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KG Hypnobirthing on ‘In The Club’ on BBC1 E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Monday, 08 September 2014 14:30

The KG Hypnobirthing relaxation CD, Colour and Calmness, was used on the BBC1 series, In The Club last week when one of the mothers in the series listened to the CD during labour.  The words on the CD could clearly be heard, and the image of the rainbow on the CD could clearly be seen on the screen.  Just goes to show that people turn to KG Hypnobirthing as the leading organisation in this country.

11 Tips for a Gentle and Calm Birth E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 14:02

KG Hypnobirthing – Sharing Day E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Monday, 20 January 2014 14:38

On the 1st March 2014, KG Hypnobirthing was delighted to welcome the world renowned Michel Odent to speak at our sharing day.

Author of over 13 books, printed in 22 languages, and an internationally known speaker, Michel Odent talked about 'Birth and the Future of Homo Sapiens'.

We are immensely proud that Michel came and talked to the The Hypnobirthing Association, and the event was a huge success and well supported by Members of The Hypnobirthing Association.


Michael Odent


Michel Odent - Biography

In charge of the surgical and maternity units of the Pithiviers hospital (France) from 1962 to 1985, Odent has developed a special interest in environmental factors influencing the birth process. He introduced concepts such as home like birthing rooms, birthing pools and singing sessions for pregnant women. After his hospital career he was involved in home birth, founded in London the Primal Health Research Centre, exploring correlations between what happens during the “Primal period” and health later on.

Michel Odent is the author of the first articles about the initiation of breastfeeding during the hour following birth, the first article about the use of birthing pools during labour, and the first article applying the “Gate Control Theory of Pain” to obstetrics. He is currently focusing on the possible evolution of Homo sapiens in relation to the modern ways to be born.

Katharine Attends Annual Royal College of Midwives Conference E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:32

11. RCMKG Hypnobirthing had a stand at the recent annual conference of the Royal College of Midwives. This important event was held on the 13th and 14th of November in the West Midlands at the Telford International Centre and became the site for an incredible range of informative talks. These probed into the current developments taking place within the profession of midwifery, both on a national and international level, with many prestigious names offering their perspectives.

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A Hugely Successful Event with Sarah Buckley E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 15:51
Katharine Sarah pairThank you to everyone who attended our study day with Sarah Buckley! We were very pleased with the attendance from some excellent groups and the fascinating conversations that bubbled from the talk.

Our study day at London was the final date on Sarah's international tour. It has led her all over Europe, talking to birth practitioners about her experiences as a doctor and a mother and how that shaped her attitudes to birth. Looking at the differences between hospital and home care, as well as her own emotions towards her first pregnancy, Sarah soon became fascinated with the options available to many women, especially those they may not immediately be aware of. Today she is an advocate for "undisturbing" birth and has released books on the subject to give expectant families appropriate information regarding choices available to them.

Sarah's talk dealt with her concerns that birth is becoming more medicalised and intensely monitored. With so many opportunities for women to feel uncertain about their body's ability and their own comprehension of birth, this has led to a widespread disempowerment of parents with regards to the most important event of their child's life. Sarah brought up advice that can offer support for families, which we anticipate being put to good use by those who attended. Combatting the current nocebo effect (the opposite of the placebo effect) is critically important for mothers and is one of the overarching goals for Hypnobirthing – The KG Method

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Hypnobirthing Lunch with Kitty O’Connors E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 12:43

lunchteamKatharine was invited to an informal lunch with the founders of Kitty O’Connors, as well as their name sake, Kitty herself. Whilst Kitty O’Connors has just begun their own hypnobirthing classes, using Katharine’s method of teaching, this wasn’t about business so much as a chance to get to know those involved. This partnership means that there are even more places around the UK where parents can discover Katharine Graves method of hypnobirthing and we couldn't be happier. 

 Generations of Positive Pregnancies 

Kitty O’Connors (the person) is a grandmother to 19 and great grandmother to 11 beautiful children, making her a living expert on “the calm and fearless approach to giving birth”. Her granddaughter Sabrina was so inspired that when she set up her own business for complimentary classes relating to pregnancy and birth she felt there was only one name that would fit! This family-run business focuses on how positive birth can be, which is why they were such a perfect fit for hypnobirthing. 

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Hypnobirthing and Positive Words E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Thursday, 11 July 2013 14:56

vintique imageIf you're being taught hypnobirthing then you will have already been introduced to the powerful nature of language. We often forget how words can have such importance in how we interact, turning a passing comment from an optimistic compliment into a pessimistic jibe. It is not that there is a special language that must be used. It's simply that words can be incredibly harmful if used carelessly. Many women comment on how, when they're pregnant, it seems as though the world and his wife now feel they have ample reason to vocalise their experiences and opinions. This comes with little to no consideration as to how this will affect the mother and the subsequent environment for her baby.

The Power of Words

The first defence for a woman against the power of negative words is creating an environment that does value their effect. Think about the mind of a child and how they might be nervous about an upcoming injection. If an older child tells them a horror story and they become distressed then we would chastise that older child for causing them needless fear. The same is true for birth. Whilst an element of birth is unpredictable, focusing a pregnant woman's mind on, "What if?" is unhelpful and can cause unnecessary fear. Then Grantly Dick-Read's concept that fear causes us to tense up so that the body does not work as well and therefore there is pain, the fear-tension-pain syndrome, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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The Changing Face of Royal Pregnancies E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 14:59

With the wonderful news that Duchess of Cambridge will soon be giving birth, one can't help but wonder about the previous traditions that have come before. Giving birth within the royal family has always been in the public eye and, not so long ago, was considered vitally important for the nation as a whole.

As the monarchy is becoming more contemporary, with a new generation now having their own children, you can see that this modernisation comes with good points and bad. Social media means that rumours about Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy can spread like wildfire, but it has also allowed her to take a greater level of control of how she wants her pregnancy and birth to progress. Women have been taking back this control since the Queen's great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

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Bounty Representatives: Your Rights as New Mothers E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Monday, 17 June 2013 14:28

Recently, the online website Mumsnet has begun a campaign to stop marketing representatives from accessing new mothers. As it currently stands, many maternity wards have agreements with Bounty, a marketing group, that seeks to send advertising to mothers. They do this in two distinct stages. The first is by offering a series of “Bounty Bags”, which contain special offers and discounts relating to mother care products. These will be given to you by your midwife and picked up at a pharmacy of your choosing respectively. The second is to interact directly with new mothers soon after birth to offer further free samples and documents. This includes information on child benefits, which is a government contract that Bounty has. They also offer to photograph the new mother and baby, which is where Bounty makes a great deal of their money. The recent campaign to bar them from maternity wards has gained a lot of attention, and the online petition currently stands at 16,000 signatures, suggesting that this is an issue many parents feel strongly about.

It seems counter intuitive to many that the NHS, which bars all other forms of advertising from other practitioners and services, would allow companies to access women during what should be a personal and private time. Many complaints about conduct have led to the petition, most likely relating to the fact that representatives are paid on commission, so please read below if you would like some advice relating to this service.

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Katharine Quoted in The Times Relating to Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Thursday, 13 June 2013 14:21

The Hypnobirthing Centre is proud to announce that Katharine Graves was quoted in The Times relating to Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. Since the Duchess’s intentions for a natural birth have become known, there has been a flurry of media attention around hypnobirthing.

Below is a extract from the article in The Times, including the quote used from Katharine.
Article is written by Carol Midgley and last updated at 11:46AM, June 13 2013

“In 1853 Queen Victoria gave birth to her eighth child after inhaling chloroform from a handkerchief for an hour.Now the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly considering a rather more natural way of dealing with the pain of childbirth. According to Grazia magazine, she is considering a hypno-birth.While the birth of Prince Leopold led the way in making it “acceptable” to anaesthetise labour pain with chemicals, a royal hypno-birth could lead a trend in an entirely different direction.

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Enjoy Our Hypnobirthing CDs and MP3s E-mail
Katharine's Hypnobirthing Blog
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 11:32

We have an updated range of hypnobirthing CDs and MP3s that are now available in the shop to be purchased individually or as part of a collection. These latest CDs and MP3s feature a range of new improvements to make them easier to use. Each audio CD/ MP3 is still colour coded for ease of use and now they feature a very attractive design that comes with the hypnobirthing gold seal unique to The Hypnobirthing Centre. We’ve also improved the audio quality so it’s easier than ever to find that calm and confident state of mind. There are also tracks contained within each audio, allowing those listening to skip straight to the relaxation if they desire.

These new CD’s were first presented at our recent Sharing Day and were met with an enthusiastic response. We’re happy to make them available in the online shop to couples and teachers for the first time and anticipate an equally enthusiastic welcome.


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