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Six Ways to Feel Better Through Music

Music can provoke “goosebumps” and bring a smile or a tear. Also, some songs we associate with the past or people important to us. Music can also support our physical, mental, and emotional well-being....


Music and Gadgets

One of the main functions of background music in the everyday environment is related to the “enlivening” and “animation” of the sprawling space of a technologized civilization, in which music is supposed to compensate...


Creating a playlist: top tips

For someone, music for travel is a must-have item when getting ready for a trip, but it remains insignificant for other people. However, it is foolish to deny that each of us has at...

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What musical preferences depend on

Music can safely be called a universal language. Regardless of the language in which certain songs are sung, we want to listen to certain music for some reason, even if we don’t understand the...

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Music of Germany

The Germans can be called a musical nation because Germany gave the world such famous musicians and composers as Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Strauss and Handel. Classical music in Germany was born in the 18th...

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Color Music – Light Assistant for Music Compositions

Color-music (light-musical) systems are designed to simultaneously play a musical composition and light effects. The light effect on the listener may not be synchronous with the music. With these devices at melomanomaniac significantly increases...

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