Marco Bellinaso

Marco Bellinaso

Mobile Architect @ ASOS (and iOS dev for fun)

London, United Kingdom
Computer Software
  2. Studietto Apps
  1. GetConnected srl,
  2. Mopapp,
  3. AnguriaLab LLC
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=> Follow me on Twitter -- @mbellinaso
=> Read my posts about Android, iOS and UX --

I'm a software architect and developer with 14 years of experience designing and implementing native mobile apps and web-based software solutions for large companies such as ASOS, Microsoft, YOOX, UniSys, ValueTeam/NTT, FIAT, Crif, Tiscali, Engineering and others.

I work as Principal Architect in the Mobile Team at ASOS, where I have a good time playing with iOS and Android native apps, as well as some mobile web-based projects. I have to do with native code, server-side API design, testing and deployment strategies, architectural diagrams. A passion for UX design is also growing on me!

Previously co-founder and CTO of Mopapp — a funded startup with big customers — I also authored a number of commercial developer tools and programming books, among which is Wrox's best-selling "ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming".

I like to spend some of my spare time working with friends on a few personal mobile apps (Studietto Apps -- Our first app for iPhone, "Cents", has been featured by Apple in the USA App Store and reached the Top 25 in the Utilities category. I'm currently working on a number of Android apps, it's just too fun!


  • Principal Architect for Mobile
    – Present (2 years 8 months)London, United Kingdom

    With 30M unique visitors a month, 15M registered users, and 8M active customers, is one of the top UK's largest online-only fashion and beauty store. Primarily aimed at 18–34 year old men and women, ASOS sells both branded fashion goods and its own range of clothes

  • Founder / Product Manager / iOS & Android dev

    Studietto Apps
    – Present (3 years 1 month)London, United Kingdom

    Studietto develops consumer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. It's a virtual company, it's more like a group of passionate developers/designers/friends that set out to create something useful and beautiful together.

    == {Unknown name} for iOS and later Android => some time around Feb or March 2016
    A nice and needed app that I'm sure many video gamers will love! ;)

    == Home Design Ideas for Android ( => August 2014
    Get inspiration for your home's interior and exterior design, with a curated collection of thousands of great photos.

    == 8Ball Wear for Android Wear ( => July 2014
    The Magic 8 Ball game (ask a question and it will give back a random/funny answer), for both Android smartphones and Android Wear watches.

    == Berrysearch for Android ( => June 2014
    A super fast search for apps and contacts on your device, always reachable via a little icon that stays on top of all other apps, on the side of the screen (ala Facebook Chat Head). It implements two different keyboards (Smart T9 and Smart QWERTY), and does some smart tricks to merge contacts and integrate with Mail, Phone, SMS and WhatsApp.

    == Berrynotes for Android ( => May 2014
    A fast note taking app, always reachable via a little icon that stays on top of all other apps, on the side of the screen (ala Facebook Chat Head). It also keeps a history of anything you copy to clipboard from other apps, and it suggests useful actions if you copy a number or email address.

    == Weird Talk for Android ( => April 2014
    A simple app with hundreds of searchable and filterable funny and crazy quotes. It Features a pure Holo design, and a background service to automatically update itself.

    == Cents for iPhone ( => April 2013
    A gorgeous app to track your daily micro-expenses with a single tap.
    My activities: Concept, partial UX design, partial implementation, project management and test.

  • Co-Owner / Mobile & Web Software Architect

    GetConnected srl
    (5 years)Bologna Area, Italy

    GetConnected is a consulting & software development company based in Bologna, focused on web and mobile applications. We specialize in Microsoft .NET, Java, Alfresco, SharePoint, iPhone and Android.
    I joined the company as a senior developer & consultant, and later become a partner.

    My activities:
    - Developed prototype and production code for ASP.NET-based services, iOS and Android apps
    - Functional and technical analysis for various software development projects
    - Software selection; analysis of new technologies and products
    - Managed technical interviews and mentorship for new developers

  • Co-founder & CTO

    (3 years)

    Mopapp is a service-as-a-software that provides advanced revenues & downloads analytics for all mobile app stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Win Phone Marketplace, RIM App World etc.).

    My activities:
    - Support to the product design and functional analysis
    - Software architecture and technical infrastructure definition
    - In charge of the new UX and UI redesign, the external communication, user support
    - Development of the iPhone client app
    - Development of many core functionalities and internal services (billing, reporting, white label support, top apps rankings, app catalogs, data scraping from external websites and more)

  • Co-founder & CTO

    AnguriaLab LLC
    (3 years 11 months)

    AnguriaLab develops end-user consumer mobile apps, for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

    My activities:
    - Developed "Postino" for iPhone ( iOS code + ASP.NET backend
    - Managed the team that ported Postino to Android, WinMobile, Win Phone, Win 8 and FB
    - Developed "Locomotimes" for iPhone (timetables for the two train transportation services in Italy)
    - Managed the development of 10 commercial source-code components for iOS (

  • Senior iOS and ASP.NET developer (as a consultant)

    YOOX Group
    (1 year 7 months)

    Yoox is a multibrand clothing & accessories ecommerce.

    My activities:
    - Developed the first versions of the native iPhone and iPad apps
    - Contributed to the design of the REST API layer
    - Architecture and partial development of the Yoox Top Ten Facebook app
    - Architecture and partial development of a custom ASP.NET MVC framework for mobile websites

  • Founder and Principal Developer / / /
    (1 year 6 months)

    While working as a freelance developer and consultant, in my spare time I created a number of sites. The idea was to experiment with new technologies (AJAX, BlackBerry SDK, etc.) and at the same time create something of value (byteCommerce in particular allowed hundreds of people to super-easily sell stuff online).

    My projects:
    - developed 10 commercial BlackBerry apps. One was acquired by a USA company
    - digital goods ecommerce with a payment bridge for PayPal (built with ASP.NET)
    - social network for pet lovers (built with ASP.NET)
    - city-wide social network, with geo-localized listings and photos. (built with ASP.NET/AJAX)

  • Partner, Senior Developer, Senior Consultant, Trainer

    Code architects
    (7 years)

    Code Architects is a software consulting and dev training company founded by the two Italian Microsoft Regional Directors. I joined as a senior dev and trainer, and later became a partner.

    My activities:
    - Dozens of consulting gigs and training classes for the biggest companies in Italy (Microsoft Italia, HP, Mondadori, Tiscali, FF.SS, Centro Ricerche FIAT, CSC Computer Sciences, Engineering and more). I mainly worked on Microsoft products and technologies, such as: ASP.NET, SharePoint, CMS, WinForms, VB.NET, C#

    - Partial development of "VB Migration Partner", an advanced semi-automatic VB6 to VB.NET/C# migration tool

    - Designed and implemented "FormMaximizer.NET", a commercial UI component for .NET developer

    - Designed and implemented "CodeBox.NET", a commercial code repository for .NET developer

    - Partial development of "VBMaximizer", a best-selling commercial add-in for VB6

    I also presented at many public conferences such as Mondadori's WPC and various Microsoft events (roadshows, innovation tours etc.)

  • Freelance VB6/VB.NET/C# Developer and Trainer

    Various companies
    (3 years)

    - Developed 15 commercial ActiveX controls (VB6 - personal project)
    - Partial development and content editing for Dot2TheMax, once a leading dev-oriented website
    - Consulting and development on multiple projects of small size (ASP websites / VB6 apps)
    - Developed, once a famous website for USA lovers (ASP - personal project)


  • English

    Full professional proficiency

  • Italian

    Native or bilingual proficiency





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  • I had the privilege of working under multiple mentors at Mopapp, during my internship, and that's how I know Marco. He is easy to work with and has a vast technical and domain knowledge to draw from. Combine that with his requirement for high standards, I learnt a lot about writing blogs, Google Analytics, web designing and mobile analytics from him. He is always up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and hence he is one of the best people to approach for what to post on various social networks. Working with Marco is a very enriching experience.
  • Professionista indiscusso, autore di libri di successo in ambito nazionale ed internazionale ma soprattutto persona integerrima e sincera.


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