Boyfriends for Hire in Japan

In Japan, it’s not uncommon for successful women to pay attractive young men huge sums of money for a few cocktails and an hour of platonic companionship. VICE in conjunction with Schweppes sends correspondent Joel Cornell to Shibuya to explore this strange world and to find out if he can cut it as a professional boyfriend for hire.

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Top 10 Weirdest Facts About Animal Sex Lives

Watch Top 10 Weirdest Facts About Animal Sex Lives

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1. The Bushcricket’s Got the Biggest Balls of Them All

Relative to body size, the animal with the largest testicles is the tuberous bushcricket. In 2010, scientists discovered that it has testicles which account for up to 14% of its body weight. That would be like the average human male having 25-pound balls, if you wish to imagine such a thing. 14% is a rather large increase over the former title-holder, a species of fruit fly which was a downright puny 10%.

2. Bats’ Brains Shrink as Their Balls Grow

Bats are one of the largest groups of mammals, with nearly 1,000 different species identified so far, yet they all share one interesting characteristic. Researchers at Syracuse University discovered that when a bat’s testicles increased in size, its brain shrinks at a similar rate. In the more promiscuous of bats, the males tended to have larger testicles, presumably to let them have more sex. Consequently, their brains were relatively small when compared to their more monogamous brethren.

3. A Duck’s Vagina Can Block Sperm If The Female Wants It To

By now, it’s fairly common knowledge that male ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises, and female ducks have corresponding corkscrew-shaped vagina. However, in species of ducks where forced intercourse is common, evolution has taken a step forward to combat the aggressive males, who have gradually grown longer and longer penises. Female ducks have co-evolved specially designed vagina which can twisted in such a way to create so-called “dead-ends” inside. Thus, unwanted males are unable to get their penises to where they want, and mating does not occur.

4. Banana Slugs Eat Each Other’s Penises

Banana slugs are another example of an hermaphroditic animal. In their case though, the most interesting (and horrifying) thing about their mating process takes place at the end of the ritual. Usually during copulation, the slugs will bite each other, a prelude to the conclusion. When they are finished, and can’t pull apart, the female will chew on the penis, and keep chewing until it’s completely removed.

5. Fruit Flies Have Never-Ending Sperm

Not only are fruit flies annoying as hell, they’re more sexually impressive than you. For one thing, they have the longest sperm in the animal kingdom. Drosophila bifurca, a relatively small fruit fly, produces coiled sperm which, when stretched out, is 2.3 inches, more than 20 times the size of the fly’s body. Scientists attribute this quality to the fact that female drosophila bifurca have extremely long reproductive tracts, which are designed to encourage “sperm competition.”

6. California Sea Hares Form Hermaphroditic Love Chains

The California sea hare is a species of sea slug and is hermaphroditic in nature, frequently switching its gender from male to female. When mating season commences, large groups will congregate on kelp beds and prepare to reproduce. In order to more easily facilitate insemination, they will form a love chain, a complicated scenario in which each sea hare takes on both male and female sexual behavior.

7. The Red Velvet Mite Uses a Trail of Silk to Attract a Mate

Humans might use rose petals to lead their significant other to the bedroom, signifying they’re ready for action. The red velvet mite has a similar mating ritual, though it does have an important difference: the surprise at the end of the trail is a pile of semen. Called “love gardens” by scientists, they are a pile of stalks or small twigs, which are covered by the males. To attract the females to the pile, the males will leave sophisticated silken trails leading to the pile.

8. Artificially-Bred Turkeys Physically Cannot Mate

This is technically not a natural process, as it is strictly a result of selective breeding led by humans, which makes it the saddest fact on this list. Turkeys, especially popular with Americans, are picked for their large breasts and they have increased in size immensely since they were first feasted on. However, this has presented the turkeys with a problem they’re unable to overcome: the breasts make it impossible for mating to occur.

9. The Western Harvest Mouse Has a Gargantuan Penis

The Western harvest mouse is a relatively nondescript rodent — native to western North America, only 2 centimeters tall, and a body length of up to seven centimeters. Typical mousey stuff, really. However, nature provided them with one thing to brag about: they have the largest penis of any rodent, relative to body mass.

Singalong for Canadian Sex Workers

A group of musicians and social activists in Victoria, BC, gather to sing a song in recognition of a population of Canadian workers who are being denied human and civil rights, not to mention a safe place to work, as a result of the Canadian government’s 2014 decision to criminalize the purchase of sexual services for the first time in Canadian history. The passage of this new law flies in the face of all research to the contrary, as well as the December 2013 Supreme Court of Canada ruling that found that existing laws against adult, consensual sex work were unconstitutional because they hurt far more people than they helped. We hope you’ll sing this song and share it widely!

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