Overlooking These 4 E-commerce Website Design Elements Will Kill Your Online Business

In e-commerce business, your website design is critical. The design determines how comfortable your visitors navigate through the website.  Also, it is the foundation of your site attractiveness. Hence, your e-commerce platform design is vital in the purchase decision-making process for your customers.

With this in mind, while designing your site, you need to ensure that it is convincing and wooing clients to buy from your shop instead of finding an alternative. Hence, you must take critical precautions that will ensure your site wins the user’s heart and does away with any doubt. Here are four web designing elements that can destroy your e-commerce website if you overlook them:

a.    Compatibility with standard browsers

Customers use different browsers to access your online shop. As you know, various devices use different browsers supported by their operating systems. When designing your e-commerce website, it is crucial to consider its compatibility with the standard browsers. Regardless of the browsers your customers are using, they should get the same experience across the board.

For instance, a person using Google Chrome should not experience better services that the one using Opera mini.  In simple terms, your e-commerce website design should accommodate all types of browsers and offer a similar shopping experience to your customers. Ignoring this aspect is the best method to fail.

B.    Create trustworthiness

Considering your site involves transactions and payments, customers need assurance that the information they are sharing on your site is secure. In this essence, evoking visitors trust is of great importance when developing an e-commerce website design. Your site appearance plays a role in winning customers trust. What they see can make them have the confidence or be suspicious about the legitimacy of your website.

Importantly, your site appearance lays the foundation for all other steps. If your site fails to win customer confidence, the next thing they will do is to click the red button and move on to seek an alternative. Hence, you lose their trust together with a sale. So, whenever you are selecting a design for your e-commerce website, ensure it has the capability of winning your target customers trust.

c.    Multi-device compatibility


Other than adapting to standard browsers as mentioned above, your site should be compatible with various mobile and static devices. Today, it is evidence that people no longer rely on desktops as their sole internet surfing device. In fact, more surfing is taking place on the mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. 

When designing your website you need to ensure that it is compatible with different internet surfing devices. A customer using a mobile device should enjoy similar feature with one accessing your e-commerce website through a desktop.

Otherwise, you will not blame anybody if you make losses due to overlooking multi-device compatibility.  

D. Natural and quick navigation


Have you ever experienced this? You visit an online store find attractive product and decide to purchase them.  You try to find the cart to move your selection in it and process payment without any success. Moreover, the site does not have a live chat option, and if available, it is offline. What do you do next?

Of course, you close the site and move on to the next store. This scenario could be a representation of occurrences in your e-commerce website. When it comes to designing your site for e-commerce purposes, easy navigation should be given priority. You should ensure that your targets do not encounter any difficulty when browsing or processing payment on your site.

All in all, these four elements are critical when developing e-commerce website designs.  Ignoring them will not only lead to loss of sales but also it will make the end of your online business.