Sunday, September 03, 2023

Winery Baby

Ern is sort of a gym rat at this point.

We did this support group thing of new parents for months. It was one of those things that I dreaded, it was two hours long each meeting, but usually I was happy I did once it was over. It was nice to hear that other new parents were having similar issues to us. It was also nice to hear when they were having a worse time than us so I felt like we were doing better by comparison. Sometimes I wonder if I am a bad person.

Anyway we made a couple of legitimate friends from the group and invited them out to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery for some wine tasting. They are German and I think we have this weird thing where we make friends with foreigners better than Americans sometimes. I guess people that have moved here necessarily already have more of an international mindset that we appreciate? I'm not really sure what it is. We had fun anyway. Their baby is funny because he is very stoic and serious compared to Ernie. Comparing Ernie to other babies is a fun way to get to know him better because I don't have a ton of baby experience other than him so it's difficult to know what is his personality and what is just standard baby behavior.

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Ernie's First Food

Today was a big day for Ern Dawg. He was about to try his first food, but first he needed to do some activities to work up a little appetite.

I've been wanting to take Ernie to a home improvement store for a while because he has such a strong interest with ceiling fans and lights. I don't think any of the fans were actually on which we thought was boring but we did like the lights.

He wasn't very scared of this stuff. I was proud.

He had his first non-breastmilk sustenance today: baby oatmeal mixed with breastmilk.

I thought he did pretty well. He was smacking his lips like he immediately knew how to chew. Big Ern has been needing to take this liquid iron supplement stuff that tastes a lot like chocolate flavored blood. It's super messy so we are excited for him to start getting his iron from food so that we can ditch the supplement.

I had some of my supplements as well.

Friday, September 01, 2023

First Teeth Brushing

Ernie had some teeth so I informed him of the unfortunate news that now he needed to brush them all the time. With great power comes great responsibility.

One of St. Louis' strengths is a Jewish community of sufficient to support several great delis. I don't think that things are quite the same in the Seattle area but we did manage to find a decent place: Gilbert's on Main in Bellevue. I ordered way too much food but I couldn't pass up the pastrami or the matzo-ball soup and I don't think I should be ashamed about that.

Ernie has started sticking his tongue out a ton and thinks it's hilarious when you stick your tongue out at him. He went to the doctor today and got some shots, but it didn't seem to bother him much. last time he got shots I think he seemed sick for a brief period of time. He weighed in at 20.9 pounds and 27.7 inches which were both 100 percentile. His head was so big that his neck took longer to strengthen enough to move it around, and so he had a flat spot on his head that would require one of those goofy ass helmets if we didn't fix. The doctor said that his head is looking much better as we have been having him do a lot of tummy time and carrying him in a carrier rather than a stroller when possible. I'm not saying we are the best parents ever but if you said it I would agree with you.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Tubs and Crabs

I don't think I expected in 2006 when I started this blog that one day I'd write entire posts full of videos of a chubby little man taking a bath but here we are. It is an amazing adventure of sorts, I suppose. Will he poop or pee in the water and then drink it? There's one adventurous way to find out!

Zeke from college was in town doing some banking classes for work, so we took him out to dinner. We've been to the Monsoon in Bellevue once or twice so I was happy to hit the mothership original Monsoon in Capitol Hill.

I was too tempted by the prospect of having a whole Dungeness crab so I just went for it.

"Saigon Dungeness Crab

Live Dungeness Crab cooked in the wok with peppercorn, garlic, shallots, and Chinese five spice. Served with garlic noodles."

Zeke has been a dad for like 52 years and so he was really good with Ernie. I was impressed actually at how much he seemed to care about Ernie's happiness.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

All Systems Go

Between traveling hard and having so much fun, jet lag, and teething, Ernie finally started fully recover and to reach maximum happiness at home.

Maximum happy Ernie is the best Ernie. He likes to kick on his changing table when he's having a good time, but man sometimes he kicks it so hard I wonder if he's hurting himself. I guess not because he does it repeatedly.