Complete The Tank

The Stanley Cup Finals are over. The only question is whether the LA Kings make it official tonight.

It looks like they will. Because down 3-0, the Rangers don’t exactly seem like they’re ready to run somebody into the boards. They feel like they’re lying in a morgue. Head Coach Alain Vigneault said yesterday “Excuse us today if we’re not real cheery.”

Who would be, coach? You’re coming off a shutout in your first home Finals game since the mid-90s. And no one has ripped off four straight wins in the Finals since the early 40s.  Even Brad Richards sounds like he knows the Rangers are toast. “I’m not going to lie to you, it’s pretty much impossible to be upbeat.”

That’s the rally cry of a team that won’t die? If that’s the case… I’m not gonna lie to you, it sounds like y’all have already given up…  If I’m Rangers fan… I want to see this team angry. I want them ready to fight. They sound like they’re ready to catch a flight.  And even if they stop moping around and find a way to win tonight, it won’t matter.  This series is still over.  And the Rangers know it.  No need to beat the refs count, and finish the round.  Just complete the tank and stay down.

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