect can block healing by justifying and rationalizing, the bodily pain associated with it is unencumbered by such mental gymnastics. Bringing awareness into the bodily pain evokes the emotions associated with it. In order to work through the emotional distress, the therapist simply keeps returning the client's awareness to the physical pain. Talking about the emotional pain evokes the physical pain. Experiencing the physical pain evokes the essence or the story of the emotional pain. When the client strays into ntellectualizing the emotions, his awareness is guided back to the physical pain. When the story associated with the emotional pain has been expressed, resolution usually follows. With resolution of the emotional pain, the bodily pain usually disappears.

It might be tempting to say that all physical pain has emotional pain associated with it as well. This is true in the sense that we've learned to suffer with and deny pain. If you hit your thumb with a hammer while hanging a picture, you might say that the unresolved emotion that is causing you turmoil at that moment, distracting your attention so that you miss the nail, is related to the physical pain. If you are in an accident, are injured and choose to simply feel the pain without emotional judgment to hinder its healing, it might still be said that your emotional imbalance synchronistically placed you in the exact time and place to be involved in the accident. Practically, it really makes no difference to your healing process. Experiencing and embracing your pain in whatever way it presents itself and recognizing it as guidance is what's important.

There is always an emotional aspect to the healing of any injury, disease or physical disorder. Peptides, the messenger cells that direct all bodily functions, carry a message encoded in emotional language that determine what each cell will do and when it will do it in an effort to heal. Our bodies are literally built and maintained according to emotional direction. Our emotions do affect our healing processes. Emotional pain as well as physical pain is a call for healing and a reliable guide to effective healing action.

Language is a metaphorical representation of our realities. What we consciously experience is greatly limited according to the concepts that our language represents. There is nothing in your experienced reality that has no counterpart in the metaphors of your language. Emotions similarly provide a metaphorical representation of your personal existence. The emotional content that is brought into awareness when bodily pain is focused on may be translated into verbal language. This imperfect translation may evoke stories with biographical content as we experienced it. In therapy to work through irrational fear, the fear may be discussed in order to bring to surface the physical pain associated with it. This pain may be of varying intensity. An itch is a small pain, a discomfort a larger pain, and an aching is an even larger pain. How it's translated or represented is not important.

When the focus is on the physical component of the fear, the fear itself may increase. The physical pain allows access to the fear unhindered by the learned denial response. As the intellectualization of the fear is bypassed, an emotional story emerges. If the origin of the fear presents itself as beginning during an automobile accident years earlier, it may become apparent that the pain was denied and the shock process interrupted. This process is important in healing because it naturally reorganizes the nervous system and discharges the fear. Experiencing the fear can then bring the process to its natural resolution. The pain and the fear then dissipate. It may be discovered that the underlying fear was actually a fear of being out-of-control.

At times, the metaphor that is presented may defy logic. In terms of healing it makes no difference. In even the wildest stories there is vibrant truth. If in the previous example the story evoked by the physical pain was one of alien abduction, or being tortured in a past life, the vibrant truth that the underlying fear is of loss-of-control is still metaphorically represented. Facing the fear in the form of the story presented still brings the same results. The shock process is completed and the fear dissipated along with the physical pain. The story makes no difference. It's the facing and claiming of the emotional charge that allows its discharge in whatever way it is presented.

Therese is a middle aged mother of two who had undergone a double mastectomy. She had breast cancer and was given a 35% chance of six weeks survival. She came into therapy at the insistence of her husband. Several weeks into therapy her husband brought her in, claiming she had decided she was going to die and there was nothing anyone could say to change her mind. Carl accepted her wishes at face value and worked with her to get things in order so she could die leaving nothing unresolved. His co-therapist worked with her sobbing husband to help him understand that he couldn't force her to live or want to live.

Therese, surprised by Carl's acceptance of her decision, discovered that she had only one reason for wanting to die and many for wanting to live. She revealed that she felt she was the heart of her family. She felt that if they didn't survive as a family unit, she had failed and no longer had a reason to live.

Her husband, Jim, was domineering. Therese and their children described him as a tyrant. He had been in therapy many times before, often dragging the whole family into various therapists' offices. They believed that he had manipulated each therapist to believe that he was faultless in the family's difficulties. Jim agreed that this time he would listen to each of the family member's charges against him without retaliating. The family was frightened and dubious of his promise, but agreed with reluctance to try one more time to vent their issues. They realized Therese would indeed die if they failed to come together. Jim resolutely listened tearfully as he was charged with tyranny, incest, adultery, manipulation, brutality and emotional abuse. He kept his word to listen. He apologized to each family member and resolved to change. He kept his word that there would be no retaliation. When the family was convinced of his sincerity, they began to heal as a unit. As the family healed, so did Therese. Six months later, she was in complete remission.

Therese's story is an emotional metaphor for her cancer. By healing the story and bringing it to a harmonious resolution, her body returned to a harmonious state. This is not a statement that all disease can be healed by experiencing the pain and resolving the emotional disharmony. Sometimes healing is disease. The final healing of all life is dying.

Translating the emotions into metaphors is not always necessary. Non-verbal intent to heal delivered with the guidance of the pain is a powerful healing technique. The little boy with the brain tumor followed the pain to instinctively create a visual metaphor for healing. While the language, visualization and intellectual abilities of cats are ultimately speculation, it is likely Spunky used nothing but the natural, non-verbal, non-visual, tactile guidance of his pain to find healing. This is probably the most effective yet most allusive healing technique -- simply following the pain to deliver the intent or direction to heal, and finding the action or agent of healing that is most appropriate.

If you cut yourself, you might bring your awareness to the cut with the intent that it stop bleeding. Just experiencing the pain of the cut and choosing that the bleeding stop may be sufficient to hasten the clotting process. You may find it more effective to visualize the clotting process as you experience the pain. A person may find that projecting a sound into the cut will be more effective. The intent to heal may be delivered to the pain in various ways. The method that's most natural to you in each specific instance is probably the most effective.

The same process is effective in relieving emotional pain. At times the story associated with the pain may provide an effective healing process. Simply staying in the pain with your awareness and the intent to heal, allowing the emotions to complete their process may be more efficient. Judgment must be withheld. Judgment is a source of suffering. The pain must be met with mercy, the opposite of judgment.

Experiencing pain may result in intuitive urges to move your awareness to different parts of your body and deliver the intent to heal there. A person with a degenerative nerve disorder may experience pain in the hands or feet. When the focus is on the pain, it may be felt that there is an associated dysfunction in the brain. Here the immune system might be attacking the myelin that insulates the nerves causing the neural impulses to short circuit. Autoimmune diseases result when the immune system attacks the body, apparently confusing it as an enemy. A loving intent delivered to the area of demyelination might result in curtailing the attack. The loving, self-accepting intent may be delivered without the cumbersome process of translating it into words or images. An adoring mother embracing her infant in her love has no need to define the love; words or images would only diminish the expression.

Our society encourages attacking and struggling with things that we perceive as threats. This is often the approach taken by allopathic medicine. We are taught to fight pain and deny its effects, to suffer in silence. In fact, "patient" is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "to suffer in silence". Deeper healing of ourselves, as well as society, results more from seeking harmony, embracing the pain and difficulty as a guidance for growth and healing, and approaching life with a loving intent. Pain is our most reliable and available guide to the disharmony of mind, body, and spirit that results in disease and dysfunction. Pain truly is precious.

Written by Carl Brahe, MA and Victoria Hall, RN

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New Name, New Emphasis: Self Empowered Emotional Release (Formerly Causal Release System Training) http://healingbase.com/new-name-new-emphasis-self-empowered-emotional-release-formerly-causal-release-system-training/ http://healingbase.com/new-name-new-emphasis-self-empowered-emotional-release-formerly-causal-release-system-training/#respond Mon, 09 Jan 2012 07:59:35 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1767 We have adopted a new name for the Causal Release System Training. The new name is Self Empowered Emotional Release (SEER). Why have we done this? First of all, it should be noted that this is the second name change for this work. It was first called Karmic Release System Training. We changed that name because Karma is so misunderstood in the West and it seemed too new agey to a lot of folks. Karmic Release System Training however was a perfectly good descriptive title, as was the Causal Release System Training name.

Causal Release System Training was selected because it was so descriptive and its acronym, CRST, was a thinly disguised, or so we thought, Hebrew like rendering of CHRIST with the vowels removed. However, that seemed to go over every ones head and so with the imput of the CRST family, we have once again changed the name to SEER. Once again descriptive of the process but with the emphasis on the fact that first and foremost, SEER is a self managed, self empowered process, that does not require a facilitator, other that yourself.

We have also chosen to emphasize the emotional release aspect of the training, since that is the focus of most people beginning the training. The idea of the Christ training or training for the those seeking to be self-annointed or self-initiated, emphasized the more esoteric aspects of the training and not the practical, everyday aspects.

With this this new emphasis we will be seeking to reach a broader audience with the work. The work has evolved as a result of a great deal of internal and external guidance of a number of people. It is now reaching maturity, having been utilized by a growing number of people, codified into the book Self Empowered Emotional Release, organized into training sections and trainers taught. It is now time for it to find it's way to more people.

Another aspect of this new naming is what I now believe is the prime directive for all such trainings. They must be self empowered and self managed. The day of the priest, psychotherapist, shaman, guru, psychics, or organized religion is passing. We no longer need an authorized intermediary to connect with that universal reality which we have never lost. We have simply misplaced it. Although people will still need help, as all the above listed intermediaries provided within the context that was necessary at the time, the emphasis is shifting to helping people help themselves. We are asking them to turn within and become self sufficient in their capacity to obtain the answers and releases they are seeking.

This directive is obviously threatening to an army of persons practicing and depending for a livelihood based on the old ways. But as modeled by Christ some 2000 years before its time, the old way is simply no longer necessary. We have the capacity to relate to Universal Reality in a direct, un-translated, un-dogmatized, un-opinionated way. Humanity is evolving and although evolution is very difficult to grasp within the time alloted to us in a physical life, we are beginning to enter into a new way of relating to the Universe. A way that is intensely personal, and at the same time breaking down the artificial boundaries between us and giving us the realization of our connectivity to the whole.

SEER is not meant to be an attack on any existing discipline. Although it is professionally and personally threatening to the status quo. All disciplines have been necessary and will continue to be necessary in the immediate future. But as we begin to train our children and some of ourselves in this new paradigm, the slow, but inexorable shift to paradigm of self-empowerment will be made.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA

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Second Chance: Life After Death http://healingbase.com/second-chance-life-after-death/ http://healingbase.com/second-chance-life-after-death/#respond Mon, 02 Jan 2012 07:27:39 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1762 "The fifteen years since I died have been the best in my life," says Marvin Barrett, the author of Second Chance: A Life After Death. This, despite two coronaries, a stroke, lymphoma, prostate cancer, congestive heart failure and the cardiac arrest which caused his death at 63 in 1984. Barrett wrote of that earlier event with moving clarity in the critically acclaimed Spare Days. Now he takes up the story where he left off and tells how sickness and old age contributed to a decade and a half of rewarding living.

It is an immensely heartening story which should give encouragement not only to those already living out their later years, but those who are still dreading them. "Not to worry," is Barrett's message for the rest of us struggling through their middle years. "Your later years will have more in common with the discoveries and wonders of childhood than the tumults of youth or the ephemeral triumphs and defeats of maturity. "Shame is a thing of the past, along with fear and dread and disappointment..."

"Old age is blessedly and deservedly above the fray," says Barrett. "It is the crown of life and not its shroud, and a hard won wisdom and a new insight should be its ornaments."

"The exercise of patience, a heroic virtue in the young, is a necessity in the old who are confronted by a kingdom of heaven in an ever more explicit way," says Barrett. "Still, if we must be patient, the patient God seems most terrifying. What does he want of us? What is he waiting for? Why does he stand there saying nothing?"

In between the slings and arrows and afflictions mentioned above, Barrett managed pilgrimages to India and the Holy Land and even had the courage and strength to return to his roots in Des Moines, Iowa.

Not only did these trips provide revelations, but day-to-day living in the city and countryside around New York was illuminated by many closely observed epiphanies. Some of Barrett's conclusions after 15 years of senior living:

  • Every negative experience in one's later years, sickness, loss of faculties, etc., is accompanied by a positive revelation
  • Wisdom and sympathy for one's fellow man and woman grow with each year
  • Peak experiences are more characteristic of the last quarter of one's life than the first three
  • Shame is a thing of the past, along with fear and dread and disappointment. The old are shameless, fearless, indomitable, or if they aren't, should and will be
  • Wonder returns to the old. There is a new vision of nature, a new understanding and sympathy for animal and human creation
  • The present takes over for the old---regret for the past fades away and apprehension about the future. Life is a minute by minute revelation
  • There is a realization as the great traditions teach us of the sacredness of every second, every action and thought
  • It is a great relief in old age to realize there is no need to be better than one's fellows, brighter, more handsome or beautiful, richer, more talented, and the disappointment and frustration at being less of these things that one may have felt fades away. Age is a great equalizer, not because we are all ground down by it, but because it reduces us to what we have always been---children of God---at the same time that it establishes us as everybody's equal. Old age is the real democracy

When speaking of God, Barrett says in his book, "The fact is there is no getting away from Him. The absence of God is God---no God is God. The people who deny God are only saying that someone else's idea of God neither pleases nor satisfies them. It is God who allows them to deny Him. The inescapability of God is the nature of the world---the blind spot in every philosophy, in every alternate explanation, is God---that shadow of indeterminacy that hangs over everything is God's shadow. Chaos is God. So just as we are all equidistant from death, we all are or will be equally close to God. Survival is the central miracle of life." Read this book and see if you don't agree.

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Allergies? Ask Your Body! http://healingbase.com/allergies-ask-your-body/ http://healingbase.com/allergies-ask-your-body/#respond Mon, 02 Jan 2012 07:16:10 +0000 http://healingbase.com/?p=1759 Allergies---painful, annoying, scary. Perhaps you or someone you know reacts to foods, medications, or substances. Hives, asthma, abdominal pains, headaches, hyperactivity, exhaustion; allergic reactions affect our quality of life. Fear enters the picture. When are we safe? If we accidentally do the wrong thing, our body goes out of control. It becomes an enemy, subject to unknown assault at any moment.

Imagine an amazing machine, one that could tell you, anytime, anywhere, without cost, pain, or inconvenience, whether a food, medication, or substance is safe or unsafe for you. Sounds impossible, but if one existed, wouldn't you want one? You'd bring it to restaurants to test plates of food, to the supermarket to check different products, to the pharmacy to test a new medicine, or to a party with exotic foods. Imagine suddenly having that kind of control and power. Imagine no longer being afraid. This machine would be invaluable.

Guess what? You already own the machine, ready with information whenever you need it. That wonderful machine is your body, and you can learn to ask your body whether it will be weakened by that plate of food or that new medicine. A simple method exists for accurately testing your loved ones or friends for their sensitivities, and they can learn to test you. It feels like a miracle. It was, for me.

In March 1994, I suddenly developed severe allergies to most common foods. I spent several tortured months, with painful ugly hives on my face, hands, and arms, not knowing what was causing them, even after extensive medical testing. My hives were uncontrollable, even with heavy medication. After sleepless weeks, and nearing the end of my rope, I luckily rediscovered a muscle testing technique that turned my life around. Immediately, I went from being out of control and scared to eat anything, to total control and confidence. Suddenly, I was able to identify the numerous foods to be avoided, and more importantly, I could find safe alternatives. It was strange to find that I could eat only green apples, not red, and that while tuna was no good, I could substitute anchovies or whitefish! How could any practitioner ever provide that detailed information, even if allergy tests had worked? The basic test is easy to learn, and to practice until you have the "feel."

Try this: Have a friend (the subject) extend one arm out sideways, a bit above 90 degrees, and find the comfortable muscle lock that holds it up. The other hand rests on their stomach. Place the suspected allergin on your friend's stomach. Resist the downward push by keeping the muscle locked. Relax, don't fight, but stay firmly locked.

From behind the subject, rest your hand on the shoulder of your friend's unraised arm. With your other hand, press down on the raised wrist, feeling for the muscle lock that holds it up, without overpowering it. First, say "ready?" then "resist!" Push firmly but not suddenly. Feel the firmness.

That is the process, briefly stated. When the subject holds an allergen or a poison against the stomach, the muscle lock will weaken, or disappear. Once the tester can feel the difference between "strong" (the stomach hand empty), and "weak"---(an allergen or poison against the stomach), you've got the feel.

Now test foods by comparing muscle strength while the food is held on the subject's stomach. Amazingly, it can be inside a closed container and still weaken the arm. When I was severely allergic, my arm would drop at the slightest push when I held a closed can of tuna. Using test results to modify my diet, I remained hives-free, unmedicated, and never suffered again except when I forgot to test a safe-looking food.

Since 1994, I have witnessed thousands of successful tests, not only on myself, but also for family, friends, students. Thrilled with its power, I researched and refined the method, determined to bring that control to all allergy sufferers.

As a scientist, I found a logical explanation for how it works, and developed methods to ensure accuracy and successfully troubleshoot. There are ways to test discreetly (in restaurants), test babies, or the infirm. Muscle testing can also find antidotes, and even assist in neutralizing and ending an allergy.

Most importantly, anyone who wants to learn this method can learn. Some get the feel instantly, some need practice---like riding a bike. With the basic method outlined above, you can start to control an allergic situation. Make your own miracles. Try it!

About the Author:

Dr. Elizabeth Spicer is a Professor of Mathematics, and author of Ask Your Body: Relieve Your Food Allergies Instantly and Naturally With Muscle Testing.

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