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  • “This is what separates Cisco from the competition.”

    Alok Patel

    Product Manager, Cisco Support APIs, Cisco

  • “We rely on Mashery’s expertise to manage and monitor access rights. As a result, we are able to offer a very robust product.”

    Matt McAlister

    Head of the Guardian Developer Network, the Guardian

  • “Mashery is the difference between having an API and having an API ecosystem.”

    Ismail Elshareef

    Director of Open Platform, Edmunds.com

  • “When you have APIs, there's a lot of opportunity from a security standpoint, governance, and ease of use. We went with an API management platform to give us all of those things.”

    Kevin Flowers

    CTO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • “Mashery has made it easy for us to scale and lets us make it easy for our developers to scale.”

    Lily Liang

    Product Manager, Rotten Tomatoes

  • “We are modernizing healthcare IT in a big way with Mashery.”

    Kyle Armbrester

    VP of Business Development, athenahealth

  • “We chose Mashery because it combined an understanding of our requirements with excellent customer service - it was a very quick decision to outsource that element of the work.”

    James Moore

    Founder, CentralIndex.com

  • “The API initiative with Mashery allows us to focus on our core competency.”

    Betsy Eisenberg

    Director, Product Management + Data Operations, EDGAR Online

  • “Mashery's capabilities allow us to scale at the level that we need to without a high operational cost.”

    Brandi Mobley

    API Product Manager, Getty Images

  • “Mashery allows us to easily do throttling and rate limiting.”

    Dave Berard

    Product Manager, Constant Contact

  • “Mashery had the most stable and most robust system available. ”

    Pete Moeykens

    Fellow, Location-Based Services, TomTom

  • “It was much more cost-effective to purchase Mashery than to hire more engineers to manage something in-house that Mashery has already successfully built.”

    Sabrina Schulz

    CEO, JamBase

API Strategy

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API Strategy

We immerse ourselves in your business to ensure your API strategy delivers value to you and the partners and developers that will benefit from your API platform.

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