V2 Pro System is the new offered product by V2 Cigs. It consists of three very special and unique vaporizers. Series 3 is an eliquid optimized vaporizer; Series 7 is a loose leaf optimized device and V2 Pro Series 9 is an essential oil vaporizer.

Each of the V2 Pro vaporizers are optimized for a specific application. However, this does not mean that the unit will work only for that particular ingredient. V2 Pro Series 9, for example, might be unit for essential oils, but you can also use it with wax, loose leaf and eliquid. In essence, V2 Pro gives you a three in one (all in one) vaporizer so you absolutely get real value for your money. A simple V2 pro review on the series 9 device begins…

Series 9 Vaporizer Kit And Components

This is especially for the advanced vapers; for the techie in every vaper. Serious vaping aficionado will definitely find Series 9 a true gem with its utmost functionality and maximum control.

It has a Smart Menu System and an OLED screen equipped with modern customization features. Its advanced loose leaf cartridge could perform through conduction or convection and other modern heating methods.

It offers variable temperatures for heating loose leaf ingredients and variable voltage settings for essential oils and eliquids.

Order this kit at a starting price of $249.99. You could get it free by exchanging your 2500 V4F points for it. It would even be shipped to your address for free if you are within the US. The kit may run a bit spendy but it will be totally worth it in our opinion. Also, a V2 cigs coupon code will not work on any of the V2 pro products.

Other vaporizers in the market typically work for just a certain material; thus, you would need to purchase specific devices for eliquids, loose leaf, and essential oils or waxes if you are the type of vaper who treats variety as spice.

Simply use the appropriate cartridge for your chosen ingredient. Insert this cartridge in the recessed chamber and the device will automatically detect what type of cartridge it is so that it could automatically warm the ingredient in the necessary level of temperature without pressing any switch. This is made possible by the Smart Technology of V2 Pro System.

When the battery needs recharging, you would definitely approve that the charging cord can be easily and magnetically secured instead of screwing the battery to the charger.

LED perimeter refers to the series of various colors of LED lights around the metal charging port. This LED perimeter serves as indicator lights of the device’s activation status. It appears black when the device is off. It glows Red when it is charging and solid Green when charged.

Series 9 Features

Hold off your excitement for a while because V2 Cigs is making sure that the product you will get is certainly high standard and excellently satisfactory. Series 9 will be launched January 2015 so you will have something new for the New Year.

It is like a vaporizer with a starship. It has an OLED screen that can show essential vaping data. The temperature and voltage are menu-driven and digitally controlled. It can monitor and count the number of puffs you have made, etc.

Series 9 measures 135 mm in length and 39 mm in diameter. It weighs 146 grams. It is equipped with guaranteed longer battery life as it is powered by a 2550mAh battery.

The Eliquid Cartridge can hold 0 ml of eliquid. Adjust the thickness of your vapor by fine-tuning the voltage with 0.1 volt increments. A fully filled cartridge can create up to 1500 puffs (as per 2-second test using a puff machine).

The loose leaf cartridge is heated up by a 1600 cubic mm conduction/convection oven. The temperature can be adjusted with 1 degree Celsius increments. One charge could last up to 30 sessions.

The essential oil cartridge will be launched also on January 2015.

Versus A Leading Competitor

There are many essential oil vaporizers in the market, but Series 9 will work not only for essential oils, but also for eliquids, loose leaf and waxes.

It would be good to know how Series 9 compares with a competitor like the G Pen Essential Oil Vaporizer from Grenco Science. G Pen is offered at a lower price of $69.95 only, but it can only be used with essential oils (thin or thick).

A complete set includes a battery, an oil tank, a USB charger, a wall adapter, a G Tool, 2 glass containers, 2 glass sleeves and 3 cleaning tips. With all these components, it can only be assumed that the pen vaporizer involves a somewhat complicated process. V2 Pro relieves you of any complicated usage and of any poor performance issues so you can enjoy pure vaping bliss.

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