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Foxy Brown - Ill Na Na
Writer-112016-07-05 02:02:28Foxy Brown
[intro: method man] one time… huhh, all up in ya like a bone when i… johnny blaze, iron lung foxy brown, ill na na (yeah, c’mon, yeah, c’mon) destination̷...
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Xdeathstarx - Salvation
Writer-112016-08-07 12:27:22Xdeathstarx
ready, i am ready, breathe salvation lord we hear your prayer, bring forth revival rise, oh ancient one, breathe salvation we failed by hands of man and laid claim to idols how selfi...
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Jeff Buckley - Be Your Husband
Writer-112016-07-15 08:47:21Jeff Buckley
be your husband if you’ll be my wife be your husband if you’ll be my wife stick to promise that you made me you’ve gotta stick to promise that you made me stay away fr...
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Ray Conniff - It Never Rains In Southern California
Writer-112016-08-13 22:58:00Ray Conniff
got on board a westbound seven forty-seven didn’t think before deciding what to do ooh, that talk of opportunities, tv breaks and movies rang true, sure rang true … seems it...
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Alice Nine - Hello, World
Writer-112016-08-13 18:55:46Alice Nine
nanika ga kawarisou na yoru hitoshirezu kotoba o kakitameru kokoro no nemoto ni ikidzuku kotoba ya oto wa idai na dareka no uetsuketa tane na no dakeredo kono chippoke na karada ja akit...
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12 Discipulos - El Domingo
Writer-112016-07-14 02:44:3412 Discipulos
el domingo por la tarde ya cansado de curarme de joder y de pitchar enguandome las bolas estuve como una hora pa sacame to’a la sal mi lado una muchacha en bikini y borracha k tambien s...
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Black Clint - When I Said I Do
Writer-112016-08-07 19:30:10Black Clint
(clint black & lisa hartman black) these times are troubled and these times are good and they’re always gonna be, they rise and they fall we take ’em all way that we shoul...
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Tangent - Bat Out Of Basildon
Writer-112016-08-08 08:30:31Tangent
he’s only as old as his helmet and no one can see his grey hair through dark tinted perspex sun visor as he breathes in open freeway air there’s a two hour queue out of stansted a...
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O A R Of A Revolution - Heavy Heart
Writer-112016-07-04 03:50:31O A R Of A Revolution
h*llo, h*llo, h*llo it’s been a long d*mn time since i told you so like every minute that we had is gone everything you knew about me is already wrong i don’t plan on leaving so qui...
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Adrian Belew - Sleepless
Writer-112016-07-06 02:30:24Adrian Belew
in dream i fall into sleepless sea with a swell of panic and pain my veins are aching for distant reef in crush of emotional waves alright, get a hold of yourself an’ don’...
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