Simple Kitchen Additions to Save Time & Money

Simple Kitchen Additions to Save Time & Money

As you probably know, I am a big enthusiast for cooking and preparing food at home instead of dining out. It’s a better way to stay healthy, avoid chemicals and things like salt, and also save a lot of money at the same time!

Over the years I have discovered a lot of ways to save time and money when preparing food and drinks in the kitchen. One of the best things is that many of these tips, tricks and products are items you can buy once then use when necessary, saving you from long-term expenses.

My top kitchen additions to save time and money are below. I hope they make you a smarter, faster and more efficient chef!

Use reusable food containers to store meals

This is one of the simplest ways to reduce your food bills and eat healthier. Reusable food containers (some people call them meal prep containers) let you store cooked food in your refrigerator or freezer for days at a time, meaning you can eat when you want and prepare your healthy meals in bulk.

Any resealable containers are fine, although personally I like to buy my meal prep containers from Amazon and get them sent to me in bulk. A pack of 50 containers is enough to last me for at least one year, since you can reuse and microwave each container at least 10-20 times before it needs to be replaced.

Use Nespresso to prepare coffee faster without any waste

I used to prepare my coffee in the morning using instant coffee powder. Then, I realized that it’s full of chemicals and preservatives to keep it fresh for so long. It also tastes horrible. So, I made the switch to using espresso beans and a French press to prepare my coffee to save time.

This gives me a better taste and coffee that costs about the same amount, but it’s very annoying to have to clean the machine so frequently after making coffee. So, in the last year, I made the switch again to using a Nespresso machine.

There are downsides of Nespresso. First, it’s a little bit more expensive than buying coffee beans in bulk and grinding them yourself for a regular espresso machine. Second, it’s not available in every shop, meaning you have to visit some international supermarkets. I use to check for flavors and just order online to save time.

Clean all dishes once per day, not as soon as you use them

This trick has saved me a lot of time in the kitchen. Instead of cleaning all of my dishes once I’m finished with them, I will rinse them and let them sit until the evening. Then, after I’ve prepared dinner, I will wash and dry all of the dishes at once.

The downside of this is that you have some dirty dishes in the sink throughout the day, but since I do the bulk of my cooking in the evening it’s a big time-saver. It’s also good for your hands and skin to not have to expose yourself to cleaning soap often, since it will dry out your skin and stop you from having softer hands.

These are my top three kitchen and food prep tips. What are yours? Let me know and I will try them out and, if I like them, add them to my next list.

Trip to Thailand

Trip to Thailand

My first post in many months. I spent the last months in Thailand on vacation, with a visit to Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Here is the basic summary of my trip and some recommendations for anyone else visiting Thailand:

  • Bangkok is worth visiting for 2-3 days, but after this it will start to get tiring and you will feel like visiting the beach. After four days in Bangkok I couldn’t wait to leave, but I still have a positive impression of the city and the shopping is great.
  • Take the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya for a simple weekend break. Pattaya isn’t Thailand’s nicest beach, but it’s the easiest to access from Bangkok. It has lots of nice hotels and great restaurants that don’t cost very much.
  • For a nicer beach, visit Phuket. I like Nai Harn beach in the south of Phuket, which has a great surfing break. The beaches at Kata and Karon are also nice, but Patong is just too crowded and feels like Pattaya.
  • Pack light. Thailand is very warm, even during winter, so there is no need to pack too much for your trip. Keep it simple and bring a small wheeled suitcase, unless you plan to visit any of the smaller islands, in which case a backpack will be more practical. Smaller is better!
  • Change your money after you arrive in Thailand. It’s easy to withdraw money in Thailand as all ATMs will accept foreign cards, unlike in Japan or Korea. I recommend withdrawing money in Thailand instead of at home, since it will help you reduce the fees and conversion rates you need to pay.
  • Be respectful and learn the culture in advance. In Thailand it’s very rude to show your feet to other people or touch someone’s head. You are expected to “wai” when you meet a new person, which is a bow with your arms raised to your chest. Learn these customs before you visit and you will find it easy to make friends and avoid awkward situations.
  • Make sure to visit the temples and cultural areas. Thailand is most famous for its beaches, but it also has great temples to visit. I recommend the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the Big Buddha in Phuket, which are both peaceful and beautiful and offer a nice break from the beach and nightlife.
The Simple Summer Outfits for 2016

The Simple Summer Outfits for 2016

Ready for hot weather? Now it’s summer time, so it’s time to put your winter outfits away and change to something warmer. I love this time of year because there’s no need to avoid the cold weather and stay inside, plus it’s much more fun to choose creative outfits in summer than winter.

Here are some of my favorite summer outfits for 2016:

DIY Frayed Denim Mini Skirt

I love this! The photo and outfit is from here:



Skirt is homemade frayed skirt, modified from a thrift store find.

Top is simple – tied up t-shirt, can be worn with bra or silicone nipple covers

I think the only thing I would do is add a belt. A good belt that matches blue denim (in this case, I would wear black leather) would take this to the next level. has a good guide to this.

View full outfit on





Fine Etiquette Rose: Smell Fresh Inside Out

Fine Etiquette Rose: Smell Fresh Inside Out

In many occasions, men give flowers to women who are special to their hearts. Any woman, whether as a lover, mother, sister or even a best friend, would feel more beautiful and loved if someone gives her flowers such as roses.

Roses are known to have sweet, romantic and sensual scent, a perfect gift to anyone you hold special to your heart. However, flowers wither and dry in time, so does its fragrance. Now, women may not only smell the fragrance of a rose but may also possess it by taking in Fine Etiquette Rose Supplement, a health supplement that fights off unwanted body odor.

The Fine Etiquette Rose supplement contains oil extracted from Bulgarian damask roses, one of the best and precious sources of perfume oil since ancient times. In fact, it takes 2,500 roses to extract a mere 1cc of oil. The oil is then incorporated with other organic ingredients like fermented rice germ and soybean oils that gives the mixture natural deodorant properties.

The Fine Etiquette Rose supplement acts double time as the body’s warrior against any unpleasant odor and fragrance agent that gives off an irresistible smell that comes from within. Feel confident with fresh and sweet smelling breath and capture the heart of anyone you meet. To achieve the natural fragrance you want without spending too much on perfumes, just take three capsules of Fine Etiquette Rose supplement daily and feel the difference in just a few days.

Being beautiful is also synonymous to being healthy and fit. Your beauty essentials must not only make you smell and look good, you must feel healthy too. Enhance your beauty by adding Premium HyC150 to your health and beauty essentials. The Premium HyC150 is a product of high value, manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a company that has been providing premium and effective nutraceutical products for 40 years.

The Premium HyC150, touted as the fountain of youth, contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and ubiquinol and fortified with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix. Incorporated in a drink, these ingredients promote body cell repair, prevents sagging and moisturizes the skin and boosts body’s energy, enabling you to function properly each day. Studies conducted in Japan, North America and in Europe show that about 93 percent of Premium HyC150 consumers have improved hair, nails and skin with continued use. Be part of that and get back that youthful glow.

Exude the beauty and unleash that confidence from within with Fine Etiquette Rose supplement, while stay fit, look vibrant and feel young again with Premium HyC150.

Available at select Watsons stores nationwide, as well on Lazada Philippines at

Heroes Project New Year Countdown for a cause at Luneta,

Heroes Project New Year Countdown for a cause at Luneta,

Unknown to many, there is a silent group of selected Original Pilipino Music artist that advocating education as the best foundation in life, this is the Heroes Project PH wherein artist usually perform in a big audiences, and ask donations to send kids to school.

Mike Chan, one of the members of all-star quartet Sabado Boys along with Paolo Santos, Jimmy Bondoc, Luke Mijares and DJ Myke is spearheading the Heroes Project PH that started year 2011. In the past year they send kids to medical operations mostly with facial deformities, but in 2014 after a New Year Coundown show in Rizal Park at Luneta, they were able to send 20 students to school.  Chan is a nephew of Ben Chan of Bench company.

Some notable artist who’s been supportive of Heroes Project PH in the past are Barbie Almabis, Sitti, Nyoy Violante, Jason Fernandez and others.

“We want to do something for the audience that supporting us, we want to give out a message that you don’t have to be a celebrity to do something for, we want to let the people know that this one way to they can be happy, appreciate small things in life, and find a way to share.” Chan explain.

This 2015 Heroes Project PH is aiming to have 40 or more senior high school scholarships, this is along with their partner private schools nationwide, and the campaign aside from different gigs is thru texting, wherein one text cost P10 each. All they have to do for all Globe users is text HEROES and send to 3456.

Aside from that, and all-star album is set to release early 2016 where the proceeds is also part of the project, one of the band who will donate one of their songs in this “We Are The World” titled album is Mojofly, Ali Alejandro , a member of the said band is present during the signing of contract with partner schools last December 1, 2015 at Quezon Buffet

Heroes Project Ph partner schools are Ateneo De Manila, Xavier School, STI, Miriam College, St.Theresa’s College, St.Mary’s Academy and a lot more.

“It’s the thought that you can help somebody kahit di mo sya kilala, thru Heroes you can help send kids to school, and pag natapos sya hopefully maalala na ako pinaaral, kung sya may trabaho na, puede naman syang tumulong, it’s a cycle. “ Mike added.

Chan clarify that they are not a group or an organization to be called for, they are just helping individually as a team. They are also open to some artist who wishes to join them especially this coming December 31 in a New Year’s countdown again in Luneta.


Prepare to be awakens by force in an exhibit.

Prepare to be awakens by force in an exhibit.

SM is true to its partnership with Walt Disney, this time a two portion in SM Mall of Asia is dedicated for a month long exhibit of some memorable life size characters and planes use in the latest movie franchise Star Wars: The Force Awakens, of course under Walt Disney pictures.

“The whole exhibit is due to the strategic partnership with Disney, so we are here to promote the much anticipated film of the year, which is the Star Wars.” Explained by Ria Canteras, AVP for Corporate Marketing of SM Lifestyle Entertainment.

At the main hall of Atrium part of MOA lies the biggest replica of X-Wing, even though locally manufactured this gigantic Sci-Fi fighter plane is such a delight not just for Star Wars fans, but for all ages wherein you can ride at the cockpit part and have your photos taken and this is for free. What amazing about this X-Wing is the light around it that feels like a real one indeed, of course with setting of moods due to its background music that keep playing while you inspect the fighter plane. X-Wing was identified with Luke Skywalker in the past Star Wars films as his vehicle.

In the said area toy figurines of Star Wars different characters in the past and present is also in display, plus the interactive Battlefront, the Star Wars video games that was a hit to gamer’s aficionado. Souvenirs and memorabilia are also available after you exit the X-Wing landing area.

Aside from the exhibit of X-Wing at the Atrium, another exhibit is also in display at the Time zone area still in MOA, Choose your destiny wall is situated here that showcase light saber swords that you can play and of course have selfie with it. It has the two versions, the red one for the Seth and the blue one for the Jedi.

But the real life size Stormtroopers is the star in this exhibit section, this is the military identified with Galactire Empire of villain known as Darth Vader. This one is an original manufactured image replica that can be seen in all Star Wars movies. There are four of them in the area along with some helmets, SM inform us that this one are original franchise figurines all the way from abroad. Everything they display is under the supervision of Disney even the X-Wing replica that was created here in Manila.

“All the things that you see here have been approved by Disney, concepts came from them as well, so I can assure you that this is all legit.” Canteras added.

An app for Star Wars is also in this section, that when you put your phone to its screen something forceful happen created by BB-8 droid.

Aside from Mall of Asia, another Star Wars exhibit display is also open to public at SM North Edsa in Quezon City. The exhibit opens last December 7 and last until Jan 3, 2016.

The movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 17, and it will take a break on Christmas day to give way for Metro Manila Film Festival, and will resume on January 8, 2016. But for IMAX and other large format screen, the showing is not interrupted.

Cantreras also inform us that many things like this can be seen in many SM Malls in 2016, along with Disney they are already preparing for Captain America and Finding Dory before its release next year.

Tag-Ani, a theater review.

Tag-Ani, a theater review.

I was invited by a friend to watch a stage play somewhere in Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Avenue Q.C. Since I was a bit bored on my everyday student life, I was half-convince to come along.
As soon as we arrived on the venue, me and my friend where greeted by a friendly usher handing us a copy of the plays’ synopsis and press release write-ups with a delectable pica-pica to savor with.
By the way the title of the play was Tag-ani written by Amelia Lapeña – Bonifacio, directed by  Roeder Camañag. Ces Aldaba and Ermie Concepcion plays the two main character of the story. I never heard of this story nor its writer, so I tried to read the synopsis to have a glimpse of what this stage play all about. It’s a tragic comedy that features 2 characters in their 70’s who tries to rekindle the joys love and being in love with a little twist in its ending. The word “twist in its ending” tip to my mind. I wonder what the ending would be?
As the play starts I was blown away by the two main actors, they where actually on their late years of their life. I started to say at the back of my mind that this will be the longest boring 40 minutes of my life, I don’t like old actors. So! As the play starts running, I was demeaned of what I have said to myself a while ago. The story was extremely good and the actors who portrays the role genuinely captures the “Kilig Moment” when you are insanely in Love and at the same time makes you laugh as they make those adlib against the other character.
To be honest I never watched stage plays before. I am a bit pessimist about relating my feelings on whatever message a play tries to convey. I always regard movies as a perfect entertainment platform. I never thought of stage plays can utterly maneuver my imaginations and emotions until I watched this classic Tag-Ani tragic comedy stage play last August 29,2015.

Tag-Ani is produced by Artist Playground under the direction of multi-awarded Actor Roeder Camanag, held at 1701 The Little Room Upstairs, Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Ave, Quezon City. Due to overwhelming response, Tag-Ani will have a repeat on Sept 5 and 6 (Sat and Sun), with 3PM matinee and 7pm evening show. For Tickets call or txt 0977-3062924.

The songs of Vehnee Saturno is now a musical play.

The songs of Vehnee Saturno is now a musical play.

The latest musical to hit the Philippine Theater by September is Chuva Choo Choo, The Mr.Kupido Musical inspired by songs written in the past by hit maker Vehnee Saturno. It will be produced by Stages Production Specialist Inc under the direction of seven time Palanca winner George De Jesus III.

This Original Filipino Musical will open on Sept 25 and 26, 2015 and will serve as the opening salvo of the newly built Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. The short run will continue by January of 2016.

Billing this exciting production is the former Kim of Miss Saigon Joanna Ampil and The Voice finalist Morisette Amon, they will portray sisters Dina and Darla, whose story started when they witness an altercation that they wish they never saw, and from there a hilarious hiding and impersonations, they even land as contestant in a reality singing contest, so it’s a choice of stardom over secrets and quest for true love as well.

Among the songs to be used in this musicals are Isang lahi originally sung by Regine Velasquez, Bakit Pa of Jessa Zaragoza, Be My Lady of Martin Nievera, Sana Kahit Minsan of Ariel Rivera, Forever Is Not Enough of Sarah Geronimo, Mula Sa Puso of Jude Michael, and Chuva Choo Choo originally by Jolina Magdangal, and a lot more.

Saturno’s career in song writing span for almost 35 years, he has written almost 800 songs and around 150 of that are all hits, during the launching of this play last August 13 at My Cinema in Greenbelt 3, Saturno admit he is so happy for this project, he said he long pray for it for the longest time and now it’s happening.

First show of Chuva Choo Choo is on Sept 25 and 26 (3pm and 8pm), Sept 27 at 3pm. The second run is scheduled on January 2016. For ticket inquiries call Cheng Pimentel of Stages Production Specialist, Inc at (0917)859-6544.

Ex With Benefits, a sexy offer from Star Cinema this September.

Ex With Benefits, a sexy offer from Star Cinema this September.


It’s very rare that Star Cinema make movies with sexy theme, and for this season the leading Movie company in the Philippines dare to offer something sizzling entitled “Ex With Benefits”, that will serve as the launching movie of Showtime host Coleen Garcia and the return of Actor Derek Ramsay in Star network after moving to another network.

During the Blogconference last Aug 18, 2015 at the Malayan College in Cabuyao Laguna, Ramsay says that he miss working with Star Cinema where he find the people are the great in industry. And he was happy to be back and made a new movie, but he assure the public it’s not a Kabit movie he did in the past.

He reiterate that his character is so in love here, and that what people should look for how intense his delivery. Director Gino Santos told us that Ex with Benefits will surprise viewers on how beautiful and artistically he shot all the bed scenes of Ramsay and Garcia.  Santos other films are The Animal and #Y, both Cinemalaya finalists.

Ramsay and Garcia along with Santos clarify the issue of putting Medical Representatives in bad light, this is in reaction with the trailer of the film. The cast insists it’s about the two ex-lovers who meet again after many years, and not about their profession.  It’s better to watch first before judging the movie.

Showing nationwide on Sept 2, 2015, Ex With Benefits also stars Rayver Cruz, Tirso Cruz III, Carmi Martin, Kitkat, Juan Rodrigo, Nina Ricci-Alagao, Jobelle Salvador and Mengge Cobarrubias

Agora awards 2015 now open for nominations.

Agora awards 2015 now open for nominations.

The search is on, for this year’s best marketers in The Philippines via The Agora Awards now turning 36 years older. It’s considered the Oscars of Philippine Marketers who, the best and effective marketing campaigns are recognized, and the minds behind those marketing success.

From the greek word Agora meaning Market started in 1979, as of now it has eight categories such as Marketing Company of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Marketing, Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship (Large scale, medium and small scale), Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Management, Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Communications, Marketing in Education, Overseas Marketing and Export Marketing.

The winners for this year should be nominated, the form can be downloaded from and deadline of submission is on Sept 8, 2015. But the twist for this year is, aside from the usual awarding ceremony, selected past winners of Agora Awards will also convene for a day of talks, to share their stories, their secrets and tips on how to succeed in Marketing, it’s called the Agora Circle Conference that they are reviving for this year.

Among those past winners and will be speakers are Greg Banzon of Century Canning Corp, Sari Yap of One Mega Group, Inc, Emily Abrera of McCann Erickson Philippines, Butch Jimenez of PLDT, Chito Sobrepena of Metrobank, and a lot more.
For inquiry regarding reservation and the rates, just go to the for more details.