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What if you’re being social, but nobody is listening
Feb 28, 2013 | William Levins | 0 Comments

What if you’re being social, but nobody is listening

If you’re an actor, and at show time, there’s nobody in the audience, would you still perform? Would one person in the audience make the performance worth it? Will five, ten, fifty? What’s the tipping point? Obviously, in real life, if the theater was empty, the show would be cancelled. Even if there were a few people attending, it might be better to return their money and close the show. But in social media, we find companies all the time that put on a show for nobody.

Manufacturer Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) vs Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) - Explained
Feb 24, 2013 | William Levins | 1 Comments

Manufacturer Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) vs Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) - Explained

MSRP is what you’d like everyone to sell your product at - and you’re discounting levels are based on it. While MAP is the price resellers agree to advertise your product at - provided you’ve had them sign reseller agreements.

UPCs as Art
Feb 19, 2013 | Casey Vitale | 0 Comments

UPCs as Art

When I was in college, all my fellow art college students used to joke about one day you’ll see us designing in the bar code factory. A self deprecating inside joke about our individual talents to make it in the corporate world. How funny is it that nearly 15 years later popping up all around me is a world of art using UPC’s. I feel I’ve missed the boat somehow and all my former classmates have gotten on in life just how they planned.

Feb 18, 2013 | Elaine Levins | 0 Comments

Teamwork produces better results

It’s difficult to be creative in a vacuum. While the ideas may come to you at any time (and generally are better when thought of alone), when you’re actually creating the design, it’s good to have team members to bounce things off. It’s why we’re constantly printing out comps and making mini mock-ups - so we can all sit and, a’hem... discuss them.

Feb 15, 2013 | William Levins | 0 Comments

Personal name domains - i.e. controlling your own brand

In today’s socially connected digital world - one of the things young people should be controlling and cultivating is their own personal brand. Sadly, many twenty-somethings will learn the lesson too late; after having loaded Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other outlets with typical teenage and college hi-jinks. Once something is placed online, it’s virtually eternal. Yes, you can attempt to scrub and purge things - but they’ll have a funny way of popping up again and again.

Things To Consider When Designing Packaging
Feb 11, 2013 | Casey Vitale | 0 Comments

Things To Consider When Designing Packaging

So you have a product and are ready to begin thinking about packaging. But have you considered everything that will need to go into the design? It’s more complicated then you may think.

visual.ly for infographics
Feb 07, 2013 | William Levins | 0 Comments

visual.ly for infographics

Distilling complicated or big data down into understandable chunks is a valuable ability. Crafting an easy-to-understand visual from the same is an extraordinary ability. It takes a unique skill set to create infographics that communicate and effect the desired result.

Feb 05, 2013 | Elaine Levins | 0 Comments

Social Media is Just One Component of a Marketing Plan

Marketing can be tricky, and it can be expensive. With the rise of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it seems that a lot of small businesses have fallen prey to the idea that this “free” media is the best (and sometimes only) way to market their business.

Feb 05, 2013 | Casey Vitale | 0 Comments

Solar Printing

Ok so this is totally not practical yet today but as a person who has been moved personally by the recent movement into renewable energies I stumbled upon this and couldn’t help but want to share and wonder. What in the world has taken us so long to get on the bus? I am absolutely amazed that the concern for the use of fossil fuels dates back to the 1860s!!! And in over 100 years we have only just started to really take solar serious.


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