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Vancrynes – Overly Concerned

Australian indie rock singer-songwriter Vancrynes released a new track on April 25, 2024. Overly Concerned is part of an extended collection of self-produced singles that the artist records following a boundless creativity. In the last 12 months, Vancrynes has shared 35 songs and demos. His repertoire is close to a hundred.

Stop, slow down, around the sun we turn. We’re moving way too fast…” says Vancrynes in Overly Concerned, a song echoing the sounds of 80s rock soak with a personal experimental stamp.


Links: Spotify | Triple J Unearthed | Instagram

Stereo Roux – nostalgia.fm

Nostalgia.fm is the latest single from the Miami-based composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist musician, and producer Stereo Roux.

With nostalgia.fm Stereo Roux has seven singles and one less for the publication of his debut album, which will be out at the end of September 2024.


Links: Website | Spotify | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

Fansandro - Come Alive

FanSandro unveiled their fifth single Come Alive on May 5, 2024, which will be included in their forthcoming album Ease Up On Yourself. This work is already recorded and they will publish it this summer.

Fansandro is an indie rock duo founded in London by Mike Clarke and Alex Smyth, who were also members of the English band Nolita View.


Links: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

Hinds ft. Beck - Boom Boom Back

Hinds are back with a new video featuring the wonderful American singer songwriter Beck. The song is taken their forthcoming album, Viva Hinds. Said album will be released on the 6th September via Lucky Number, and was recorded in rural France with producer Pete Robertson. It will also feature a colaboration with Fontaines D.C.’s frontman Grian Chatten. The new album will also see Hinds singing in native tongue (Spanish) for the first time. They are now down to a duo of founders Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote (both on vocals and guitars), the other two members Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums), have left the band for pastures new.

The video was made from and idea of Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote, who also directed it, fully shot in Kodak 16mm film in Los Angeles.


somewhere in the way in the middle of my loneliness
feeling strange in the house of a mutual friend
i said “nop, thank you tho” you know i don’t do cocaine
my thoughts are boring
ou can ignore me

if you wanna fall in love in a bar tonight
do you wanna fall in love with a broken heart?
do you wanna ride? ride in my Mirage?
do you wanna be the one that feels the “boom
boom” back?

once upon a time in the middle of an XL lie
faking laughs, melted ice, throwing dollars and

do you wanna step aside a hologram of your life?
life is waiting in the middle of an XL

if you wanna fall in love in a bar tonight
do you wanna fall in love with a broken heart?
do you wanna ride? ride in my Mirage?
do you wanna be the one that feels the “boom
boom” back?

so we went to this after party, and they were starring at us
“tia, ¿se nota tanto que somos españolas?”
“maybe sí, maybe no”
“i don’t know why we came”
oh oh, she was like
“girl, you guys are so funny… you gu
ys are so… cuuuuute”

do you wanna fall in love?
do you wanna feel the… boom boom b

if you wanna fall in love in a bar tonight
do you wanna fall in love with a broken heart?
do you wanna ride? ride in my Mirage?
do you wanna be the one that feels the “boom
boom” back?

Beverly Kills - Sunset Drive

Beverly Kills are a four piece post-punk/indie pop band from Gothenburg in Sweden. Sunset Drive in the first single from their forthcoming as yet untitled second album and was released on the 26th April, via Welfare Sounds & Records. The band members are Alma Westerlund (vocals, synth), Viggo Mattsson (bass), Hampus Höggren (drums), and John Jonsén (guitar).


seven of cups
proved to be a vessel for his soul
no wonder this wishing well took its

he asked and received
and I like to believe
that good things come for the ones who

well he asked and received
and I plead to the streets
can we solve this with dial

I’ll see you in heaven
at the gates
I’ll see you in heaven
or in hell
I’ll see you in heaven
at the gates
I’ll see
you in heaven

legend tells it
this is a place
man has been before
it’s just a fence down the

but I couldn’t predict it
couldn’t see it from afar
I looked for answers in my cards
please hear me


I’ll see you in heaven
at the gates
what if it doesn’t
go our way
I’ll see you in heave
or in hell

go our way

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Mammoth Penguins - Here

Mammoth Penguins are a 3-piece indie powerhouse, showcasing the songwriting and vocal talents of Emma Kupa (Standard Fare) backed up by the noisiest rhythm section in indie pop. May 2024 sees the release of their fourth album Here, on Fika Recordings, released on the 3rd May. Mammoth Penguins are Emma Kupa (guitar and vocals), Mark Boxall (bass and vocals) & Tom Barden (drums and vocals).



  1. Species
  2. I Know The Signs
  3. Flyers
  4. Blue Plaque
  5. Everything That I Write
  6. Here
  7. Nothing and Everything
  8. Help Yourself
  9. Old Friends
  10. Lost Friends
  11. Success
  12. A Plea For Kindness

THICK - Mother

THICK are an American all female group from Brooklyn, Mother is their latest release, out now on Sub Pop records and was released on the 30th April. This video was filmed, edited, directed by Sydney Tate Bradford. They are comprised of Kate Black on vocals and the bass, Nikki Sisti on vocals and guitar & Kaleen Reading on the drums.

Angus & Julia Stone - No Boat No Aeroplane

Australian brother and sister indie folk rock duo Angus & Julia Stone, return with a nice animated video for their latest release, No Boat No Aeroplane. The song is lifted from the forthcoming album Cape Forestier, which comes out on the 10th May. Sorry no info on the director or the animator of this video.


Richard Hawley - Prism Jeans

I was listening to Prism Jeans yesterday, have always been a big fan of English singer songwriter Richard Hawley. This was only released on the 2nd of May. Prism Jeans, Heavy Rain and Two For His Heels, the latter two shared below, are all tasters taken from Richard’s forthcoming brand new album In This City They Call You Love, which wil be released on the 31st May.

FanSandro – London Plane

The London band FanSandro has recorded a new album and unveiled some of its songs, such as London Plane, the first single from the duo formed by Mike Clarke and Alex Smyth.

In the Fandanko Records video, we can see Clarke, the vocalist and bassist of the group, taking a walk under the trees along the banks of the river on a sunny day. While he walks, he contemplates the airplane contrails in the sky.

This is a funny twist on the London Plane double meaning, as it is also the name of the common tree Platanus hispanica, which some believe to have emerged in the city of London. Some scenes of Smyth, FanSandro’s guitarist, with a laptop show what could well be the duo’s new project.

FanSandro’s first single was released on October 12, 2023, and the video six months later, on April 3, 2024.

FanSandro is one of our Jungle Bands, 2024


Rebjukebox 2024 - No. 4

Playlist number 4 of new bands, new artists, with a couple of well known bands thrown in. But all the music is brand new 2024!!! 40 tunes shared here and on my Spotify account. Soz have been a bit busy of late, and got a bit behind with these. No.5 should be out in a couple of days!!

It’s mixed genres of music from many different countries. Makes no difference, where the tracks appear in the playlist, they are all good. I feel 40 is good number of tracks not too long or too short in listening time for your enjoyment. The whole playlist is only two hours and fifteen minutes long.

If your a solo singer or a member of a band, then follow me on my Soundcloud page here, if i like your stuff, i will follow you back, if i don’t follow back then sorry but your not my thing. Whatever style of music is fine, i like many stlyes and will take a listen. You should always trust your own ears with music.

Enjoy & share, hopefully you will discover some great new bands from taking a listen!!

Ok the links for the playlist:- Soundcloud - Spotify

Stay Free Reb


1- Pythies - Eclipse
2- DIIV - Brown Paper Bag
3- Kasabian - Call
4- Lime garden - Pop Star
5- L'objectif - Lilly Of The Valley
6- Slaughter Beach, Dog - I’m In Love
7- Pentire - Don’t Let Your Love (let You Down)
8- Jessica Pratt - Life Is
9- Roast Apple - Tied Up
10- Brixton Alley - Young Dreamers
11- Comforts - Lost Your Lover
12- Phantom Parts - Honest Man
13- killkiyosi - Skin Grafts
14- Bess Atwell - Release myself
15- late night drive home - Felling Grey
16- Holly Humberside - Dive
17- Dilemmas - Walkaway
18- Shambolics - Universal Credit
19- april june - Baby’s Out Of Luck Again
20- L.S. Dunes - How Dare You
21- Agent Blå - Rain To You
22- Screaming Females - My Dead Wife
23- Wallows - Your Apartment
24- English Teacher - R&B
25- nudista - Waiting Line
26- Marnie Stern -Sixteen
27- Lucy Rose - Whatever You Want
28- Bears In Trees - Hot Chocolate
29- The Courettes - Shake!
30- Wynona Bleach - Swim In the Bay
31- Oceanic - Cry
32- Niches - Supernatural
33- Athena Lim - Being Someone
34- The Ghost Club - It’s Your Call
35- April Skies - Don’t Let Me Go
36- The Rosadocs - Stand Alone
37- Charlie Lane - Gold drips
38- French Exit - Still
39- Girl and Girl - Hello
40- POLLY - Project 46

Paz Aguado – Milenios

Paz Aguado is back with Milenios, a new single released on March 22, 2024, on Bandcamp.

Milenios is a cryptic, progressive song that starts with the delicate sound of a guitar and reveals that feeling of familiarity that sometimes occurs in a first encounter.

“This song was inspired by a relationship with a person and the feeling that there are people you meet that you have known for more than a life,” Paz Aguado told Jungle Indie Rock.

Once again, the singer-songwriter from Formentera, Spain, leaves us with a sweet and at the same time nostalgic taste with this new song that you can listen to here. The song is composed, produced, and mixed by Paz Aguado.



El misterio
que me atrajo
hacia ti
no es nada personal

El silencio
que tú provocas
en mí
no es nada personal

Creo que te conocí
algunos milenios atrás
Siento que te encontraré
en unos milenios más

Quizás si tú estás en ti
Quizás si yo me quedo en mí
Quizás si tú te ves en mí
Quizás si yo me veo en ti

…en unos milenios

Links: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

“Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi’s Dead Illustration
Bela Lugosi’s Dead, the debut single from Buahuas, re-imagined as an Archies style comic book cover by Butcher Billy.
Bela Lugosi’s Dead, more than nine minutes long, was released as the...


Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi’s Dead Illustration

Bela Lugosi’s Dead, the debut single from Buahuas, re-imagined as an Archies style comic book cover by Butcher Billy.

Bela Lugosi’s Dead, more than nine minutes long, was released as the group’s debut single in August 1979 on Small Wonder Records and is often considered the first gothic rock record. The group are Daniel Ash (guitar, saxophone), Peter Murphy (vocals), Kevin Haskins (drums) and David J (bass).


Time Machine - 2024 - No. 3

The third Time Machine playlist of 2024. 40 tracks again, as it makes the playlist not too long or too short, perfect number of tunes. The whole playlist only lasts 2 hours 30 minutes. Tracks from the 50’s to 2023, of mixed genres!!

Enjoy it and share it, you might find some old bands/artists you like and want to explore their back catalogues!!

You can find previous Time Machines and more here on the Spotify



1- Bob Marley And The Wailers - Three Little Birds
2- Buffalo Springfield - For What it’s Worth
3- Pixies - Debaser
4- Sam & Dave - Soul Man
5- Half Japanese - One Million Kisses
6- Dandy Livingstone - Rudy, A Message To You
7- Sonic Youth - Teen Age Riot
8- The Charlatans - The only One I Know
9- Half Man Half Biscuit - National Shite Day
10- Steel Pulse- Ku Klux Klan
11- The Libertines - Up The Bracket
12- Mercury Rev - Goddess On a hiway
13- Fun boy Three - The Tunnel Of Love
14- Ian Brown . F.E.A.R.
15- Television - Marquee Moon
16- Pulp - Babies
17- The kinks - Waterloo Sunset
18- Blur - There’s No Other Way
19- Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro
20- Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man
21- Orange Juice - Rip It Up
22- The Bluetones - Slight Return
23- The Gun Club - Sex Beat
24- Neil Young - Heart OF Gold
25- Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
26- Magazine - Boredom
27- The Zombies - She’s Not There
28- Kraftwerk . Autobahn
29- Max Romeo, Lee Perry - Chase The Devil / Disco Devil (With The Full Experiance)
30- Eddie Cochran - C'mon Everybody
31- Arcade Fire -No Cars Go
32- Catatonia - Mulder & Scully
33- Wet Leg - Oh No
34- The linda Lindas - Growing Up
35- Tony Clarke - Landslide
36- Daniel Johnston - Poor You
37- David sylvian - A Fire In The forest
38- Camper Van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling
39- Kevin Ayers - Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes
40- The Beta Band - Dry The Rain

St. Vincent - Big Time Nothing

American singer songwriter St. Vincent returns with new song Big Time Nothing, which she released on the 23rd of April. It’s the third taster of new music from her forthcoming album Born All Screaming which hits the stores in two days, April 26th.

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