]> Feed Editor 16 Feb 2009 21:06:26 GMT Hostway: Press Releases | Hostway Web Solutions This just in...Find out how Hostway's products, promotions and company events are making headlines by checking out our latest press releases. http://www.hostway.com/ en Hostway Accelerates Growth with Parallels Automation Hostway has implemented Parallels Automation to support its syndicated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, enabling resellers to deliver branded cloud services efficiently and cost-effectively. August 26, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0826.php http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0826.php Hostway Delivers Private-Labeled Cloud for Resellers with Cloud Connex Hostway's new turnkey reseller platform is the easiest way yet to incorporate public cloud service and email & collaboration tools into your product portfolio. August 21, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0821.php http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0821.php Wix's Massive Six-Year Growth Supported By Its Partnership With Hostway The successful web development platform Wix, a Hostway customer since 2008, has grown its user base from 10,000 to over 48 million worldwide while an infrastructure services client with Hostway. June 3, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0604.php http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0604.php As a Magento Silver Partner, Hostway Powers Growth for E-commerce Leaders Hostway has significantly expanded its e-commerce portfolio as a Magento Silver Partner, as our dedicated sales engineers and support staff have received extensive training on allowing e-commerce infrastructure to obtain optimal performance. May 13, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0513.php http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0513.php Hostway Announces First Public Cloud Launched on Windows Server 2012 R2 Platform Hostway's Improved FlexCloud Platform is built on System Center and Windows Server 2012 R2 to upgrade scalability, performance, and virtual machine capacity on the public cloud. May 12, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0512.php http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0512.php Hostway Named to CRN's Managed Service Provider 500 List Hostway has been named to CRN's Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list as one of the MSP Hosting Service Provider 100. The annual list recognizes the top technology providers and consultants in North America. April 16, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0416.php http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0416.php Hostway Helps Empower the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs With $10,000 Donation to Junior Achievement of Chicago Hostway’s $10,000 donation to Junior Achievement of Chicago will help prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs to achieve great things in the global economy. March 17, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0317.html http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0317.html Hostway's Griffin Recognized as CRN 2014 Channel Chief Russell Griffin, Director of Channel Programs at Hostway, has been named a CRN’s 2014 Channel Chiefs, a list of the most powerful leaders in the IT channel who drive channel sales and growth within their organizations. March 3, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0306.html http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0306.html Hostway Introduces Turnkey Cloud Solution for Smaller Resellers Hostway announced a hosted IaaS program that enables smaller resellers to sell, provision, bill and manage their own private-labeled cloud compute with no internal infrastructure, easy web store development, and nominal upfront costs. February 25, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0225.html http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0225.html Hostway Names New CEO Robert Boles, Plans Major Product Expansion Hostway Corporation announced the appointment of 30-year technology industry veteran Robert Boles to the post of Chief Executive Officer, who will work to broaden the company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions and delivery models. February 20, 2014 http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0221.html http://www.hostway.com/press-releases/2014/0221.html Hostway's 'Elf Gift' Holiday Video Pokes Fun at Corporate Gift-Giving

December 19, 2012 Do your company's customers really need another bag of pistachios or tin of gourmet popcorn for the holidays? Cloud and managed hosting provider Hostway Corporation thinks its gift budget is better spent to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and it's explaining why in a tongue-in-cheek holiday video starring a mean-spirited Christmas elf. December 19, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/aboutus/press-releases/2012/1219.html http://www.hostway.com/aboutus/press-releases/2012/1219.html Hostway Partners with Inteveo to Offer Custom Video Streaming Solutions

December 18, 2012 Hostway and Inteveo have allied to offer enterprise hybrid hosting solutions packaged with interactive video advertising services. December 18, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/hybrid-hosting/press-releases/2012/1218.html http://www.hostway.com/hybrid-hosting/press-releases/2012/1218.html Hostway Signs Up 400+ Channel Partners in Just One Year

November 19, 2012 Hostway Corporation, a leading provider of cloud, managed, email and hybrid hosting services, today announced the company has quickly reached a major milestone, adding more than 400 partners to its award-winning Channel Partner Program in just one year since launch in October 2011. November 19, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/1119.html http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/1119.html Hostway to Sponsor, Speak at Cloud Expo 2012 Conference on Big Data

November 1, 2012 Hostway announced today it will speak at Cloud Expo 2012 Silicon Valley, Nov. 5–8, and serve as a Bronze Sponsor for the event. The theme of the convention is "Cloud & Big Data." November 1, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/news-events/press-releases/2012/1101.html http://www.hostway.com/news-events/press-releases/2012/1101.html Hostway Announces Two-Part Webinar Series to Help Small Businesses Get Online, Design an Engaging Site, and Attract a Loyal Audience

October 26, 2012 Hostway, a leading provider of cloud, managed and website hosting services, announced today a two-part webinar series titled "Small Business, Big Audience: Your Guide to Using the Web to Grow Sales. October 26, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/marketing-tools/press-releases/2012/1026.html http://www.hostway.com/marketing-tools/press-releases/2012/1026.html Hostway CFO Mark D. Adolph Participating in Cloud Services Panel Discussion at COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2012 Convention & Expo

October 4, 2012 Hostway announced today that Mark D. Adolph, executive vice president and chief financial officer, will be participating in a panel discussion at the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2012 Convention & EXPO, October 7-10 at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas. October 4, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/news-events/press-releases/2012/1004.html http://www.hostway.com/news-events/press-releases/2012/1004.html Hostway Launches HIPAA-Compliant Solution for Managed Servers, Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds

October 3, 2012 Hostway today announced the launch of HIPAA Essential, one of the most comprehensive managed HIPAA HITECH compliance solutions, on the majority of its core products, including its managed environments and its FlexCloud private an October 3, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/managed-security/press-releases/2012/1003.html http://www.hostway.com/managed-security/press-releases/2012/1003.html Hostway Launches One of Canada's Largest Public Clouds in Vancouver

October 2, 2012 Hostway today announced the launch of its new Vancouver Cloud hosting environment, expanding the company's public cloud environment for complete coast-to-coast access in North America. October 2, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/datacenters/press-releases/2012/1002.html http://www.hostway.com/datacenters/press-releases/2012/1002.html Hostway Announces Further Support for SMB Cloud Adoption, Named Gold Sponsor for Cloud4SMB Expo

September 28, 2012 Hostway announces its participation in ITEXPO West and Cloud4SMB conference taking place in Austin October 2-5, 2012. September 28, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/aboutus/press-releases/2012/0928.html http://www.hostway.com/aboutus/press-releases/2012/0928.html Hostway Launches Replication and Disaster Recovery Solution, Utilizing New Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica Feature

September 4, 2012 Hostway, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid cloud services, today announced the beta launch of its new virtual machine (VM) replication service, one of the first VM replication services for disaster recovery (DR) on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. This service is enabled by the Hyper-V Replica feature included in the newly released Windows Server 2012 operating system. September 4, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/managed-services/press-releases/2012/0904.html http://www.hostway.com/managed-services/press-releases/2012/0904.html Hostway Introduces Compliant-Ready Upgrade for Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Reducing Risk of Email Data Breaches & Associated Compliance Violations

July 25, 2012 Hostway Corporation, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid hosting services, today announced the availability of new compliance upgrades for its hosted Microsoft Exchange service. July 25, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/hosted-exchange/press-releases/2012/0725.html http://www.hostway.com/hosted-exchange/press-releases/2012/0725.html Hostway Corporation Exhibiting, Presenting at 2012 Worldwide Partner Conference – Showcasing Innovations on Microsoft Platform

July 9, 2012 Hostway Corporation, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid cloud services, today announced it is presenting and exhibiting at the 2012 Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) from Booth #1754 at the Toronto Convention Center. July 9, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/aboutus/press-releases/2012/0709.html http://www.hostway.com/aboutus/press-releases/2012/0709.html Hostway Corporation Listed Among Top Finalists for the 2012 Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year Award

June 26, 2012 Hostway Corporation, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid hosting services, today announced it has been selected as a finalist for the Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year Award. June 26, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/0626.html http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/0626.html Hostway Provides Windows Server 2012 for Evaluation by IT Pros and Developers One of First Hosting Providers to Offer Windows Server 2012 on a Public Cloud

June 12, 2012 Hostway recently announced it is providing customers the opportunity to evaluate Windows Server 2012, the new Microsoft server operating system, as a hosted virtual machine. June 12, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/managed-services/press-releases/2012/0612.html http://www.hostway.com/managed-services/press-releases/2012/0612.html Hostway Sees "Big" Data Moving Into The Cloud - Writes "Big" Press Release

June 11, 2012 Product Launch, Analyst Video and Hostway Cloud Growth Illustrate Trend to Move Mission-Critical Applications to the Cloud June 11, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/managed-services/press-releases/2012/0611.html http://www.hostway.com/managed-services/press-releases/2012/0611.html Hostway Introduces Industry's First API for Integrated Customer and Reseller Management of Hyper-V Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

April 17, 2012 Also Enables Cloud Services Bundling for Partners; Compatible with OpenStack April 17, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/0417.html http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/0417.html Hostway Earns 5-Star Rating in CRN's 2012 Partner Programs Guide

April 12, 2012 Company's IaaS, Cloud and Hybrid Hosting Services Provide Lucrative Revenue Opportunities April 12, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/0412.html http://www.hostway.com/partner-programs/press-releases/2012/0412.html Hostway Introduces FlexLink to Enable Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Deployments

February 6, 2012 Industry-First Microsoft Hyper-V™ Hybrid Cloud Supports All Operating Systems and Provides Seamless Portability February 6, 2012 http://www.hostway.com/hybrid-hosting/press-releases/2012/0206.html http://www.hostway.com/hybrid-hosting/press-releases/2012/0206.html