Living with No Regrets

Live with no regrets. So how are you doing with that? If life on earth were over tomorrow, would you feel satisfied? Would you be able to say that...
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A Picture Worth a Thousand Unspoken Words

The first time I saw this picture, everything stopped and froze in my soul. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it because to me, without any words, it...
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3 Causes of Apathy and How to Get the Urgency Back

Few things are more frustrating than working with an apathetic teammate who constantly needs to be prompted and reminded to do their part, step up, or follow through. Most...
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Are you a consistent leader?

I love learning about the leader that Jesus was while on Earth. I wanted to reflect on him today because there is no better leader example to learn from....
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Hide-and-Seek Leadership

When you don’t communicate, it’s presumed you’re hiding something.
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Small Things, BIG Difference

We all want big results, but big results are achieved by us doing all the little things we need to do along the way.
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Flu coffee

Are you contagious?

Like the flu, a bad attitude can suck your energy, increase your apathy, make you physically hurt and keep you from your best performance.
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Street line

Should a Leader Compromise?

Knowing when and when not to compromise is a balancing act.
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Wall Street Sign

Leaders are Brokers

Like stockbrokers, leaders have the responsibility of wisely investing and growing what has been entrusted to them.
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growing seedling

What are you sowing?

We've all heard the saying, “You reap what you sow.” A farmer sows seed to ensure a good harvest. But you can’t harvest what you haven’t planted.
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