Tips for Best HVAC Repairs in Singapore

The comfort of home never fails to disappoint. It is the one and only place where relaxation is at its peak. In a world with hectic schedules, we look forward to spending the rest of the day in our house, which is why we try as much as we can to keep it as sufficient as it should be.

An air conditioning unit, for one thing, is one of the things that make our houses complete. These days, you can rarely find a house without one, especially in most busy countries like Singapore. Unfortunately, it is quite inevitable that air conditioning units might malfunction, as most household appliances go. The good thing is, there are aircon servicing shops to help us out.
Aircon repair, along with heating and ventilation, is an integral part not only in ensuring your house’s comfort level, but also in reducing energy cost along the way. Scheduled repair and maintenance will make sure that your HVAC system will be at its optimum shape, to keep it from breaking down especially when you need it the most. Before hiring servicemen however, of course, there is much to consider. It is to be expected that most people will look at the prices first.

The cost of repairs has gone up these past few days. This has caused a lot of people to seriously consider their spending on it as opposed to just letting the problem set in. To make the matter easier, people are now turning to alternative options in looking for the best service for their repairs. HVAC repairs are considered very important for this is the part of a house where the temperature around the building is controlled at various times. While the days are good, keeping the problem at bay can be the best action to take.

What does it take to repair HVAC?
The HVAC is a serious system at home. In winter, it heats the house, while at summer, it cools down the temperature. If this system is damaged, you just cannot live with the constant fluctuation in the temperature and that has to be repaired. Factors in repairing HVAC would entail the following:
• The professional serviceman
• The equipment
• The insurance and warranty
• The cost or budget allocated

These factors will help you decide on whether or not you are up for the repair before a crucial time of the year comes. But to be sure, it is preferable to fix any problem with the HVAC instead of letting it get damaged in the long run.

Where to Get Help
The best help to get from professional aircon servicing and HVAC firms. They are accessible and you will not have a hard time waiting for the help to arrive. Professionals who would do the job would help you get the best equipment at your budget and that will save you much time in procuring and paying for the delivery. In addition, if you have problems with the repair, you can easily get in touch with them.

Creating a Customized Wardrobe with Printed Shirts and More

Singapore is a fashion forward country with many of the world’s leading designers setting up shop all over the shopping districts. The hip and the fashionable crowd simply just adore these high-end and luxurious brands, but there is one downside. The problem with store bought clothes is the lack of uniqueness and originality, which is prized by every fashion forward person. No one who’s into the latest trends wants to get caught out in public wearing what everyone else is wearing. That would be a total disaster. So, what’s the answer to staying chic and trendy while staying unique? Simple: customized t-shirt printing!

What Are Your Limitations With Custom Printed Clothes?
Uncovering the world of custom printed apparel is like letting your imagination run wild and free. The limit of what you can create with the help of a t-shirt printing company in Singapore only stops when your imagination has run out. You can create your own unique design and have them plastered all over your clothes. The designs can even be printed on t-shirts of every color so that you can have a full color spectrum inside your closet with your favorite designs. Some shops even offer shirts with collars and a thicker fabric to ensure that you can pick out the perfect shirt for yourself. The printing doesn’t even stop at just your normal everyday t-shirts. If you really want to have a fully unique ensemble at your disposal you can have custom designs printed on jackets and hoodies too. Now, you don’t have to worry about the cold and the rain dampening your personal style.

What are the Different Types of Printing Methods?
It’s a common misconception to think that printing on a t-shirt can just mean the digital transfer of an image to a shirt. Although that is the common practice, there are several different ways to get a design on fabric. The most popular printing methods used today are:

Silk Screen – This method is the most basic type of printing, but has proven resilient in the clothing industry because it is still the most popular method despite the availability of high-tech options. A stencil of the design is used on a fine mesh while the blank area is covered safely. Ink is then pushed through the mesh onto the fabric to create the print.

Embroidery – Another old fashioned printing technique that remains popular today is embroidery. Although no longer done by hand, but by a computer program the method delicately stitches the patterns or designs onto the fabric using a needle and a thread.
Digital Printing – A popular printing method that has taken the customized apparel industry by storm is the digital printing. Printing shops are able to take any design or even photos and place them on t-shirts to create photo-realistic images on the fabric. The transfer can either be done through heat transfer or by direct printing on a garment.

There are a lot more different garment printing methods being used today. The decision on which one to use for your personalize outfits will be up to you and your style. If you prefer the rustic look, go for silk screen. If you want to go all out and use realistic images digital printing may be more your style. Let your imagination run wild and create your customized wardrobe today!

How to Diagnose Plumbing Problems

Is there a flood in your house, even if it’s not raining? If you answered yes, there must be a problem with your pipelines. Knowing where the problem arises is important, as it will help the plumber reduce his work. Furthermore, it will help you save money since plumbers in Singapore offer their service at an hourly rate.

There are a few things that you must do to find out the cause of your plumbing problems. Here are some of the factors:

Prepare the Things That You Need
Before anything else, you must get the things that you need for diagnosing your pipeline. Some of the things that you must prepare are pipe wrenches, toothpicks, adjustable wrenches, vinegar, plumbers putty, o-rings, pipe nuts and sections, washers, pliers, and screwdrivers. You must get these tools so you can fix the problem the moment you saw it.

Understand Your Home’s Water Supply System
Find the hot and called water pipes in your home. They are usually found in the basement next to the main water shutoff. Once you found the pipes, you must follow the trace where it leads. Turn on your water heater, and lightly touch the waterline to know which pipe gives cold water, and which one gives hot water. Once you determined the pipes, you must label it with hot and cold.

Apart from the main water shutoff, you need to know where the valves are. Shutoff valves are at the boiler, water heater, and individual fixtures. Separate the water flow by switching off one valve. It will help you determine the affected pipe. Draw the piping system to help you study the structure. Keep it for future use.

Trace the Waste Flow System
There are two types of pipes found in residential and commercial buildings. The first waterline is the one that carries clean water to your faucet. The other pipe brings waste to the septic tank or cesspool. Just like the water supply, waste flow pipes are also found in the basement.

The good thing about these pipes is you can easily identify them. Pipes used for passing the wastes usually have a wide circumference. They also have visible traps that you can open for eliminating clogs.

Waste travels in a downward motion; hence, if the problem is in that area, you need to open the trap and clean the passage to eliminate clogs. However, if the drainage is not completely clogged, you need to work from above. Clean the main drainage pipe from the roof by removing the debris, which causes the blockage.

These are some of the things that you must do to find out where the problem is. Doing the diagnostic techniques will help you save money since you will know instantly if it’s just a minor problem. Hence, you can fix the pipes by yourself. However, if you cannot fix the issue, then you must hire a qualified plumber in Singapore since they have more knowledge and skills in dealing with pipe problems.

How to Check for a Legitimate Review of a Plumber Online

Gathering information online is one of the best and easiest ways you can use in insuring that you find the right services to hire. And since there are a lot of people who are relying on the information shared online there are others that are able to fake the information they share and you really cannot tell which are legitimate and which ones are not. In looking among the different plumbers for example you need to check the reviews of the different people who have already hired them so that you have an idea on what to expect once you book for their services. It is also a good way of ending up with the right service provider among the different plumbers that offers similar services. But it is your job to identify the real review from those that are just generated by a bot or a paid poster.

Look for people you may know
In hiring a plumbing expert it is important that you only look locally. You find out among the different review available if there’s a name that looks familiar to you or you may know personally. You can also ask among your friends if they have experience on hiring the certain service provider that you are considering on hiring. This is a sure way of knowing that all the positive reviews given to their plumbing expert are legitimate and are from past client who are happy with the services they got. In Singapore most resident only rely on online information and those that they can easily acquire from their neighbors or people they know. Since the different plumbers in their area would have an online page that offers the most complete information that future client might need it is easy to identify on who you should hire. There is a good number of different plumbers in your area available that is why you need to make sure that you hire the best one that could provide you with the services you needed.

Check the date when the review was given
Most bot or paid posting generated reviews will have similar dates when they made the review. If not it will have a pattern on when they would post positive review. This means that the different reviews you are reading are not from actual clients but from people who got paid in posting positive things about the professional plumbing expert. In Singapore there are people who offer this kind of services. They make sure that certain page would attract more clients to the service provider for a certain fee by putting made up reviews to the different plumbers who hired them. Make sure that you check the date of the different reviews if it looks suspicious then it is probably fake. It is best that you look for a new source of information or you can consider on start asking your friends or neighbors for a better recommendation. Never settle with someone that you know nothing about because you have to trust them to have access to your home when they will work with your plumbing system. So you need to gather as many legitimate information as you can.

Reason Behind Hiring a Trusted Aircon Servicing Expert

You probably have an AC unit in your home working day and night. Did you ever wonder what if it will just give up and suddenly stopped working what then? It is best to prepare before this would happen by investing on a good aircon servicing company that you can find. If you can no longer hire the person that you have ask to install your AC unit then it is best to find a new one to hire.

It is important that you take your time in knowing the right person to trust and work on your unit. Regular aircon servicing is as important as insuring that you only buy high quality items.

Avoid having a broken AC
If you have a trusted AC expert to do a regular checkup and needed aircon servicing you can surely avoid the nightmare of having suffered several days without an AC unit. It is not an issue if you can just easily buy a new one but sometimes you just don’t prepare for these things to happen. If you invest your money on the right maintenance provider you will receive a needed warning or heads up in case you need to save up for a new AC unit. In Singapore people highly rely on the AC expert to tell them when the right time to buy a new unit is.

Enjoy your AC unit for a long time
If you are able to plan out a good AC maintenance service you can be assured that you will enjoy using your unit longer that you should. Having a regular aircon servicing can also help you avoid some of the major problems that you might face if you are using your AC unit non-stop. So start gathering important information about the AC expert that you need to hire. And you will enjoy the bonus of using your AC unit for longer time than it should. You will surely gain a lot of good saving from investing your money on the right places.

So as early as possible consider on looking for a good aircon servicing provider in your area. This way you will have a lot of time to think and decide on whom to hire the best. You need to consider the location of their office and the reputation of their service provider. Make sure that you can have the right person that you can trust. Get your money’s worth in hiring the right person. So continue on enjoying your AC unit as long as you need it. You don’t need to face the nightmare of not having a working AC during hot summer months.

So enjoy the heat when you are on the beach and just enjoy a comfortable time with your family while staying indoors with a very reliable AC to use. It is important that you need to hire an expert to rely on so that you can trust all the services and checkup that he gives you. You can also trust him on the big decision of choosing the right AC unit to buy for your home if you need to replace or upgrade one.

Where to get Corporate Gifts

One of the best ways to fostering good relationship among business partners, employees, and community is by means of corporate gift giving. These are usually given on special events, occasions, and public or company holidays. There are a number of items that you can choose from. But the question is where to get these presents that are worth the money, unique, and perfect at your convenience and comfort.

Especially with technology now-a-days, people are left with many options where to get these items. Some of these options are listed below:

• Online market – you can always searched the internet for unique corporate gift ideas. In today’s generation, everything that you need is just a click away. All you need is to have is to spare some time and open your computer and do the search. There are many ways to shop online, where you can pay with your credit card or pay through accredited payment centers.
• DIY – giving gifts with a personal touch of effort is also one very effective way to enhance relationships. With the availability of internet and local creative technical enhancements training, making some do-it-your own gifts is a very good idea. Giving away DIY items as corporate gifts can be quick, easy and unique. If you have that talent of creativity, spend some little time and buy some stuff that you can use to come up with unique items such as a personalized picture frame, a printed shirt, or a personalized puzzle mat.
• Direct to the manufacturer –you always get the best rates when you negotiate directly to the manufacturer. If you plan on buying items in bulk, you can haggle with a good price if you contact directly the manufacturer. You can also ask them to specialize your items however you want it to be.
• Contact the distributor – if in any case that the manufacturer is not available in your area, you can ask for their list of distributors whom you can directly contact and negotiate. Another way of checking for distributors is looking through the internet. This is especially one best option if you are planning to get food packs or perishable items because you can get it fresh by the time that you will need to give them away.
• Local gift shops – there are many available specialized gift shops within the city. You can check of there are any available shops nearby to get the items that you need. Most gift shops can offer a variety of corporate gift ideas.
• Corporate incentives on affiliated business partners – you can contact to your associated business partners who can provide you corporate rates and discounts which you can extend to your business associates and employees. These gifts such as cash cards and vouchers. Usually, there are special rates available for valued clients on hotels, spa, restaurants, and shops.

There are many options available to get the products at a reasonable value.

Reasons that a Plumber is Better than You

In general, plumbers are experts when it comes to fixing pipes. The main job is to maintain sewage systems, pipes for drinking water, and repairing different drainages. In this kind of work, plumbers can give a hand whenever there are leaks in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere inside the house. Pipe dilemmas are no challenge to them. Housewives and single mothers always have some trouble with their drainage and pipes. Thus, the only person who can offer them help would be the plumbers around. Complicated problems faced by people in the household can be done easily by these noble workers. It is very incredible that for plumbers, fixing is just a piece of a cake.

From plumbers to inventors, engineers and politicians, never underestimate plumber Singapore because tracing from the history. Some of the simple plumbers have become outstanding. Some of them are:

• John Braden, a known politician in British Columbia who apprenticed as a plumber before becoming such a prominent figure.
• John Calley, a plumber who became an Engineer. He developed an engine that uses the steam’s properties to create a mechanical work. The engine was very popular in Britain and Europe and has been used to pump water out of mines.
• Philip Haas, born and raised in America is a notable inventor, businessman and a plumber. Haas’ invention on toilets has become a basis for other inventors to be able to produce modernized toilets.

These are just some of the famous people who were once a plumber. Who knows, the plumber that some people are belittling might become famous someday. Plumbers might even become actors, doctors, architects or even the president or prime minister.

$50,000 to more than $80,000 annual salary

There is no doubt that plumbing is not an easy job. It requires a lot of time and effort in contrast to other blue collar jobs. The average annual salary of a plumber is about $50,000. This is more than enough to provide a meal for three-people family. As compared to other blue collar jobs, painters are paid $35,390 annually. The plumbers have about 29.22 percent higher income than painters. On the other hand, construction workers have an average annual salary of $30,460 which is about 39 percent higher than what a plumber can gain annually. The best-paying cities for plumbers in the United States are San Francisco, Boston, Nassau New York, San Jose California, and Milwaukee. In San Francisco, a plumber can earn about $81,700 annually. Boston is known for its good people and buildings, plumbers in this city can gain about $78,570. In Nassau New York, plumbers are paid $82,460. San Jose California is known for their good weather, the plumbers in this city have a salary of about $79,370. Lastly, in Milwaukee, plumbers are usually paid $79,710 annually.

There is much more to know about the plumbers all over the world. Listed above are just some of the reasons why a plumber Singapore can be better than you. Again, don’t misjudge people—they might be a lot better than you in many ways.

Famous Law Firm Last Words: I’ll Never Do That

I am going to take one tiny moment and NO pleasure in saying:


Yes, all caps and in red. I TOLD YOU SO. There are only a handful of you whose faces and names I can remember, but the rest of you, you know who you are…

Hey Legal Assistant, in the unemployment line…remember the time I invited you to a Word class on creating an automatic table of contents? You confidently, perhaps even defiantly, replied “I’ll never need to know how to do that”. She believed in job security, ga’bless’er. Just last week I was at a firm offering an Excel class and an Outlook class, one of the paralegals came in and sat down expecting the Outlook session to start, when she realized I was about to start Excel, she got up, pushed her chair in and said, “I’ll be back for Outlook, I don’t use Excel.” Seriously? First, who REALLY doesn’t use Excel? What paralegal with half a brain couldn’t identify SOME way that Excel could be use on SOME matter SOME where? The more truthful statement would have been. “I’m comfortable in doing my job the way I do it, I’m very busy and I have no interest in expanding my skills in a way that 1) might make my job easier 2) might help my attorney better review or work on a matter and 3) I have no interest in learning how we can better serve our clients.

boxingWhoa! Wait a minute, behind you, Legal Assistant, …is that? Oh my, it sure is… it’s Laid-Off C.O.O! I know you VERY well,  Mr-I-Have-People-That-Do-That-For-Me. Who’s updating your resume and your cover letters now?  Don’t you wish now you had taken a couple of those salaried hours of mine and learned how to perform simple tasks in Word and Excel? Yep. I know you do.

Esquire! You here too!? Wow. Remember the time, I begged and pleaded you to attend a lunch and learn on BASIC Word skills for lawyers? Or how about that totally awesome Training Golf Challenge that the entire firm participated in BUT you?

And you there, you look familiar…ahhhh yes, now I remember you.  You are that firm administrator that looked me in the eye at last years Central Florida ALA Partner Expo and said “Oh, we don’t need training.”

As a trainer (I’m more than “just a trainer” btw) I face these people every day. I’m always amazed at the number of people who turn – if not  RUN away from training. In this case, I’m of course, I’m referring to computer and legal technology training but certainly the thought can be applied more broadly.

I’m contracted by a large firm with several offices in two states to provide their new-hire training as well as to offer regularly scheduled and varied monthly training sessions. At first, attendance in those sessions (which are webinars kept to 30, 45 or 60 mins) was sparse. Just a few of those types who actually chase after these opportunities would loyally attend. But little by little as the word got out from them to their peers and to their office administrators about how useful the sessions have been, I’ve seen a steady growth in attendance. Hmmm, am I that good or the economy that scary?

What can you do to promote training and attendance in your firm? Well, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Keep sessions short and relevant. Don’t offer a 3-hour “Word for Lawyers” session, instead offer a 45 minute session like “Top Ten Things Every Attorney Should Know About Word”.
  2. If your state requires CLE, look into applying and getting it for your technology sessions. Most states offer it and it’s pretty easy to qualify.
  3. Be sure you have a likable and trusted trainer in front of your attorneys and staff. Not every Help Desk tech is right for a training job. See my old post about this topic.
  4. If a billable hour is to be lost, make it worthwhile. Be sure they walk away satisfied – no THRILLED that they attended and with some new skills that they can use the minute they get back.

If you are lucky enough to have a firm that offers training and development – in any area – be sure to attend or sign up for upcoming sessions – do it today. If you don’t have that sort of resource inhouse, but would like some help, maybe I can help. I offer legal technology training sessions either in person or over the web at times that are convenient for you and your firm.

Why Your Documents Look Like Crap and I Think I’m In Love

A lot of tough love going on at I ♥ Tech this week so sit up and take it like a lawyer! For today’s digital lashing, I’m going to piggy-back on someone else’s program. I stumbled across this great post titled “Why Our Agreements Looks Like Crap” from attorney Michael J. O’Sullivan who writes about “issues encountered by corporate lawyers” at his blog ; provided, however,. I think I love this guy (I fall in tech love very easily). I found his points insightful and quite lawyerly. He points out some technical, possibly strategic and historical reasons as to why your documents look like crap (finally someone else who isn’t afraid to call ugly ugly) but he doesn’t hit on the root of all this formatting evil: lack of training. However, there is always me to do that…

typograghyHe begins by describing one of the biggest failure points when it comes to creating and maintaining  good looking documents: OP. OTHER PEOPLE. I hear this excuse all the time. And likely from the same person that the OP are pointing their fingers right back at.The ugly truth is that most legal professionals don’t really truly madly deeply know how to create complex legal documents. I don’t care what your secretary tells you. As a matter of fact, most don’t even know how to properly format a simple one page letter. There is an embarrassing amount of spacing and tabbing that goes on in the Word docs I often encounter. Microsoft Word is a complex program to a point. It’s not that it’s hard to use, it really isn’t – and you are all very smart people. The thing about Word is that it’s a structure snob and if you don’t meet its standards, it spits on you. It requires some training. Just some, not even a lot. You wouldn’t believe what one measly hour of learning will gain you.  Need some dollar figures to convince you? Read this other great post: Beware the Hidden Costs of Bad Formatting.

So get yourself some training and then get some for your clients too. Here’s a thought: offer your most important clients (or their staff) some training. Get your trainer or bring one in *ahem*cough*cough* for a document workshop and figure out how to collaborate on the stream of documents you are and will be working on. Your clients will love you for it. Consider it part of your Make Our Clients Love Us and Want Us Campaign.

At this point I am SO SURE that you are SO INSPIRED to get some training that you CAN’T WAIT one more second! Yes? Yes! Let me lead you to some water:Typography for Lawyers by Matthew Butterick, lawyer, graphic designer, genius. Again, who is this guy? And I think I love him too! I implore you to take some time and read every page of this wonderful resource.

My friends, here is the thing, this day and age – your documents (along with all your other digital communications and exchanges) are a reflection of your commitment to the use of technology in your practice, which of course exists to help you better serve your clients.

10 Critical Computer Skills Every Attorney Should Know – Basic Word Processing Skills

Basic Word Processing Skills

word-processingAlong with words like “marketing” and “training” – “word processing” can make an attorney cringe. But in today’s world, it is a critical, critical skill set.I often tell people that they might as well have a good old-fashioned typwewriter back on the desk – the way they just peck and poke away without taking advantage of any of the shortcuts and automation tools Word (or WP) have to offer.

Learning basic document editing skills is a simple (truly simple) task. The true challenge is allowing yourself the time to learn. If your Firm employees a trainer or a help desk – call them up right now – right this second! and schedule a one hour appointment with them. That’s all it will take. When they arrive (and they will do so happily) provide them with this checklist of must-know skills:

  • Formatting Words, Paragraphs, Pages
  • Inserting automatic page numbers so that as you add, delete or move pages, the numbers remain in numerical order
  • Autotext and Autocorrect (in Word) are akin to macro’s that store and spit out phrases, paragraphs, case styles with the tap of a couple of strokes (Word 2003 |Word 2007)
  • A few tips and tricks (10 most useful Word shortcuts from TechRepublic)

If you don’t have the luxury of an in-house technology resource, turn to the internet. There are countless tutorials, tips, templates and resources that can help you.

Here are some resources to get you started:


  • A Roadmap to Word 2007 Training (With links to training tutorials!)
  • Interactive: Word 2003 to Word 2007 Reference Guide
  • Word on the Mac
  • Training Classes from Affinity Consulting
  • 60 indispensable Microsoft Word tips


  • Legal Tech Trainer
  • CompuSavvy’s Word & WordPerfect Tips
  • KAS Training’s Legal Word Processing Corner
  • This Blog’s past Word for Lawyers posts


  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Word 2007
  • Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 for Law Professionals Unveiling the Rules and Secrets of Legal Word Processing
  • Word 2003 for Law Firms


If you plan on attending the ABA TECHSHOW this year you can sit in on this “Word for Lawyers” session I’ll be doing with Barron Henley of Affinity Consulting:

If you’re still manually typing paragraph numbers, tables of contents or tables of authority, you may as well throw your computer out the window and put that old electric typewriter back on your desk. Microsoft Word is a sophisticated tool, but most users just don’t know how to tap its power. Drafting complex documents in Word does not have to be a wrestling match and shouldn’t feel like punishment. If you’re ready for Word enlightenment, come to this seminar. Hear the gospel of Styles and learn how to create paragraph numbering, tables of contents and authority which automatically generate and update. Saturday, March 27, 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Think about your Word documents as digital calling cards. They reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. Today, the appearance of a word processing document often reveals as much about an attorney’s skills as the contents of the document itself. Document creation and editing skills are critical in today’s professional and technical environment.

Oh, one more thing…take a look at an earlier post I did about typography.