Latest DJ Tutor Importz Videos: ScottishDeeJayThe latest videos ( DJ tutorials and others) uploaded to Youtube by ScottishDeeJay- a DJ Tutor Importhttp://www.djtutor.comDJ Tutor (DJ Tutor Cyf)60April 25 :: Easter Review of the Eternal Lighting (DJ Tutor)I check out the new FlatParPro from Eternal Lighting - - and compare and contrast its findability to an Easter Egg! 22 :: MBLV09 Day (DJ Tutor)A wander round the exhibit hall at MBLV09, taking in a whole bunch of DJ related fun and games! 21 :: Fremont Street Part 2 The (DJ Tutor)The second installation in our Fremont Street excursion during MBLV09. I interview Karl from K-ARL TV, the guy who controls and runs the world\'s biggest TV display screen. 20 :: Fremont Street Part 1 KISS Baby! (DJ Tutor)As part of our cultural tour of Vegas during MBLV09, Me, John Beck, Stacey Noles and the wives go to historic Fremont Street in old Vegas. 26 :: January Gig at (DJ Tutor)Just a little info about the Club Evolve gig I do occasionally thanks to Brian Redd. I show a little walk through and a tiny amount of actual dancing! One day, I\'ll do a full gig log there, I promise!\n\n\n\nFacebook - Accent Events\nTwitter - scottishdeejay 26 :: This is how we do it - Bridal Show styleee! (DJ Tutor)I head out to my first bridal show of 2009 - the Wedding Show and Tell at the Zoo Auditorium in Milwaukee. Just a quick run through of the booth, really and why I do the things I do at a show, Your mileage may vary!\n\n\n\nFacebook - Accent Events\nTwitter - scottishdeejay 25 :: New Year\'s Eve....Eve at Club (DJ Tutor)Just a quick look at some of the preparation and gig for a night at Club Evolve at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I basically plug my laptop into their board, otherwise it\'s all their equipment at the club.\n\n\n\nFacebook - Accent Events\nTwitter - scottishdeejay 21 :: AASEW Xmas Party - (DJ Tutor)After the setup (AASEW Party setup vid)comes the night. 120 people, mostly there for the food and the raffle with only a small but happy bunch up for a dance.\n\\nFacebook - Alan Robb\nskype - scottishdeejay 21 :: AASEW Holiday Party - (DJ Tutor)Final \"dance\" party of 2008. This is all the loading and setting up part with a look at the Clarion Hotel in Milwaukee where the gig took place. Special request for DJ Omega just because he\'s a huge fan of Jamiroquai!\n\n\\nskype - scottishdeejay\nFacebook - Alan Robb 10 :: A Quiet Xmas (DJ Tutor)Just a little footage of a VERY quiet Holiday party for a corporate client. Oh well, not every gig is bangin\' I guess!\n\n\n\nwww.scottishdj.com