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Lemback.com http://www.lemback.com Holiday Travels of Marlene and Leif Lemback Mon, 05 Feb 2018 19:23:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.3 54173221 The Historical Pont du Gard in France http://www.lemback.com/the-historical-pont-du-gard-in-france/ http://www.lemback.com/the-historical-pont-du-gard-in-france/#respond Wed, 31 Jan 2018 19:29:10 +0000 http://www.lemback.com/?p=6490 [...] ]]> After an overnight stay in NImes, France we drove to Vers-Pont-du-Gard, a town where the Pont-du-Gard is situated. The majestic aqueduct was built by the Romans in the first century AD. The 50-kilometre system bridge was used to carry water from a spring at Uzes (town) to the Roman colony of Nimes. Because of its historical importance it was listed as one of UNESCO’s Heritage Sites in 1985. Nimes is one of the beautiful cities we’ve been and France has quite a number of such cities.

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Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018. Happy New Year! http://www.lemback.com/goodbye-2017-hello-2018-happy-new-year/ http://www.lemback.com/goodbye-2017-hello-2018-happy-new-year/#comments Sun, 31 Dec 2017 12:32:59 +0000 http://www.lemback.com/?p=6466 [...] ]]> In less than 10 hours the New Year will kick-off! But before I say goodbye to 2017 I would like to acknowledge my realisation that I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years now. I turned this domain (lemback.com) into my blogging portal and I’ve resolutely tried to keep it alive. I must say that starting a blog in 2007 was a great year because I met some other bloggers who also started blogging that year. I just don’t know now if their blogs still remain active. I’ve visited some of them a few months ago but only a few I found the blogs updated. Due to my hectic schedule I could not write and post regularly, too. Once a month is what I can manage for the time being. But I hope this will change in 2018.

I started this blog as a mixed-bag, anything-goes blog then I turned it into more of a travel blog, narrating our travel experiences. But the old posts are still here and easy to find.

May we all have a wonderful blogging and traveling year!

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Prague: A Leisurely Walk On Charles Bridge http://www.lemback.com/prague-a-leisurely-walk-on-charles-bridge/ http://www.lemback.com/prague-a-leisurely-walk-on-charles-bridge/#comments Thu, 30 Nov 2017 21:50:22 +0000 http://www.lemback.com/?p=6455 [...] ]]> Prague had long been on our travel list but what we did not anticipate was reaching the city on a road trip. We had talks about taking a flight one day to Prague and spend a couple of days exploring the city. But on our summer road trip last year we decided to include Prague to our itinerary. We were searching for some place warm and sunny despite the fact that it was summer. The heavy pour made us change our route until we decided to drive to Prague. We thought the weather would be nicer but we didn’t seem to get any luck there too.

Charles Bridge

We hit the famous Charles Bridge on a rainy day but it was worth the walk despite the rain. Not a good day to take pictures though, especially when you have to hold an umbrella.

Statue Charles Bridge

The statues seemed to appear black in all our pictures. We didn’t bother to read the text on every statue we saw because of the rain and wind.

Charles Bridge padlocks

This reminded us of Juliet’s House in Verona. This love locks or padlocks at Charles Bridge in Prague didn’t look quite tempting. It didn’t look as though it was intended as love locks.

Charles Bridge pic 4

Me on Charles Bridge

Me and Leif on Charles Bridge

The Holy Crucific on Charles Bridge

One of the 30 sculptures and statues on Charles Bridge is the Holy Crucifix.

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Dreaming Of A Warmer Place in Southern Europe http://www.lemback.com/dreaming-of-a-warmer-place-in-southern-europe/ http://www.lemback.com/dreaming-of-a-warmer-place-in-southern-europe/#respond Tue, 31 Oct 2017 21:03:26 +0000 http://www.lemback.com/?p=6441 [...] ]]> It’s this season of the year that makes me want to just take a flight to some warmer places but not too far away that I could just come back for work anytime I want to. We have just ended the Daylight Saving Time and for some reason it seems to get darker earlier and now on the last month of autumn it also gets colder each day. Dark and cold. The words I can associate with winter. I like snow though. Speaking of warmer places, I have two cities in mind that I would really want to go to right now. Hubby and I have been to these places and we thought it might be high time to revisit them in this time of year.

Catania, Sicily

Catania, Sicily

It was winter when we went to Catania and spent the New Year there. Catania usually has a moderate climate in the winter, at least for us who lives in the northern Europe. Since we rented a car too, we had a good time driving to other cities like Siracusa, Ragusa and Noto. These places are rich in ancient architectures, mostly dated back to ancient Greece. And oh, the oranges, lemons and the clementines! We could even see orange trees on some road refuge. Anyhow, we liked the weather in Catania and there’s no other time of year we hope to visit the place again but in a winter.

Málaga, Spain

Málaga, Spain

We spent our summer holiday this year in Málaga and I must say we fell in love with the city right there and then. Every place we went to were impressive and we appreciated the lively atmosphere. The beaches were so inviting and they just a walking distance away. But it was too hot for us. I told hubby that if we’d visit the city again it should be in a winter. And that’s what we hope for.

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Food Trip in Málaga: Paella and Seafood Dishes http://www.lemback.com/food-trip-in-malaga-paella-and-seafood-dishes/ http://www.lemback.com/food-trip-in-malaga-paella-and-seafood-dishes/#respond Sat, 30 Sep 2017 21:02:35 +0000 http://www.lemback.com/?p=6425 [...] ]]> I’m not done thinking about our food trip in Málaga and though I said in my previous post that some Spanish dishes don’t appeal to both my husband and me it’s worth giving them a try. There’s an abundant supply of seafoods in Málaga so we decided to try some seafood dishes but what we found were mostly of fish and shrimp.

Paella in Malága
On our first day we indulged ourselves in Paella dishes. I opted for a seafood Paella while hubby preferred the beef Paella. I thought Paellas are dry but soaked in some kind of sauce but when it came at our table it reminded me of risotto. Surprisingly though, I like it better than risotto. The difference might be in the spices and flavours.

Calamares – it goes well with cold beers or any other cold beverages.

I was happy to see it in the menu but as it turned out it’s not the kind of Adobo that we love in the Philippines.
This is deep-fried coated fish.

Simple shrimp salad – enough as starter. There’s a variety of shrimp dishes there.

Barbecue with chips. It’s not seafood though.

Some kind of fish. Really nice but I forgot the name.

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Food Trip in Málaga: From Pasta to Sushi to Gambas http://www.lemback.com/food-trip-in-malaga-pasta-sushi-gambas/ http://www.lemback.com/food-trip-in-malaga-pasta-sushi-gambas/#comments Fri, 04 Aug 2017 22:20:44 +0000 http://www.lemback.com/?p=6407 [...] ]]> I am quite selective when it comes to Spanish food. Even my husband is not keen on Spanish food. But before we went to Málaga I searched the Internet for some local gastronomy it is known for. One dish that appealed me most was the grilled sardines. I did order it once we were at a resto by the beach. Unfortunately, they ran out of sardines. Surprisingly though Málaga and its neighbouring provinces have cosy restaurants to dine in which offer both local and international cuisine. Much to our surprise, all the restaurants we’ve been to had given us the satisfaction way beyond our expectation. Feast your eyes on the dishes below.

La Pappardella (Estepona)
Since it’s an Italian restaurant we preferred to try its pasta for the main course. Everything we had in this restaurant was of Italian savour and style. Though we were not so hungry we managed to fill our stomach with this three-course meal.

The starter is a white cheese or something that was recommended to us by the chef. It was nice but we couldn’t eat it up. I guess because we’re both not into white cheese. Hubby had the Spaghetti Vongole. The first time we had this dish was in Sicily and after that we would always want to have it in any Italian restaurant we’d dine in, if it’s in the menu. This time, though, I tried another variant of seafood in my pasta – Spaghetti Lobster. For our dessert, I had a warm and delicious brownie (not in the picture) and hubby had the exquisite Canole.

Restaurante Don Diego (La Marina, Sotogrande)
While walking along Sotogrande’s Marina we found restaurants in a row and it was difficult for us to choose which one should we try. We wanted a little quiet with few people inside. Since it was quite early in the afternoon we found a few restaurants that were empty. We picked this empty restaurant and had a couple of cold drinks then we decided to see the menu. We both like sushi though it’s not the kind of dish that we so eagerly desire.

We did not order something for a starter but we were treated to a nice looking something that tasted that of a shrimp. Anyway, we ate it with appropriate gusto and we liked it. Hubby had the one with mango while I had the one with salmon. We tasted each other’s sushi and we found both to be so delectable. I particularly like the bite-size portion sushi like this one as opposed to big cut portion. Communication was not easy in this restaurant because it seemed all the waiters only spoke Spanish. When we ordered the cream mousse for dessert we thought they did not understand it at all because we got a kind of orange drinks. When the mousse finally came we then realized the orange drinks must have been complimentary.

El Paseo (Marbella)
This restaurant serves Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. After a walk in the sun we got a hankering for cold drinks. We went inside the restaurant and had a few drinks, then we looked at the menu and we decided to have small dish only.

I opted for a stuffed mussels from the menu which I did not have any idea what it would look like. Hubby chose the Lasagne from the menu. The stuffed mussels was all right. It was not quite filling for me so I ordered another dish, the Gambas al Pil Pil, also I didn’t know what it was. I know for sure that gambas is prawn or shrimp. When it came at the table it was sizzling! Without doubt, it was the best prawn dish I’ve ever tasted. It was served with hot bread too. For dessert we both have tiramisu, which didn’t only look appealing but delicious as swell.

This is how the sizzling Gambas al Pil Pil looked when it was being served on the table. Muy caliente!, warned the waiter.
We also went to other restaurants and cafés but we would only sit for some drinks or ice cream to chill out.

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