Pinball Maniacs 2.2

We’ve been working hard to release a new update for Pinball Maniacs, and we appreciate that the feedback from you guys has been very positive.

Please Update!

What’s new in Pinball Maniacs 2.2:

Already unlocked Dragon Castle, wonder what to do with all those stars?
Stars now unlock more Chests with Great Surprises.
Got Friends behind? Send gifts to your friends to help them progress! Good friends will send you gifts back!
Are you stuck? You can now unlock the next mission using Rubies!
Purchase Rubies or Coins and get more for Free!
Holidays Blues? In Maniacs, it’s Holidays every day! Pretty soon we’ll offer cool deals on Extraballs, Boosts, Upgrades and more!
Improved Performance and Framerate!

We know Pinball Maniacs requieres a lot skill, and it might be discouraging for new pinball players. The next version will focus on improving beginners experience.

Don’t hesitate to post your feedback, or suggestions.

Thanks :)

Pinball Maniacs 1.3 [ALERT]

Dear Pinball Maniacs,

We’ve released yesterday an update to Pinball Maniacs (1.3), and unfortunately there is an issue with the update that is out of our control. The problem is a crash at start up, created on Apple’s side. We are waiting for an explanation and a solution from Apple. It does not affect all users, so if it does not affect you, you’re lucky.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t update yet, please don’t update just yet!

We deeply thank you for your patience!

This issue is affecting a bunch of apps too. More information:

The Pinball Maniacs Team

Introducing the Team behind Pinball Maniacs

From left to right: Magic Fred, Laurent and Gregory

Frédéric Smyczynski (aka MagicFred)

Art Director and Game Designer

Starting in the Flash game industry as a Game Artist, Frédéric grew into the role of Art Director at Yamago (2001 – Paris, France).
He was credited for creating graphics and design in several Web-based games for big companies like Cartoon Network, Lego and Disney.
Since 2007, he lives in Montreal, Canada. Fascinated by the indie games industry, Frédéric founded the company Dijiko and released his first mobile game “Kiwitiki” (iOS).

Finally, in 2012, he joins the epic team at Massive Finger to create “Pinball Maniacs”!

Grégory Challant

Game Programmer

Back in high school, video game programming began as a friendly competition with some friends to see who could make the best game to play together during lunch break!
After graduating from Epitech, Paris, he joined Cyanide Studio as Gameplay Programmer to work on diablo-like game “Loki”.
He moved to Montreal in 2007 to work on a next-gen animation engine, then a 3D engine for diverse future title of Cyanide. He also worked as Lead Programmer on the RTS game on the licence of the fantasy novels “A Game of Thrones”.

In 2011, it was time for him to face new challenges so he joined the creative team of Massive Finger to explore the mobile gaming industry.

Laurent Mascherpa

Chief Pinball Officer

I started Massive Finger in 2009, after 6 years of working at Ubisoft on a bunch of AAA games. The premise was simple: Enjoy making games that everyone can have fun playing. At the time, Facebook and iPhone games started to be an exciting alternative. After 3 years, I can tell you, the adventure is nothing like I had expected, it’s MANIACAL!

After Pinball Ride, I managed to gather the best team ever for Pinball Maniacs, and I can’t believe what we’ve achieved in one year. The result is brilliant and I can’t wait to see everyone playing the game in the weeks and months to come.


Music Producer

Momomusic is the musical production behind Pinball Maniacs. After spending many months on an isolated Caribbean island for inspiration, the team of highly skilled composers created the main theme for the adventures of Justin in Pirate Bay. In fact, they liked the Caribbean beach so much that one of the members of Momomusic bought a bar in an unidentified beach and spends his days selling margaritas.

For the Dragon Castle theme, Momomusic didn’t have the budget to travel to an isolated castle in France, so they decided to go to Disneyworld instead. The result is a song that has funny and epic elements, all at the same time. The team learned to play the bagpipes, specifically uilleann pipes, a traditional instrument from Ireland.

Momomusic also worked in collaboration with Massive Finger to create an unique system that randomly changes the parts of the music while you play. The result is a combination of powerful melodies and musical diversity that fits the beautiful and addictive tables created by Massive Finger and heightens the senses and reflexes of all pinballers out there!

A special version of the soundtrack can be purchased on iTunes.

Eli Hason

Sound Designer

Sound designer Eli Hason has worked on many large titles, however Pinball Maniacs is his first foray into iPhone games.  Past work in games has included The Golden Compass, Silent HIll: Homecoming, GI Joe,  Wet, Naughty Bear, MySims SkyHeros, and is currently working on the newest title in the Thief series. As a DJ and music producer under the alias Eliazar, he spends as much time making people dance as well as keeping his fingers in fine shape for more touch screen and controller fun.

What is Pinball Maniacs?

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been developing Pinball Maniacs for a year now. And we are happy to announce that we are getting close to the release of the game.

Still you are probably wondering: “What is Pinball Maniacs?”

So we asked Justin (the hero of the game), and here is his answer!


Team Mania

Pinball Maniacs

Today we are announcing our next game. We’ve been working on it for a while now, and we hope to release it soon.

Since we released Pinball Ride in 2009 (3.3M downloads on iOS – mostly free), tons of great pinball games have come out. We want to refresh the pinball genre introducing some breakout elements, and offer players a pinball experience they can’t find yet on iPhone (or iPad).

The result is a fun, a bit crazy and a bit over-the-top pinball game called Pinball Maniacs.

Go check our mini site right now.

Pinball Maniacs' Justin

Pinball Ride 1.2.6

Hi Everyone,

In the recent month, we’ve released a new game: Mecapix, and an Android version of Pinball Ride. After a long break Pinball Ride for iPhone/iPad receives its new update.

Also, it’s been a long time since we’ve done a Sale so it’s a perfect timing to do one. The game is now only $2.99. Remember Pinball Ride Unlimited is an HD game and has Universal Support.

In this update, we are mainly adding support for Open Feint and Game Center.
You are now able to compete with your friends on the 2 social networks.
Your Pinball Ride Achievements will be transferred to your profiles.

This is pretty cool to have more players to compete with.
On top of that you can still compete with your Facebook friends on iOS as well as the Android platform.

We are also providing localization for Spanish, French, Italian and German. Which is pretty cool for our international players.

As always don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

The Pinball Ride Team

Story Mode March Leaderboard

March Month is over, here is the Pinball Ride Leaderboard in Story mode. The All time highscore has been pushed again by Carbombo with 1.518.931.703.822, and second: Chico54 with 1.010.688.627.000. Thanks to the 130.000 participants.

Rank Picture Nickname High score
1 carbomb0 1.518.931.703.822
2 Chico54 1010.688.627.000
3 Tarari 272.588.376.500
4 350SOZ 265.657.483.000
5 Arman shafazand 251.150.560.250
6 Fiktorko 227.512.274.750
7 Mannyk 210.718.004.250
8 Stamatm 193.496.841.500
9 Jm42French 190.697.924.750
10 Freenat94 106.456.355.000

More news soon with the release of more updates.

The Pinball Ride Team.

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