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Hyde House M&A News

Assured Information Systems sold to Ennov

Hyde House Business Brokers, based in Milton Keynes, has successfully advised on the multiple million pound sale of Cambridge based Assured Information Systems to Paris based Life Sciences group Ennov .

The value Hyde House can add to your transaction

It is important to understand the overall value that will be returned to you by appointing Hyde House as your experienced and expert advisor and what the fee you will pay upon a successful completion actually represents.

Encore Capital Acquires Technical Software Consultants Ltd.

Encore Capital LLP (“Encore”), the London based investment firm focused on backing entrepreneurial growth businesses, has completed an investment into Technical Software Consultants Limited (“TSC”), a designer and manufacturer of non-destructive testing equipment.

Tax raid to hit business owner’s retirement nest eggs

Business owners planning to wind up their business rather than sell will no longer be able to take advantage of the capital gains tax rate

Great news for business owners seeking an exit

Chancellor George Osborne has doubled the lifetime limit for entrepreneurs’ relief from £5 million to £10 million.

Why are some business transfer agents referred to as using a factory model?

Some firms use a volume based factory model where your business could be one of 1500 or more businesses waiting to be sold

Exit help for business owners

Advice on selling a business, the importance of an exit plan and how a business broker can help you achieve a successful conclusion.

Why is Hyde House so successful?

Despite gloomy market conditions Hyde House continues to make successful business acquisitions.

Breaking News: Entrepreneurs' Relief increased to £10m

Details on the breaking new of extended Entrepreneurs' Relief. Excellent news for business owners planning their exit.

Video Introduction

An introduction to the business broking services of Hyde House

Pay Per Click Acquisition

Broadplace.com a provider of ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC) marketing services has been acquired by Logicserve.com for an undisclosed consideration.

Agreement reached with the board of Thinc Destini & AXA UK

AXA UK has reached an agreement with the board of Thinc Destini and its two main institutional shareholders to buy the business.

3i InfoTech acquires AFL for £6.3m

Infotech, a global provider of IT solutions, today announces that it has acquired Accounting Frameworks Limited (AFL), a leading independent provider of accounting, portfolio management and front office systems to the private equity sector.

Another addition to the Logic Serve Stable

Hyde House, the retained corporate advisor to Logic Serve, is pleased to announce the acquisition of CK Net.

Capita has bought Synaptic Systems

Capita has bought Synaptic Systems, advised by Hyde House

Adding value to transactions

It is important to understand the overall value that will be returned to you by appointing an expert advisor and what the fee you will pay upon a successful completion actually represents.

UK’s Growth is Looking Good!

Hopes at The British Chambers Commerce have been raised for three years of growth. According to forecasts from the industry body, the UK will grow 0.9% in 2013, 1.9% in 2014 and should hit 2.9% in 2015. This has gone up as initially the growth forecasts were 0.6% for 2013, 1.7% for 2014 and 2.2% for 2015.

Clients demand that small firms invest

Small manufacturers plan to spend £20.2billion to replace outdated machinery by hiring more staff over the coming year. This should help assist with unrealistic demands that customers push onto these firms.

HS2 Project struggling for Funds

The high-speed rail project is suffering in gaining its funding. Whitehalls spending watchdog has estimated is shortfall at £3.3billion.

A National Insurance Breather from The Queen

The Queens Speech outlined some new changes which will benefits businesses, In a new bill that has been passed, National Insurance Contributions for all companies, will be waived for the first £2000.

Small Businesses Take Heed - Online Crime Boom!

The Government is warning small and medium businesses to invest more money into the security of their computer systems.

Banks Reject Weak Lending to Small Businesses

On Friday ministers were told about the low amount of loaning to medium and small businesses, as banks’ feel that there are weak demand and low value of applications.

Finally a bit of help from the Banks for the Small Businesses!

The Government are lending out £300m to give small companies a bit of a well needed boost.


It is official, The Financial Services Authority is no more as it has not been able to put an end to the financial crisis.

Dell Bares all for Potential Buyout

Michael Dell the Founder of Dell (The US Computer manufacturing firm) is proposing a buyout of the organisation.

HP buyout of Autonomy under investigation by UK Serious Fraud Office

American giant Hewlett Packard (HP) has filed a report stating that the UK’s SFO (Serious Fraud Office) has launched an investigation into their buyout of UK company Autonomy.

Jobs created to keep up PPI flow

It is thought that at least 20,000 jobs have been created to help deal with the increase in claims over mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), Manpower employment group have stated.

Axial Forum News

August 22nd
Cultures are like chemical elements, said Thomas Armstrong in the book, Multiple Intelligences Around the World.  “You can mix two of them and you might get something useful like water or table salt. But you might also blow up the kitchen.&rdq…
August 17th
We recently wrote an article about the dangers of failing to properly document business meal and other entertainment expenses. The piece raised quite a few concerns among business owners. The question we most often heard usually went something like this,…
August 16th
In today’s frothy buying atmosphere, it’s not uncommon to see unicorn startups valued at 100x revenue. While the majority of middle market owners recognize these multiples aren’t realistic, it’s still seductive to read about compa…
August 15th
Most everyone has heard the phrase “do your diligence,” and most mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals are accustomed to obligatory buy-side due diligence. However, sell-side due diligence and transition planning is not as well kno…
August 10th
Paul Reddy is a partner at Newpark Capital, a private equity firm focused on investments that deliver positive social and environmental change. Paul co-founded Newpark in 2015 with two partners, Elliot Anderson Rohde and John Howe (they’ve since ad…
August 9th
Strong negotiating skills are often the single most important differentiator between closing good deals vs. great deals — or not closing any deal at all. Negotiation is more art than science, as it involves creatively reading your audience, knowing…
August 8th
Deals fall apart, for a wide variety of reasons. It’s an unavoidable truth of M&A. The Harvard Business Review has reported that up to 70-90% of deals will fail to live up to expectations.  It’s not hard to find advice on making…
August 3rd
I find that people are often confused about what I do as an advisor at a mergers and acquisitions firm. If you search for an answer about what people within the industry do, you’ll likely be inundated with posts about dog-eat-dog competition and lo…
August 2nd
A few months ago, I shared six tips for creating value in your business. Here are six more best practices to keep in mind. These are useful for all owners, regardless of whether you’re looking toward a transaction in the near-term. Check out the fi…
August 1st
A 2016 study asked CEOs who had recently sold their businesses with the help of an investment banker whether their advisor added value. For a full 100% of respondents, the answer was yes, with 69% reporting a “significant” impact. Eighty…

Growth Business News

August 22nd
Latest figures, from an independent report by Urban Massage, suggest that the average Brit now spends more than four hours a day glued to their smartphone and more than six hours a day using their laptop. These figures demonstrate the way in which techno…
August 21st
Bolt, the ‘Tesla on two wheels’, has today launched a £1.36 million fundraise on Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. The European startup is on a mission to take petrol-guzzling, environmentally harmful scooters…
July 12th
With the Syrian refugee crisis and the growing number of immigrants flooding Europe being scrutinised in the global media, CanDo are offering out a helping hand by opening the world’s first hospital funded with crowdfunding, Hope Hospital, to …
July 4th
Commuters from London Bridge Station are in need of a strong black coffee, having been named as the UK’s most sleep deprived by new research. Research by window blinds retailer, Direct Blinds, reveals the central London terminal has the largest num…
June 30th
The Women in Finance Awards, the European finance industry’s largest diversity event, hosted 500 of the most inspirational leaders and advocates at the ballroom at Grosvenor House, Park Lane last night. The event celebrated the achievements of 119 …
June 29th
Bad bosses and lousy leadership are the no.1 reason British employees are considering handing in their resignation, according to new research released today by Crunch Accounting. Almost half (45 per cent) of employees considering quitting named it a…
June 29th
With robotics and advances in technology further widening the skills gap that Britain now finds itself victim to, businesses are scrambling to upskill staff to ensure they are ready for working life in the always connected world of the future. Many …
June 28th
Did you plan to ‘prep’ lunch last night…but something more important cropped up? Me too. We all know that prepping our lunch and snacks the night before is more ‘cost-effective’, and allows us to make ‘healthier&rsquo…
June 27th
Counting out coppers at convenience stores may soon become a thing of the past. According to trade association, Payments UK, debit card and contactless payment use will overtake cash transactions by 2021. This may come as little surprise since cash trans…
June 26th
Founded in 1999, its success has been swift and emphatic, and it is an industry leader in online pharmaceuticals. Here are some of the reasons it has enjoyed success in the last few years. New Chairman The arrival of Andy Hornby as chairman of the compan…
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