When you want to make your URL shorter for your website you are going to want to use what is called a URL Shortener service. These are going to be websites that you can go to that take a long URL filled with various numbers, letters, and symbols and shrinks it down. Here’s the most exciting part, it is very simple to get started. The first thing that you are going to need is a to find a long URL that you want to shrink down to very little. Once find one you can input it into the website and it generates a smaller URL for you. It’s as easy as that. The shorteners that are going to make you money are going to work like this. First the visitor to your website is going to enter your website and they are going to be shown ads and a short timer is going to appear as well. Once the timer is done the visitor is going to then go to the original URL. That is how you are going to make money from the URL shorteners. However, you aren’t necessarily going to make a lot of money off of URL shorteners they are an extra easy way to make a few dollars and their to possibly cover some hosting costs for your website. Now that you know more about URL shorteners you can check out one of the top URL shortener websites. CuT URL’s is a great website that you can go to and get your URL shortened. This website has some of the best rates on shorteners you are going to get the highest commission rate from CuT. So how exactly are you going to earn money from CuT URL Shorteners. Well or starters you can actually sign up and join for free as well as use the websites services for free. CuT is going to actually pay you when someone is going to click on their domain from your URL Shorteners. From this you are going to get a referral commission for referring your customer to their website. Basically, CuT URL shorteners are going to pay you to advertise their website on your URL. So by using their URL shrinker for example a URL such as www.example.com/webite-url-1423-4-example-.#3994-wesbite. And then shrink it down to www.example.com/website. Then you are now going to send out that link to your customers and they are going to be directed to where an advertisement is going to show and you are going to get a referral commission from the customer seeing the advertisement. Here are some features and tools that CuT URL uses. Some features they use are custom Alias what these are going to do is let you change the end of your newly shrunk link to whatever you desire it to be. And the user’s tools that they provide on their website for you to use is something they call a mass shrinker and now what that is a special tool that allows you to shrink twenty URLs at a given time. Making it convenient for the user to change multiple URLS at a time. The next tool is called a quick link this is a tool that is going to let you shrink any URL without having to log in making it great for users who don’t want to have to sign up to use the Shortener tool. The last tool they offer is a full-page script this is a tool that is going to take all of the URLs from your website and shrink them. Some tools for developers that CuT has are APIs these are tools that developers can use to integrate their short links into apps and projects that they are developing. Developers can also use their statistics tool that are going to project the views as well as earnings model. With CuT URLs you are going to average about 35% for every single referral earning for the entirety of your website. You will also have payout rates these are going to be based on the visitor’s location, the ad specifics, ad-blockers, as well as other factors to consider. Depending on these factors each URL shortener service is going to pay you differently. CuT is going to be the top because of it has some of the best payout rates and exceeds their competitors.

Published on: 3/1/18, 8:14 AM

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