Trump casts his ballot in adopted home state Getty Images
With 8 Senate seats in play, Dems push for Southern sweep Getty Images
Ethiopia blasts Trump remark about Nile dam Getty Images
First-time voters are getting election info from TikTok Getty Images
Nicole Kidman gushes over life with Keith Urban: 'I'm married to a really good man' Getty Images
Rare COVID-19 complication is now being found in adults Getty Images
Huge snowstorm bears down on West and Midwest AP
CDC changes guidance over 'close contact' with a COVID-19 carrier Getty Images
Look at The Last Supper — this one detail will stun you Getty Images
Say goodbye: vehicles being discontinued in 2021 Instagram
After George Washington died, the British revealed this Fine Art via Getty Images
Ford announces game-changing new truck for 2021 Getty Images
Schwarzenegger speaks out after having heart surgery NBC via Getty Images
Fed-up teacher shared salary online, received surprising response Twitter
Jaw-dropping mosaic discovery could prove Bible miracle Facebook
What few knew about Dean Martin Getty Images
One genius laundry trick saves people so much time and money Star Tribune via Getty Images via Getty Images
Is there any chance of a stimulus deal by Election Day? Reuters
30 normal items that are dangerous when they expire Getty Images
Boy can't speak for years until a dentist finds why gerenme via Getty Images
Workers make huge discovery under airport Getty Images
Eating one onion every day can do this to your health Getty Images
Scientists discover first U.S. nest of 'murder hornets' AP
James Dean's dirty habit finally revealed years later Hulton Archive via Getty Images
40 strange ways to use WD-40 in your home Pinterest
10 years on, Kate Gosselin opens up about divorcing Jon Getty Images
This queen’s choice revolutionized medicine WP
John Daly on his support for Trump: 'We love everyone' AP
Snap shows how grown up Luke Bryan's kids are Getty Images
30 unexplainable things people found in their homes Reddit
Mom whose kid 'talks' to security camera learns disturbing truth Getty Images
20 of the fastest cars that are actually legal Getty Images
Sports world pays tribute to iconic Minn. journalist Getty Images
The bizarre reason McDonald's burgers never decay Getty Images
30 genius hacks for everyday household problems Reddit
Inside the secret rooms in NYC's public libraries Getty Images
Stephen King's wife saved his career by looking in the trash Getty Images
Report: NFL team signs embattled receiver Brown AP
Utility may cut power to 1M people in California AP
Man wins big after buying 2 lottery tickets by mistake Getty Images
2 big-name retailers could have terrible holiday seasons Getty Images
Classy crossover combines luxury and performance Volvo
Jane Fonda ahead of election: 'We have to make sure that Biden/Harris are elected' Getty Images
Countdown to Christmas with Disney's magical advent calendars shopDisney
Latest financial worry for families during COVID-19 pandemic Getty Images
How one Texas county is winning early voting game AP
Morgan Stanley to cover expenses for students at HBCUs AP
Pa. can not reject mail-in ballots due to signature discrepancy Getty Images
Remdesivir is not a 'magic bullet,' experts say Getty Images
Postal delays persist with mail voting underway Getty Images
Odd competition that grew out of virus restrictions MulletChamp
Superstar rapper is launching a line of cannabis Getty Images
Census takers fall short of target goal in areas of U.S. Getty Images
Canceled Big Ten games will be declared no contests AP
Kobe Bryant to be honored with Smithsonian display AP
Pollster: 'Shy' Trump voters will power him to win AP

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